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Chapter 233   Assassination


That night Mu Yi ignited the copper lamp again and began to practice. Maybe it was because he felt the benefits last night, Big Slave seemed very serious tonight, even a little impatient.

    It was only a short time before Mu Yi was settled that he opened his eyes, and Big Slave and Nian Nuer on the opposite side looked peaceful and unaware.

“Why is it so unsettling that it’s hard to settle down into a deep level?” Mu Yi frowned and felt strange. He hadn’t experienced this before, so he didn’t know what was happening.

    At least one thing was certain, whatever was unsettling him was not from within. He was increasing his strength, so settling down was just like eating and drinking water. It had to be an external reason that made him uneasy.


His mind power slowly spread out, enveloping the whole room, then extended to the outside.

    The yard was very quiet, a little bit too quiet, but there was a sense of stillness. So far, Mu Yi could be sure that he was being targeted, and the person had to be a terrible killer since Mu Yi couldn’t figure out where he was hiding.

    He thought of the assassin who was able to doton on Peach Blossom Hill. Did they have a connection?

    Mu Yi wanted to learn the technique but couldn’t figure it out.

“Coming for revenge so soon?” Mu Yi’s heart stumbled. Then, he slowly took back the power of his mind and spirit. At the same time, his eyes slowly closed, and he looked settled again.

    Although it was just pretending, some of Mu Yi’s spirit settled, while the rest continued to scan the area, anticipating the assassin’s attack.

    Night slowly passed and the assassin didn’t attack. Mu Yi felt a little strange. He didn’t understand why the other side gave up so easily. Did he realize that Mu Yi was aware of him, or was it for some other reason?

    With a trace of doubt, Mu Yi got up and went outside, but when he came to the yard, he felt instinctively wrong.

“… Blood?” 

Mu Yi’s nose twitched, and his eyes looked into the distance. Then, he quickly went to the courtyard next door without thinking. Aside from Mu Yi’s courtyard, the backyard of the inn was divided into several places, which were reserved for rich people.

    But when he came to the next room, all the people were dead. There were seven people in total, including four guards. Mu Yi recognized one of them as a third-class expert he had seen before.     

The remaining three people were family: a middle-aged couple and a little girl not yet ten years old. They had some spare money, but they were not wealthy based on their clothes.

    The middle-aged man’s body knelt on the ground with his head askew. He’d been stabbed by a thin sword through the chest. 

    The middle-aged woman died holding her daughter in her arms and hiding in the corner of the room. They’d been run through with a thin sword as well. From their expression, it seemed that they must have suffered a lot of fear before they died.

    Who killed them and why? Revenge or robbery?

    Mu Yi doubted it. Did that mean that the killing intent he felt last night was not aimed at him?

    With this doubt, Mu Yi turned around and left. Although he sympathized with them, he was not good at solving murder cases. It was better to leave it to the government. At most, he would ask Xie Zheng to find out the real murderer and avenge the family.

    However, when Mu Yi came into the living room, he suddenly felt a murderous intent. A guard who had been impaled through the chest and clearly dead suddenly leaped up and attacked Mu Yi with a long knife.

    This sudden attack made Mu Yi angry, but it didn’t make him lose his temper because he could clearly feel that the attack was weak despite its speed.

A trap? Mu Yi pulled out a talisman.

    Suddenly, Mu Yi had an eerie feeling, as if he was being stared at by some creepy beast. His body moved and Yu’s Steps almost moved him out of place.

    As soon as he dodged, a thin sword passed through the shadow he’d left behind, aimed for his heart.

    This was a trap, so his feeling from the night before hadn’t been wrong. Maybe the other side intended to attack him, but couldn’t find a way through his defenses and decided to create an opening by killing the family and their guard.

He must have an understanding of Mu Yi’s strength to rely on the scent of blood to draw him to the scene. 

    He must have counted on Mu Yi lowering his guard after the peaceful night, even more so since the murderous intent didn’t seem to be aimed at him. The four guards in the outer room were a kind of coverage, but they were also bait. After all, a normal person would have focused on the family after seeing the four dead guards and be completely relaxed in a room of corpses. 

It would have been the perfect set up.

    Without Yu’s Steps, Mu Yi would have been seriously injured even if he didn’t die immediately. It would have amounted to the same thing.

“Well, I have been waiting for you.” Mu Yi snorted coldly. He used two beheading charms to block the assassin.

the assassin wore the same black robes as the assassin on Pech Blossom Hill. Mu Yi confirmed his intention to take revenge on him.

Mu Yi was still angry and wanted to kill him.

    As soon as the assassin’s wrist moved, the white light of the two beheading charms scattered, without causing any harm to him. Then, the thin sword fell to the ground like a meteor.

    Because of his preparation, Mu Yi did not dodge. He didn’t have the Bamboo Tree of Life with him. Otherwise, it would be much easier. However, he still activated a Vajra talisman to greatly increase his defense.

    He held out two fingers to block the thin sword.

    Although he had prepared for it, Mu Yi realized that he had underestimated the other side and the power of the thin sword.

    Despite the Vajra talisman, Mu Yi still felt that his fingers would be cut off. However, after such a hindrance, the other side slowed down. Mu Yi approached him at great risk.

    After all, he didn’t have the Bamboo Tree of Life or the copper lamp. He only had some charms. The most powerful of them, five thunder talisman, had limited use inside of a room.   It communicated great power between heaven and the earth and caused lightning to strike. In a closed environment, the five thunder talisman could still lead the lightning, but the first strike would fall on the roof, not the opponent. Furthermore, the lightning wouldn’t be strong enough to cause damage. 

    That was why Mu Yi seldom used the five thunders charm in rooms.

    Without his usual weapons, it was impossible to win. From the moment the assassin moved, Mu Yi knew that he was first-class and more proficient in fighting than Mu Yi.

    However, it was too late to regret it. In order to get rid of the opponent as soon as possible, Mu Yi could only use dangerous measures. Once he got outside, the balance of victory would shift in his favor. The nuns next door would certainly hear the movement. That was the best time to surround and kill the opponent.

    Mu Yi’s plan was very good, but he miscalculated the strength of the opponent. This killer was more difficult to deal with than the one he killed on Peach Blossom Hill

    Feeling the power from the thin sword, Mu Yi had to withdraw his fingers quickly to avoid losing his fingers and getting hit in the face.

    The thin sword almost stabbed Mu Yi in the cheek. Mu Yi felt goosebumps on his face, but he took the chance to step and disappear. He reappeared in the yard.

    His breathing was loud and labored.

On the other side of the room, Nian Nuer suddenly woke up, and went into the Bamboo Tree of Life without thinking, “Brother!”

Then, the Bamboo Tree of Life flashed gently and flew out through the window faster than lightning.

Although the reaction of Big Slave was a little slow, he also rose up with a roar after the Bamboo Tree of Life disappeared. As he got up, a violent scent came out of him. Then, he stepped out a few steps, smashed the door with a roar, and rushed out.

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