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Chapter 238 Unity of Man and heaven



In the yard, two figures collided with each other quickly then separated again and again.

Mo Ruyan waved her spear in the air, while Mu Yi seemed to be handling every move easily with his Bamboo Tree of Life. 

“See if you can dodge this!” All of a sudden, Mo Ruyan said in a low voice, and her long spear turned into black light with a slight shake of her hand. It shot at Mu Yi several times more powerful than before.

“Just come at the right time.” As soon as Mu Yi’s eyes brightened, he used a little force, and the Bamboo Tree of Life flashed. The two weapons collided.


With a crash, Mo Ruyan stumbled back for a few steps before she managed to stabilize herself then gasped and stared at Mu Yi.

Mu Yi’s body was only slightly shaken as he put aside his Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Not bad. You have barely touched the threshold of the first-class experts. If divided in ranks, you should now belong to the half step first-class experts. It’s extremely rare for you to achieve this kind of achievement at your age.” Mu Yi’s eyes showed a trace of appreciation, and he spoke sincerely.

“Are you praising yourself? In terms of age, you are younger than me, but you are much stronger than me. This is not fair.” Mo Ruyan looked at Mu Yi in rage, but she didn’t continue to fight. She had used the last of her strength with her last move, so they stopped there.

Mo Ruyan had been there for three days. Everything was still calm. However, both Mu Yi and Mo Ruyan felt it was the quiet before the storm.

Over the past three days, Mo Ruyan has been using Mu Yi as a partner to practice her shooting skills. After all, it was hard to find a partner like Mu Yi, and Mo Ruyan could see her progress, especially now that she had stepped into the first-class realm, and she had a clue about her own way. Next, she just needed to make further efforts to get to the full first step of the first-class realm. Then, she would be done.

The reason why Mo Ruyan worked so hard because she felt a crisis was coming and she wanted revenge. Qu Yang’s strength was beyond her expectation every time. If she wanted to avenge those brothers, she had to step fully into the first-class realm, which would just barely make her qualified to fight Qu Yang. If she really wanted to kill him, she needed to work harder.

Under normal circumstances, she would need at least five or six years to get revenge. She would need to risk her life in a real battle to make faster progress since no one can become a first-class expert by practicing at home.  She fought Mu Yi for that purpose.

“My achievement today should be mostly attributed to the good master I had. We traveled together everywhere for eight years and laid a solid foundation for me. Without that, I couldn’t have become so strong, so you don’t need to compare yourself with me. Just be yourself,” Mu Yi said.

“Well, fine, I just said a few words casually, and you began to preach even more than my father does!” Mo Ruyan shook her head. She ignored Mu Yi,  asked for Nian Nuer, and then they went to her room.

Nian Nuer and Mo Ruyan had become very good friends since she arrived. At least now, the time when the little girl pestered him had been reduced.

As Mo Ruyan left, Mu Yi shook his head then shouted at Big Slave on the other side of the yard, “Why don’t you hurry up and practice?”

Big Slave stopped and looked at Mu Yi with a puzzled face. It seemed that he hadn’t stopped.

Seeing the appearance of Big Slave, Mu Yi patted his own forehead, then ignored him and went straight back to the room.

Now he spent almost all his time drawing charm when he was not practicing with Mo Ruyan. Unfortunately, up to now, he had not successfully drawn the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs or the six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm let alone the rejuvenation charm. Mu Yi didn’t know what was wrong.

The continuous failure upset him.

“The charm has no regular form, and it’s flexible with Qi.”

When Mu Yi failed again, he threw his charm pen aside and took out The True Interpretation of Magic Figures. The words were deeply imprinted in his mind, yet every time he saw them, he had different feelings. Nevertheless, his feelings did not help him cross this barrier.

In the four realms of Magic Figures, Mu Yi was only in the second realm of tangible charms where only Qi was added. As for the application of Qi, Mu Yi was also constantly experimenting. When he drew the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and the six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, he also repeatedly applied Qi to it, but he still failed.

He was successful at drawing the five thunder charm. There was no reason for the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and the six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm to fail. He couldn’t understand.

He couldn’t help but think that the reason why he was able to succeed in drawing the five thunder talisman was because he entered the state of the unity of heaven and man by accident. Although it was only a primary entry, the benefits were still huge.

He not only drew the five thunders charm, but also made a breakthrough to the next realm. Mu Yi had tried to enter the unity of heaven and man again, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find that feeling. Trying made him so impatient that he couldn’t even make it to the meditation state.

After several attempts, the feeling of depression made him almost spit blood. His frustration was antithetical to his goal, so since then, he never tried again.

Mu Yi soon finished reading The True Interpretation of Magic Figures. When Mu Yi was ready to put it down, he suddenly saw a line that read: Everything is integrated!

Everything is integrated!

Mu Yi kept repeating these words in his heart, and his imagination became active with all kinds of thoughts.

Heaven and man? What was heaven and man? What did heaven mean? The cycle of heaven was heaven, and what you saw when you looked up was heaven. Heaven was invisible, but it did exist. Right where you were was heaven and the earth.

And man, meant himself, of course; but at the same time, it also meant the heart, the original heart and the Tao heart.

It was impossible for a person to live without thoughts or consciousness. People felt the surrounding environment, saw with their eyes, touched with their bodies, felt with their hearts and meditated with their thoughts.

Gradually, a force emerged from Mu Yi, a completely different force. At the same time, Mu Yi slowly closed his eyes.

The table suddenly ignited itself, without a fluctuation of spirit power. The Bamboo Tree of Life at his side also flickered, echoing the copper lamp.

The copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life were integrated with Mu Yi. When Mu Yi changed, they responded accordingly. Even Nian Nuer, who was talking to Mo Ruyan in the next room, trembled. Even before she had time to say goodbye to Mo Ruyan, she flew back and entered the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Mo Ruyan was frightened and followed quickly. However, when she saw Mu Yi sitting there with an invisible light around him, she knew that she could not disturb him, so she stood at the door and guarded Mu Yi.

Mu Yi had already lost his sense of the outside world. His consciousness had no time for anything else. In the dark, he felt that he met a layer of things then he pushed hard to get out.

At the moment of success, he felt that his consciousness had suddenly magnified ten times. His consciousness seemed to integrate with the heavens and the earth. That feeling was very strange. He saw himself, saw Mo Ruyan, saw the whole house, even Big Slave outside, as well as the scene on the street outside.

At the same time, he saw the sky.

“It turns out that this is the unity of heaven and man.” 

In Mu Yi’s mind, there was a kind of enlightenment. The unity of heaven and man was the integration of consciousness and heaven and earth. Heaven didn’t just mean the sky above the head, but also the earth and everything.

Everything is integrated.

One is himself, but also everything.

It was because of these words that he could understand clearly. In fact, the old Taoist had already left him a clue in The True Interpretation of Magic Figures, but he had been neglecting it.

The realization came to him just came in time.

In Mo Ruyan’s eyes, Mu Yi seemed to have changed. Because she was worried about Mu Yi’s situation, she stared at Mu Yi without blinking. Suddenly, she saw Mu Yi move, as he stood up from the chair, took the charm pen on the table, and began to draw on the charm paper.

   Mo Ruyan opened her mouth in surprise, because she noticed that Mu Yi’s eyes were still closed, but Mu Yi’s every move seemed to have a kind of unspeakable truth. She saw it, but she didn’t understand it. At first, she was a little vague about her spear, but she didn’t know why. Just looking at Mu Yi now, looking at his movements, she had a feeling of surging desire in her heart. She felt like she had caught something, but she couldn’t describe it for a while.

If she wasn’t worried about disturbing Mu Yi, she wanted to take a long spear and wave it to her heart’s content. She suppressed the feeling. Mu Yi drawing charms with his eyes closed was the only thing that mattered.

Every move of Mu Yi seemed to be integrated with the heavens and the earth. Looking at Mu Yi, she felt like she was looking at the heavens and the earth. Although she didn’t know what was happening to Mu Yi, her intuition told her that this was Mu Yi’s chance and he should not be disturbed.

One after another, Mu Yi continued to draw charms. Following his heart, he drew all the charms he could. In this process, his understanding of talismans was also rising rapidly. If Mu Yi had only entered the second level before, then when he drew them again, he would have been completely stable in this level.

But this was not the end. When he finished drawing the five thunders charm, Mu Yi took another blank charm paper and started to draw. This time, he drew the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charms.

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