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Chapter 236 Traps


With a light sound, Mu Yi had entered the room in a flash. No one noticed him. 

“Who– Who are you?” Mu Yi saw a dignified old man sitting behind a table, looking at Mu Yi in surprise. His eyes flashed with panic.

“Xu Jingyuan?” Mu Yi asked softly.

“How dare you! Who sent you here?” 

He had a fierce appearance but seemed to be weak in character.

“It doesn’t matter who sent me, but it matters that you will die,” said Mu Yi coldly, stalking towards the man.

“Wait a minute! Even if you want to kill me, you should let me know why, right?” 

“No, I think you’d better know nothing.” Mu Yi suddenly sped up and aimed the Bamboo Tree of Life toward the center between the old man’s brow.

Facing Mu Yi’s attack, a first-class expert was helpless, let alone an ordinary old man.

Just as the Bamboo Tree of Life was about to land, the panic on the old man’s face suddenly disappeared. Instead, it was calm and cold.

The old man suddenly slapped the Bamboo Tree of Life away. Mu Yi didn’t continue. It had been a feint. He stepped back and stood in the center of the study, looking at him calmly.

“How did you see through it?” The old man asked.



“Yes, I knew you were fake at first sight. Although you pretended to be very similar, a person’s temperament and eyes can’t deceive people,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“I see. No wonder the master said he could not deceive you.” As the old man spoke, he tore off his beard and rubbed his face, then most of the wrinkles disappeared. The change made him look much younger.

He was only in his forties. Although he looked ordinary, Mu Yi didn’t despise him.

He had already figured out that the man was a first-class expert above anyone else Mu Yi has met.

“You knew I was coming tonight?” Mu Yi looked at him and asked. The other had clearly been waiting for Mu Yi to make a move. 

“No, just in case. I thought you would come soon, but I didn’t expect you to come so fast. It seems that old people know more about people,” said the middle-aged man slowly.

“Oh. Now, I really want to meet Xu Jingyuan to see what he can do to make you a first-class expert willing to help him. And you are not a nobody among cultivators, are you?” 

“Ten years ago, I had a nickname in the Jianghu: Song Qing, the robber of Qilian Mountain. But now, Song Qing is dead, only Xu Qing is alive.” The middle-aged man said lightly, and his expression was very calm as if he was describing a trivial matter.

The robber of Qilian Mountain?” Looking at the middle-aged man, it seemed hard for Mu Yi to imagine that he once had such an identity, but as he said, he was only Xu Qing now.

“I am so disrespectful,” said Mu Yi, smacking himself in the forehead.

“Well, now that you know who I am, it’s time to go,” Xu Qing said suddenly.

“All right,” Mu Yi nodded and suddenly disappeared. “Want to go? It’s late.”

Mu Yi didn’t attack Xu Qing. Although Xu Qing was very strong, he was not afraid of Xu Qing. It was a trap. Mu Yi didn’t believe that there was just Xu Qing waiting to fight him. Since he stepped into the room, there had been a threatening air looming over him.

Even if he really needed to fight Xu Qing, this was not the time to do so.

Mu Yi went very fast. As he neared the door, a fierce sword of light blocked his retreat. 

“It was you.” Mu Yi’s heart sped up. 

From the fierce sword of light, he knew the identity of the enemy. It was the one who assassinated him in the morning. Mu Yi hadn’t expected that he would join hands with the Xu family. Now, he thought that he had ignored something.

Mu Yi lifted the Bamboo Tree of Life and met the sword of light. In the meantime, Xu Qing appeared behind him with a big machete. Although the sharp blade was not close to him, it made Mu Yi feel threatened.

It was too late for Mu Yi to break out of the door. He also believed that there might be an ambush waiting for him beyond the door. The trap was made to kill him. Mu Yi moved his feet and used Yu’s Steps to avoid the attack from behind.

Xu Qing’s machete suddenly stopped when Mu Yi disappeared. Despite being nearly strong enough to split Huashan Mountain, it didn’t damage the door at all. Clearly his strength and state of weightlessness was already beyond Mu Yi.

In the face of the attack and his recent victories over first-class experts, Mu Yi remained careful. With a wave of his left hand, two evil spirit slaying charms flew out aimed at the candles in the room rather than his attackers.

With two soft sounds, the room fell into darkness. It was effective against first-class experts, but an advantage for the assassin. He used the moment to grab the copper lamp and flood it with his mind and spirit power.


In an instant, the copper lamp shined brightly, and the flames were flickered violently.


As soon as the light filled the room, Mu Yi heard a groan. He knew that people from Hell must have secret techniques to see things in the dark, but he believed that it would be uncomfortable for that kind of secret technique to be interrupted. Even if it could not hurt them, it would be enough of a distraction for him to gain an advantage.

Compared with the assassin, Xu Qing was more affected. When the copper lamp was on, he instinctively closed his eyes. After all, the light of the copper lamp was like a small sun, blazing and dazzling.

“Kill!” Mu Yi shouted and attacked Xu Qing directly. As he did, Nian Nuer came out and attacked the assassin with her full power.

Mu Yi stepped towards Xu Qing and smashed him over the head with the Bamboo Tree of Life violently.

Xu Qing was surprised when he couldn’t prevent it, but he lifted his machete and blocked the attack.

The Bamboo Tree of Life fell on the machete and made a loud sound. This time, Mu Yi didn’t restrain his strength at all. He applied all his strength into the blow until his palm went numb from the  collision.

The machete sank in an instant, and the Bamboo Tree of Life almost stuck to Xu Qing’s scalp, but Xu Qing still held it back.

The floor tiles under his feet were smashed, and his feet were trapped in them. The room filled with a strong wind.


Xu Qing shouted then Mu Yi felt an unimaginable force coming towards him, pushing him back. However, Mu Yi was not flustered when he was in danger. Before Xu Qing could make a counterattack, he had raised his left hand, and the burning copper lamp appeared between them.

“Burn!” Mu Yi shouted. The small fire suddenly jumped then a flame went towards Xu Qing. Xu Qing’s expression changed from the imminent threat. 

With a strange cry, Xu Qing retreated.

He was very fast. By the time the fire was close to him, he had already broken the door behind him and flew out.

The flame burst and ignited the doors and windows.

Xu Qing escaped the fire, but it was not easy. His eyebrows were gone, and his face was twisted.

On the other hand, Nian Nuer was entangled with the assassin in the small space. Although Nian Nuer’s strength was slightly lower than the assassin, she entangled him with her swift movements.

Mu Yi didn’t pursue Xu Qing. Instead, he went to the assassin.

When the assassin saw that Mu Yi came, he turned to escape.

“Go, Nian Nuer.”

Mu Yi called out in his heart then jumped up and broke through the roof.

However, just after Mu Yi stood on the roof, a dozen sharp arrows flew towards him. Judging from the strength of those sharp arrows, the archers were all experts.

The trap was larger than he thought. It was best to leave a more extensive battle for another day. Mu Yi knocked the arrows away with a wave of the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“You can’t escape!” Xu Qing yelled, flying up to the roof with Dapeng’s wings. He pointed at Mu Yi with the machete.


Looking at Xu Qing, Mu Yi hummed coldly and activated a five thunders charm.

Lightning fell and knocked Xu Qing off the roof.

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