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Chapter 241   Six First-class Experts


In a day, Mo Ruyan’s temperament had changed. A breath of dust was coming out of her body likely because she just broke through and was not completely stable in her new realm.

Regardless, it was undeniable that she had surpassed a lot of people by entering the first-class realm at a young age and becoming a rare expert among cultivators.

Yi felt happy for her.

“Congratulations!” Mu Yi smiled and said.

  He remembered that was the first word Mo Ruyan said to him when he woke up yesterday.

“Thank you for your copper lamp. Without it, I’m afraid it would have taken at least another month.” Mo Ruyan returned the copper lamp to Mu Yi. 

“This is your lucky chance, and your strength has grown. Maybe you can help me in the future.” Mu Yi said. 

He had found a way to get more lamp oil, so he was more focused on Mo Ruyan’s improvement.

“Well, no matter what, as long as you need me, I will not refuse.” Mo Ruyan nodded and said.

“At present, it’s hard to say. You know that my reputation among cultivators is not very good. Not only do I have the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road, but also I offended a few people. In Cangzhou City alone,I don’t know how many people want me to die. Besides, I killed people from Hell, and they won’t let me live either, so you have to think clearly. It may be very dangerous to stay with me.” 

“You saved my life, and helped me breakthrough. Even if I give my life for you, it doesn’t matter,” Mo Ruyan said lightly, as if to say a trivial matter.

“Your words are too heavy. I need to prepare for the next thing. You should be careful over the next two days,” Mu Yi said. Although Leng Yu had not sent for him, he knew that the tomb was about to open. Neither the Xu family nor Hell had moved so far likely because they knew of the tomb and planned to kill Mu Yi once and for all in the middle of it opening.

“Well, go ahead, I’ll be careful.” Mo Ruyan nodded. She would need to practice to be as helpful as possible.

Mu Yi nodded. Mu Yi only drew two more six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch charms because it cost too much. The one he drew before had cost so little because of the unity of man and nature. Without it, his mind and spirit power was used up quickly. He could only draw one at a time with a half day of rest in between.

  When he was done, Qi Yu found him. He gave one of the charms to Mo Ruyan for protection and kept the other.

In addition, he supplemented the five thunders and the evil spirit slaying charms and made them more powerful.

“Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Qi Yu seemed to be very respectful. He felt as if he was dealing with Leng Yu.

“You don’t have to do that, Miss Yu’er. I don’t know if I can take over the envoy of flag in the future. You might as well call my name,” Mu Yi said casually.

“As long as the envoy of the flag is willing, no one dares to take the seat. Today, I came here to bring you word from the landlord that the tomb is about to open. I wonder if envoy of flag is ready?” 

Despite Qi Yu’s soft voice, Mu Yi didn’t look down on her. After all, she was one of the Twelve Fighters. She was not as simple as she appeared.

The Twelve Fighters were the assistants to the Four Envoys of the Flags. They were also very important in the Ear Group.

“Is it finally about to open? When exactly? “Although Mu Yi had been aware that it was coming, he felt a strange feeling in his heart when Qi Yu told him.

If it was not because of the secret of Heavenly Curse, he would not go to the tomb. He had already offended Qian Butong, and with the Xu family and Hell involved, his trip to the tomb would be dangerous.

“Tomorrow at midnight near County Xian. The tomb is still a hundred miles away from Cangzhou City, so I’m afraid the envoy of the flag will need to prepare earlier,” Qi Yu said. 

It seemed that Mu Yi would have to get there on his own.

He believed that he could find Xian County after asking around, so he didn’t have to worry that he would not find it in time.

  There was more than enough time since he could cross a hundred miles in an hour.

“Okay, I see. Please go back to tell the landlord that I will arrive on time,” Mu Yi finally said.

Qi Yu left.

“At last,” Mu Yi said softly to himself. When the activity of the tomb was over, he would go to the south, where there were more tests waiting for him: lame Li, the old Taoist Priest, and the position of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

  This was just another challenge for Mu Yi.

  Until the next night, the yard was calm and nothing happened.

  Mu Yi tidied up and left the city with Mo Ruyan and Big Slave. Originally, Mu Yi thought it would be difficult to open the city gate this late in the evening, but he didn’t expect that the city gate would open as they grew near, as if it had expected them to leave the city in the evening.

  This gave Mu Yi a clearer understanding of the influence of Tingyu Building. It could have been the Xu family’s influence, but Mu Yi didn’t care. If the Xu family didn’t come, it was okay. If they did, he would kill them.

The people from Hell were no exception. They had already been offended, so even if he begged for mercy it would do no good. His only option was to kill them, let them fear and retreat.

  As long as he was strong enough, even Hell couldn’t kill him. That’s what happened with the White Emperor. 

Because it was still early Mu Yi was not in a hurry. He went to Xian County with Mo Ruyan and Big Slave slowly.

  Earlier in the day, Mu Yi had roughly figured out the location of Xian County. It was only necessary to walk along the official road, so Mu Yi had not gotten them a guide.

Just ten miles away from the city, an ambush waited for Mu Yi. 

Mu Yi didn’t expect that they would choose to start here. The best choice for the enemy was to attempt to kill him at the tomb so they could also get the treasure in the tomb. 

“There is another person with him. According to the information we got, it’s just a woman who hasn’t reached the first-class realm. It’s not necessary to take care. It’s the giant beside him we should be wary of. According to our calculations, the giant is basically a first-class expert.” 

There were two figures standing on a stone. The man talking and shrouded in a black robe was Ghost Seven.

 Mu Yi had learned this. The other man Xu Qing. The Xu family had been gathering strength over the past few days in the shadows, hoping to set up a one shot kill that Mu Yi couldn’t escape.

The Xu family spent a lot of money to hire an assassin from Hell, but Xu Jingyuan also invited two first-class experts using his connections. The other families also invited a first-class expert, so there were six first-class experts there. With those odds, they believed that as long as Mu Yi stepped into the trap, he would die.

 Xu Qing thought that he understood Mu Yi’s strength from their encounter. In his opinion, Mu Yi was powerful, but not as powerful as the Ghost Seven and Xu Qing combined. Otherwise, he would not have escaped that night.

Now, there were six first-class experts. One would block the giant and the other five first-class experts would kill Mu Yi. 

Although Mo Ruyan had just arrived in Cangzhou City, she had challenged more than a dozen second-class top experts, revealing her strength as a half step first-class expert and, therefore, unimportant to the plan.

 If they knew that Mo Ruyan had reached the first-class realm, they might have lost confidence.

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