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Chapter 232 Miraculous Brightness


In the inn, Mu Yi, Nian Nuer, and Big Slave were covered with a circle of light.

Mu Yi was the first one to practice because the copper lamp was integrated with him.

Nian Nuer was the second and closed her eyes softly. She liked the light of the copper lamp very much. It felt like lying in her mother’s arms, it was so warm, but she didn’t know that the soul rune appeared on her brow. When she absorbed the brightness of the copper lamp, the soul rune also absorbed some of it. As time passed, the color of the soul rune grew dark.

Big Slave was the last one to practice. He just did what Mu Yi and Nian Nuer did, learning through imitation. He couldn’t last for so long, but he didn’t know that the time he could last was growing longer. His eyes grew brighter and brighter and his breath turned stable.

With the help of the copper lamp, Big Slave made good progress as it slowly changed him.

They didn’t know that the brightness from the copper lamp had a name: Miraculous Brightness.

Miraculous Brightness shined alone, not for any desire, but to be pure and successful.

It was why Mu Yi practiced so quickly, Nian Nuer loved it so much, and even Big Slave gradually opened his mind under the brightness.

Perhaps one day, when Big Slave absorbed enough brightness, he would become an ordinary person if not smarter.

Although this process would take a few years, it took no more time than if Big Slave took a tonic to do the same thing. 

Big Slave gradually fell into a kind of state similar to sleep. He didn’t realize what he did was following the method of practice.

No one knew when the soul rune disappeared in Nian Nuer’s eyebrow. She came to Mu Yi’s side, rested on Mu Yi’s legs, and looked like she was entering a deep sleep.

Only Mu Yi remained awake, his breath following the copper lamp. Gradually, a very light ray of light was added to his brown, but Mu Yi did not know that.

All his thoughts were immersed in Yu’s Steps. He instinctively began to study Yu’s steps while practicing. His intelligence was greatly expanded and his ability was greater than usual, so he solved some of his problems.

The only way for him to increase his strength in a short time was Yu’s Steps. In the battle of Peach Blossom Hill, Yu’s Steps showed its advantage. If he could understand more, even if he couldn’t beat enemies with Yu’s Steps, he could save his life.

The night passed quickly.

When Mu Yi woke up the next day, he felt good and his whole body seemed to be a little lighter. Although he practiced all night, he didn’t feel tired at all. He had enjoyed the process. The strength of his mind and spirit were almost at their peak.

With the extra lamp oil, the effect of the copper lamp was better than before. To practice one night with the copper lamp was equal to six days of practice without it, but the oil was consumed quickly. 

He’d used one-third of the oil he’d gotten the day before. If he continued like this,  the remaining lamp oil would only last for half a month.

Mu Yi was not worried that they would run out.

 Outside, Nian Nuer was hissing at Big Slave and teaching him to practice again.

Mu Yi got up and exercised for a while. Then, he went outside. When he saw Nian Nuer standing on Big Slave’s shoulder with her hands on her hips, he smiled. Then, he took a step and appeared several feet away. At the door, his shadow faded slowly.

Mu Yi’s sudden appearance shocked Nian Nuer. She flew towards Mu Yi, “Brother.”

 Mu Yi took another step when Nian Nuer got close to him. This time he didn’t go straight but moved to the left. In a flash, Mu Yi appeared three feet away. However, Mu Yi didn’t stop there and took another step.

Compared with the first two steps, the third step seemed to be a little slower. Despite this, Mu Yi still appeared on the other side of the courtyard. The speed of his steps seemed to be fleeting.

Mu Yi failed to take the fourth step. He smiled. Before, Mu Yi had only been able to take one step at full speed. The second would always be slower, but after one night’s practice, Mu Yi made great progress and was able to take three steps in a row at a decent speed.

Given that Yu’s Steps had seven steps in total, Mu Yi had made great progress.

Mu Yi had mastered less than one-tenth of the whole potential of Yu’s Steps. The other parts of Yu’s Steps were more extensive. Although only four basic steps remained, each step changed greatly.

Yu’s Steps could be changed into forty-nine steps, 108 steps, or even 360 steps. Once he succeeded, Mu Yi could go everywhere.

It was too early to celebrate though. The three steps left traces, so while they increased Mu Yi’s chances for survival, a  master who was also proficient in Yu’s Steps could predict or even interrupt him in advance.

Though the steps seemed casual, Mu Yi had to integrate his mind and spirit into the heavens and the earth with his breathing in order to do so. 

Yu’s Steps were the ability to connect to the heavens and the earth. The body’s movements were one part of Yu’s Steps. If mastered, it could suppress the enemy with only one step.

When Mu Yi stopped, Nian Nuer asked immediately and excitedly, “Brother, you got it?”  

“I just learned the rudiments. I have a long way to go.” Although Mu Yi’s expression was modest, he was actually a little proud because he practiced Yu’s Steps for ten days and achieved so much.

“Good job. Big Slave is dull. I have taught him for so long, but he has not become any smaller,” Nian Nuer said angrily.

Big Slave looked at her, offended.


Mu Yi was surprised.

Although Big Slave could understand what Nian Nuer said before, it seemed something was different today. His response became faster, and there was a little less dullness in his face.

“What’s wrong, Brother?” Nian Nuer couldn’t help asking.

“Have you noticed something different about Big Slave today?” Mu Yi asked.

“Different?” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Nian Nuer went to Big Slave and stared at him. Big Slave suddenly became a little embarrassed.

But Nian Nuer didn’t find any difference. Of course, she always got along with Big Slave, Although he had changed a little, she had already adapted it.

“Big Slave seems to be getting smarter,” Mu Yi said. At least in his ability to feel, Big Slave made progress.

“Smarter? How can it be? He’s dull and learns slowly. He’s only practiced the first level.”

Nian Nuer couldn’t believe it. In her mind, Big Slave was too stupid, especially compared with Mu Yi.

“I’ll teach him later with you,” Mu Yi said after thinking for a while.

“You’ll teach him with me?” Nian Nuer was stunned, then she smiled. She regarded Big Slave as her younger brother. Now Mu Yi was willing to teach him. She was so happy.

“Yes, and he should practice with me every night. I believe that the copper lamp will help him,” Mu Yi nodded. He would rather delay his practice to teach Big Slave and verify his hypothesis.

If he was right, it would be well worth the time lost.

“Why are you just standing there? Say thanks,” Nian Nuer happily flew to the shoulder of Big Slave and clapped his head.

Big Slave just grinned and looked silly.

Seeing this, Mu Yi also laughed. He would rather live like this, but it was impossible. After entering the world, everything he did was involuntary. It was too late to try and take back control.

I need to practice more, Mu Yi thought because he needed enough strength to protect this happiness or take back control of his life. 

He would go to the south soon. There was a bigger test waiting for him. He had to speed up.

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