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Chapter 242 Seven Grades in the First-class Realm


“Don’t worry. I don’t believe he can escape with six first-class experts hunting him down,” Xu Qing said coldly. He hated Mu Yi because of the lightning that had almost knocked him out. Even now, he was still frightened.

He had heard that Mu Yi could control lightning before, but Xu Qing didn’t take it seriously. Until he faced it personally, he didn’t know how horrible the lightning was. If he didn’t have a trump card, he would have died.

 That was why he worked hard to hire first-class experts. With the six first-class experts gathered together, he was more confident.

“The man is ruthless, and he can’t be underestimated. What’s more, he had some unknown connection with Tingyu Building. When necessary, you should also be on guard against that woman.” There was a trace of concern in Ghost Seven’s voice regarding the threat of Tingyu Building and Leng Yu.

“What is the origin of Tingyu Building? Why do you seem to be afraid of it?” Xu Qing looked at Ghost Seven with curiosity. Xu Qing knew that Tingyu Building was as simple as it appeared, but he knew nothing more.

“I can’t tell you. You just need to know that Tingyu Building has a deep background. Even Hell wouldn’t want to be its enemy. If it wasn’t for Tingyu Building, do you think the leadership would have sent Ghost Four?” Ghost Seven said solemnly, but when he mentioned Ghost Four, he could not help shivering.

Xu Qing shivered too. Because the Xu family had some connection with Ghost Nine, the Xu family had some knowledge of Hell. The Ghost department could be called a sharp blade of Hell and was never deployed for anyone lower than first-class.

Xu Qing didn’t know how strong Ghost Four was, but he knew that if Ghost Nine was the weakest of the Ghost department. Mu Yi had no chance for survival against Ghost Seven, and Ghost Four several times stronger.

He hadn’t seen Ghost Four yet and they wouldn’t take any action until he arrived. This delay gave Mu Yi enough time to arrive.

 He was shocked that Hell was afraid of Tingyu Building.

He had followed Xu Jingyuan of the Xu family for a long time, but he knew little about Tingyu Building aside from the fact that the owner of the building had some power and so many connections in Cangzhou City that ordinary people couldn’t handle him. He had underestimated Tingyu Building.

“Well, I see, but I don’t think Tingyu Building would interfere.” Xu Qing said.

Mu Yi had made a lot of noise, and there were many important people involved, but as long as Tingyu Building had some sense, it would not risk offending so many important people in Cangzhou City.

Unfortunately, Xu Qing didn’t know enough. If he knew more about Tingyu Building, and what the Ear Group and the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag represented, he would not think so. Regardless of his misguided guess, he was right. 

Leng Yu viewed this as a test for Mu Yi and would not interfere.

Otherwise, Hell would have had no chance against the first gang of the world?

“That’s because you don’t know that woman.” Ghost Seven looked at Xu Qing and. There were things he couldn’t disclose to others, including Leng Yu’s real identity.

Leng Yu hid very well, so few people knew her real identity, but Hell was among the few. As an underground assassination organization, the most important thing was information. Even the head of the original Hell personally ordered them not to provoke Tingyu Building or that woman, and not to take any task related to Tingyu Building.

Hell was afraid of Tingyu Building. Ghost Seven knew that the leadership sent Ghost Four just in case. Unless it was necessary, Hell wouldn’t fight Leng Yu.

Xu Qing was interested in Tingyu Building. If Hell had this attitude towards Tingyu Building, then the Xu family should be extra careful.

What’s more, as a man working for Xu Jingyuan, he understood the Xu family’s ambition. Now the chaos was coming, how could those old foxes who had so many experiences not see through this?

 There had never been a shortage of intelligent people in the world, and they often occupied high positions. However, it was one thing to be intelligent and understand the motivations of people and another to have the courage to act. Xu Jingyuan was one of the few people who had both.


Unaware of the plot, Mu Yi was relaxed.

Even if he knew, he would not change his path because he believed that he could only level all the obstacles ahead and move forward.

“Do you have plans after this event?” Mu Yi asked Mo Ruyan.

“Plans? Do you think I’ll have a chance if I take revenge on Qu Yang with my current strength?” Mo Ruyan asked. Mu Yi once fought Qu Yang, so he knew his strength best.

“Now? I’m afraid you don’t stand a single chance,” Mu Yi shook his head and said.

“Really? I thought that after I made it into the first-class realm, even if I was still not his match, I should have a slight chance of winning.” Mo Ruyan did not doubt Mu Yi, but her mood darkened.

“Qu Yang is not as simple as you think. Unless you can break through again, I advise you not to go after him. Even if you really want to get revenge against him, you should never go to Quyi villa. You’d be better off trying to lead him out.” 

In his eyes, Qu Yang must not be underestimated, especially in Quyi villa, where there was a corpse mushroom and his refining corpse. Even if Mu Yi went there again, he may not be able to take Qu Yang’s life, let alone Mo Ruyan.

“Another breakthrough? After reaching the first-class level, it is more difficult to break through. Although I’m in the first-class realm, I can only be regarded as a newcomer. Some people divide the first-class into seven grades. I’m just in the first grade now. Which grade do you think Qu Yang is in?” Mo Ruyan asked. 

It was hard to break through and the first-class realm was just the beginning. Each of the seven grades was a different world of difficulty.

“Well, if he is outside the Quyi villa, he should be in the third grade, but if he is inside the Quyi villa, he is in the fourth grade, maybe even in the fifth grade,” Mu Yi replied. 

Because he hadn’t met many experts in the world, it was the first time that Mu Yi heard about the division of the first-class realm. He was curious. The seven grades corresponded to the seven life rounds of the second test. 

He speculated about his own strength. Although his current state was only equal to second grade, it was just a state, and it didn’t represent strength. In fact, his strength was above the third grade. If the Bamboo Tree of Life, copper lamp, his charms and all of his other gear was added, then his strength would be in the fourth grade.

If he used the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, his strength would reach an even higher grade.

 Although Mu Yi’s strength had improved greatly while using the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm, it was only the division of the first-class realm. The measure of strength between the grades was very different. Hence the saying, “A different grade is a different world”.

This difference was why breakthroughs in the first-class was so difficult.

“And you? Which grade are you in?” 

“Me? I’m on a similar level as Qu Yang. It would not be easy for him to kill me.” Mu Yi said. 

It seemed that if she wanted to face Qu Yang for revenge, she should defeat Mu Yi first or give up.

He said it out of concern. If she was stupid enough to go after Qu Yang at her current level, she would end up as another refining corpse in Quyi villa.

A first-class expert was rare material for Qu Yang.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be reckless. At least, I won’t go get revenge until I defeat you. I’m young and haven’t lived enough.” 

“Well, if you get the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, research it. It should also help you. It is said that King Xian collected numerous ancient books. It’s your chance to take a look,” Mu Yi said. He was also curious about King Xian’s tomb.

The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu had to be special if even Leng Yu wanted to get it. 

“Really? But it’s tomb robbing. Do you think we will encounter unclean creatures?” 

Mu Yi suddenly stopped and looked up to the distance, “I don’t know if we will encounter anything unclean, but I’m afraid we’re in trouble now.”

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