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Chapter 234 Ghost Nine


   As Mu Yi got outside, the assassin followed him.

   Generally, assassins paid attention to use one strike to kill. Once he failed, he immediately escaped and waited for the next chance. They rarely fought with people head-on. However, the assassin didn’t escape after the failure of his sneak attack. He chased Mu Yi. Maybe he didn’t want to admit to this failure or he wanted revenge that badly. 

   Of course, it may also have something to do with Mu Yi’s performance. After all, he fell down and was suppressed. Maybe because he let the other side see the hope of victory, so he didn’t want to leave. After Mu Yi had been caught off guard, it would be difficult to find such an excellent opportunity next time.

   Therefore, when Mu Yi fled to the yard, the assassin did not give up and attacked more fiercely.

 Suddenly, the assassin raised his head and saw a green light falling from the sky into Mu Yi’s hands.

   Seeing this, the assassin was shocked. It was clear that he wanted to retreat

“It is too late now!”

   When he grasped the Bamboo Tree of Life, a sense of pride rose in his heart. Facing the assassin, Mu Yi rushed up. Although the Bamboo Tree of Life’s light was weak, it had the power to impact the mind. However, the other party didn’t know that and defended with just a thin sword.

   When Mu Yi fought barehanded before, he just evaded the attacks without retaliation. He kept his martial knowledge secret so he could surprise his opponent.


   Bamboo Tree of Life and the thin sword collided. At the moment of the collision, Mu Yi clearly realized he was stiff. Normally, this kind of stiffness meant nothing to him, but this was a battle. Negligence could cost him his life, let alone this kind of deadly stiffness.

   Mu Yi didn’t hesitate and aimed the Bamboo Tree of Life at the center of the assassin’s forehead. Even though the Bamboo Tree of Life looked light and seemed to float, the head of a person struck with the Bamboo Tree of Life would explode immediately even if his head was made of stone.

   When the Bamboo Tree of Life was about to hit the assassin, Mu Yi’s almost rejoiced, but a dangerous feeling rose again in his heart. It seemed that as long as he moved forward a little bit, he would be in danger of dying.

   Although this kind of feeling came suddenly and with no concrete reason, Mu Yi still made a decision to retreat.

   Compared with the assassin’s life, Mu Yi valued his life more. There was no need for Mu Yi to lose his own life for a killer. If he continued, he could definitely kill the assassin, but he would also be in danger. He couldn’t afford to be injured so near to the time when the tomb of King Xian would open.

   Mu Yi never lacked the determination to work hard, but the key point was whether it was worth it. At least for now, it was not worth it, so he quit.

   As soon as Mu Yi retreated, the assassin’s left hand lifted. A deep black awn moved in his sleeve to and fro. If Mu Yi had just moved forward one step, that black awn would have fallen on him.

    Mu Yi still felt danger although he didn’t know where it would come from.

   Mu Yi’s retreat surprised the assassin forcing him to hold his last card. However, Mu Yi didn’t let the assassin retreat so easily. When the assassin retreated, Mu Yi activated a five thunder talisman.

Lightning fell from the sky and immediately drowned the assassin. However, there was no happy expression on Mu Yi’s face. On the contrary, it was more reserved because the assassin disappeared as the bolt of lightning fell. He hadn’t even seen how the assassin disappeared.

  The lightning left a large hole in the yard. 

   Later, Mu Yi looked at a big red and black pit and contemplated it.

  A loud noise sounded from the courtyard wall. Mu Yi opened his mouth and watched Big Slave coming through the wall. His mouth twitched slightly.

   It was no surprise that Big Slave came back to Mu Yi. After all, the movement here couldn’t be concealed from him, but he didn’t expect that Big Slave would come in that way. Looking at the completely collapsed courtyard wall, Mu Yi sighed.

“Okay, it’s okay here. Go back.” 

   And after that, Mu Yi went back to his yard through the wall that Big Slave ran through. Big Slave scratched his head. He was at a loss. What about the fight?

   People in the inn were shocked by the noise. The dead people in the neighboring yard were found then the constables came. Originally, Mu Yi thought that Xie Zheng would lead the constables, but unexpectedly, there was a strange middle-aged man with a cold expression and eyes as sharp as hawk eyes.

 Leng Feng stared at Mu Yi and asked,  “Did you kill these people?”  

Mu Yi was not surprised that Leng Feng came to visit. He lived next door, not to mention the big pit left by the lightning in the yard and the collapsed courtyard wall. If the man hadn’t come to see him, it would be strange.

“Don’t you have an answer in mind? Then why ask me?” Mu Yi looked at the man in interest. Leng Feng was barely a second-class expert. During the battle of Peach Blossom Hill, Mu Yi killed nearly two hundred second-class experts and 30% of the cultivators in Cangzhou City.

   Of course, this didn’t mean that the second-class experts were worthless, and any city could have hundreds of second-class experts. Cangzhou was very special. As the holy land of Kung Fu in the late Qing Dynasty, there was a flourishing martial style, and the families who were a little more affluent learned it. In this environment, the number of experts was naturally far more than in other places.

    To Mu Yi’s surprise, this second-class expert was just an officer and inferior to Xie Zheng’s position. It was strange.

“Then do you know who the murderer is?” Leng Feng asked after he was silent for a moment.

“I don’t know,” Mu Yi shook his head. Even if he did know, he didn’t think Leng Feng would do something to the other party. Although he was regarded as an expert in the eyes of ordinary people, he was nothing compared to a first-class expert.

   The atmosphere in the room turned stagnated and oppressive.

“Head, I don’t think the Taoist priest is a bad man. Let’s go.” Finally, one of the captains who came in with Leng Feng said, and when he spoke, there was a trace of fear of Mu Yi in his eyes.

   The constable was the first to receive news and Cangzhou City was full of rumors. Even if they didn’t want to know, it was hard to avoid knowing about Mu Yi. They thought it was just a simple murder, so they didn’t expect to meet this devil here.

   The moment he saw Mu Yi, he had the impulse to turn around and run away. He had killed hundreds of people. It was frightening just to think about it. He believed that even if Mu Yi killed him, no one would avenge him. Even the established members of Cangzhou City had no course to avenge their losses.

   Unfortunately, this Constable was famous for his stubbornness. Even his superiors were often contradicted by him and he didn’t flatter anyone. Therefore, although he was just a second-class expert, he could only take the position of a lower constable. If it was not for his capacity, he wouldn’t even get the position of constable.

   However stubborn, the man was not stupid. If he was, he would have never become a constable. According to his observation, the murderer was not Mu Yi. The family was all killed by a thin sword through the heart, and the act was fierce and cruel. The time of death was earlier that morning.

   The battle showed that it had nothing to do with Mu Yi, but in his opinion, although Mu Yi was not the murderer, Mu Yi had to know who the murderer was. So even after knowing the identity of Mu Yi, he still came to find out what he could about the murderer.

“I know who you are, and I don’t want to offend you. I just want to find out who the murderer is. I can’t let that family die for nothing.” Leng Feng said, looking at Mu Yi.

   His words startled his men, and his subordinates almost had the impulse to run away from the door. Fortunately, Mu Yi was not angry after hearing this but looked at Leng Feng curiously.

“You want to avenge them?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes, from the day I became a constable, I vowed never to let a criminal run free,” Leng Feng said directly.

“H-ha, not letting a criminal run free? It’s ambitious, but do you think it’s possible?” Mu Yi said with a hint of irony.

“I know it’s impossible, but at least I’ll try my best.” Leng Feng said without expression. It seemed that Mu Yi was not the first one to ask, and he did not waver a bit in his appearance.

“Do you really want to know?” Mu Yi’s expression became more serious.

“Yes,” Leng Feng nodded.

“Well, he was a killer similar to one I killed before. He’s probably from the same organization. As for the family living next door, it was also because of me. the assassin murdered them to lure me into a death trap.” 

As Mu Yi spoke, he threw out a black card two fingers wide and three fingers long. There was a ghost face on it, and there was a small character on its face: nine!

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