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Chapter 235 Hell



 Leng Feng didn’t expect that Mu Yi would agree, so he was in a daze when Mu Yi threw the black card to him. However, when he saw the black card on the table, his eyes shrank suddenly, his mood fluctuated violently, and his expression grew even more shocked.

   Mu Yi ’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Leng Feng’s appearance, but he didn’t disturb him. He waited until Leng Feng looked at the black card carefully and said, “Do you know the origin of this thing?”

   Although it was a question, there was a positive tone in Mu Yi’s words. Considering Leng Feng’s behavior, everyone in this room could see it.

“If I’m not mistaken, this black card is from a killer organization called Hell. It’s said that there are nine gold medal killers in Hell. Each of them can kill first-class experts, so many people are scared of them.”

“Hell? Nine gold medal killers? So this black card is from one of them?” Mu Yi asked with great interest. The nine on the black card identified the assassin.

“Yes, the owner of the black card Ghost Nine, the ninth of the nine gold medal killers.” Leng Feng looked at Mu Yi with a complex expression. Many people in Hell hadn’t heard of the mysterious Ghost Nine, but Mu Yi could imagine the power of this kind of killer based on their ability to kill first-class experts.

   However, such a powerful killer died at Mu Yi’s hands. Wasn’t Mu Yi more powerful than those assassins who could kill first-class experts?

   Leng Feng didn’t doubt the authenticity of the black card because no one dared to pretend to be a person of Hell. Of course, if someone killed the person of Hell, he would die sooner or later.

   Once Hell became serious, even if you had many powers, you would die.

   Therefore, in Leng Feng’s eyes, Mu Yi was about to face a major disaster. Even though Mu Yi was well-known as a devil, Leng Feng didn’t think he could fight against Hell.

“Ghost Nine? Can you tell me about it in detail?” Mu Yi asked.

“Wait for me outside,” Leng Feng said to some of his subordinates.

   After a few people left, Leng Feng said, “The nine gold medal killers in Hell take Ghost as their surname and a number as their name. The lower the number, the more powerful they are from Ghost Nine to Ghost One. It is said that the top three can’t be paid in gold or silver. Besides the nine gold medal killers in Hell, there are two black and white emissaries, which are more superior to the Ghost department. It is said that their strength is unfathomable but more mysterious, but the most terrible thing is the Lord of Hell. No one knows his real identity, but it is said that three years ago, he fought with the White Emperor in his city, and the war ending in a draw

   When Leng Feng finished, his face was full of awe. 

The White Emperor has very good martial arts and dominated three parts of the world meaning the Lord of Hell was quite powerful.

   Although Mu Yi now had a certain qualification to be proud, he knew that he was nothing related to the White Emperor. 

   After listening to Leng Feng’s words, Mu Yi ’s expression was reserved. If what Leng Fend said was true, Hell was a terrifying organization. Mu Yi couldn’t fight against it, but he had already killed Ghost Nine and made an enemy of them. From the assassin he just faced, it was clear that he was a target and his death was practically assured.   Even if Mu Yi was bold, it would be difficult for him to get out of this kind of trouble.

Mu Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Will the assassination attempts continue until the target dies?” 

“At least, as far as I know, there has never been a failure in Hell,” Leng Feng said and shook his head again. “Maybe someone has succeeded.”

“The White Emperor?” Mu Yi said. After all, Leng Feng just said that three years ago, the White Emperor fought with the Lord of Hell. If anyone could make Hell helpless and force them to give up the task, then it would be the White Emperor.

“Yes, only the White Emperor has the strength to make them retreat, but I haven’t heard of any success except the White Emperor,” Leng Feng said, but his eyes to Mu Yi became more pathetic. Obviously, he did not think Mu Yi could evade being assassinated.

“Is that right? Since there was the White Emperor, why can’t there be a second one?” Mu Yi said softly. There was a trace of firmness in his eyes. No matter how powerful Hell was, it was impossible for him to give in like this.

   Leng Feng was shocked at Mu Yi’s words. He looked at Mu Yi incredulously. He didn’t know where Mu Yi’s confidence came from. Was it because he had just killed Ghost Nine? But Ghost Nine was the weakest one in the Ghost department.

“Taoist Priest, you should be more careful. Once you are placed in the book of life and death of Hell, it will almost be the end of you, unless you can ask the Lord of Hell to cross off the name himself,” Leng Feng said again.

   His words also gave Mu Yi a hint: the book of life and death.

   It seemed that the organization was founded according to the legends of the world. There were not only ghost departments but black and white envoys. Maybe there were ten halls of Hell, Niutou, and Mamian as well.

“I know. Thank you for telling me that,” Mu Yi nodded. It wasn’t much but it was enough to make some preparations.

   Leng Feng left soon after. After knowing that the murderer was from Hell, he knew that he could not catch the murderer. Although he was stubborn, he was not a fool.

   Mu Yi sat for a long time, thinking about Hell. Instead of regretting killing Ghost Nine, he was thinking about countermeasures. From today’s assassination, it was obvious that the other side had been watching him. It was a pity that he didn’t know the identity of the assassin before.

   If there was only one assassin, Mu Yi wouldn’t have worried much, but there were nine people in the Ghost department. When the one he’d faced couldn’t complete the task, they would surely send more powerful people.

   It was not in Mu Yi’s character to wait for others to assassinate him at home, so the best way was to take the initiative. However, his influence in Cangzhou City could be ignored, and it was impossible to find out Hell’s next move.

   As for Tingyu Building, Mu Yi thought about it and discarded the idea. He believed that he knew the local government’s relationship with Tingyu Building, and Mu Yi ’s pride didn’t allow him to ask Tingyu building for help about everything.

   Since there was no one available, Mu Yi could only start from the beginning. Ghost Nine attempted to assassinate him on the order of the Xu family. Although killing the Xu family may not stop Hell, it was at least a deterrent, and he could learn some information about Hell from the other party. He would like to see how much money his life was worth.

“Xu family, very good!” Mu Yi said coldly.

  • ········

“Sir, according to our sources, Hell has made a move, but failed.”

“Failed? It seems that we all look down upon this evil man. No wonder he has such a great reputation at such a young age, and he could kill Ghost Nine and hundreds of people. It’s really terrible. Our Xu family has offended his existence, and we don’t know whether it’s a blessing or a curse, “Xu Jingyuan said softly, and his face was even a little more dazed.

   But soon, his face turned cruel instead of being dazed, “The Xu family can’t retreat. Since we have offended him, it’s better to cut the grass and root. Otherwise, not only will my family become a laughingstock, but we will also inevitably encounter a major disaster in the future.”

“But the last time Ghost Nine was trying to help, the people who came here to avenge him. If the strength of the Taoist priest is too strong, will Hell give up? After all, Hell is only a killer organization. If it has no interest in the mark, it will not do it. “

“Contact each family and ask them to pay three thousand Liang of gold. We will pay ten thousand Liang of gold. I don’t believe that Hell won’t take it. Once Hell takes over, and his name is listed in the book of life and death, he will be dead,” said Xu Jingyuan slowly.

“Yes, sir, I’ll arrange it now.”

“Well, as soon as possible, and I have a hunch that the world is not far from chaos. Cangzhou City cannot avoid it.  The Xu family must make plans early,” Xu Jingyuan finally said.

 Only he knew what he was going to do.


   At night, Mu Yi changed out of his Taoist robe and put on nightclothes. Then, he put the copper lamp and various talismans on it. Finally, he covered his face with a towel and carried the Bamboo Tree of Life and left the inn quietly. This time, Mu Yi did not bring Big Slave.

   During the day, Mu Yi found the location of the Xu family, so this was the most direct way Mu Yi had come up with at present. Originally, he planned to find the Xu family again after a while, but now because of the emergence of Hell, he had to act in advance.

   In the moonlight, Mu Yi’s expression became colder and colder. Soon, he quietly climbed over the wall and entered the Xu family’s house. Although it was heavily guarded, especially at present, such defense meant nothing to Mu Yi.

Mu Yi did take it seriously. He hijacked a maid and got Xu Jingyuan’s residence from her then went there. 

   There was a light in the study. He dodged a group of guards, got to the door and entered.

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