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Chapter 243 One Two Three Four Five

“Trouble?” Mo Ruyan was shocked, but she still believed in Mu Yi. 

She believed his words and guessed that she couldn’t feel it because she had only just broken through.

   Almost subconsciously, Mo Ruyan clenched the spear in her hand and her expression grew neutral. Although she didn’t lack combat experience, it would be the first time she fought against first-class experts, so she was nervous.

   However, when she saw Mu Yi’s calm expression, her heart settled as if she was no longer afraid even if there was a dragon pond and a tiger cave in front of her.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that the other side would be so impatient,” Mu Yi said faintly. He looked calm, but he wasn’t unguarded. It was clear that they had been preparing since their last encounter. They might have gathered information about Mo Ruyan in addition to the information they already had on Mu Yi’s usual companions, including Nian Nuer.

   Nian Nuer had fought at the Xu family compound, but Mu Yi wasn’t worried about his secret card. He had retreated that night because he didn’t think it was necessary, not out of fear. His raid had failed from the moment he’d entered the compound since Xu Jingyuan had gone into hiding before he arrived. Even if he killed Xu Qing and the people from Hell, it would have been useless to him and informed the enemy of his strength.

    This time, there was no need to feign weakness and Mu Yi’s eyes were full of killing intent.

Mu Yi looked at Mo Ruyan, “Are you ready?” 

“Well, I’m ready.” Mo Ruyan nodded, holding her spear tightly.

“That’s good. Don’t forget the charm I gave you. If you really can’t do something, don’t try to be brave. Just activate the charm with your consciousness. As for the other charms, you’ve experienced them before. I can activate them for you.”

 There was a murderous intent coming from ahead of him. It set him on guard despite his confidence. 

For Mo Ruyan’s safety, he couldn’t be careless. She was only his friend and there to help out of that kindness despite her thought that Mu Yi had helped her breaththrough.

She rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry, I’m not a child. I know the basics.”

 She thought it was funny that Mu Yi kept seemed to be considering her as if she was just an ordinary woman.

   Her ability to lead the Mo Ruyan Escort Agency was not based on her looks. She was an adept person and level-headed. She was more excited than nervous since this was her first battle after breaking through the first-class level.

“Good.” Mu Yi nodded then went straight ahead. Mo Ruyan and Big Slave followed him closely. 

   They crossed several miles before Mu Yi stopped on a hillside. In front of him was a disordered stone hillock where huge stones piled up like giants.

“Come out,” Mu Yi said.

  The wind was the only thing that answered him.

“What? Don’t you have the guts? I think you’d better go home as soon as possible.” Mu Yi’s tone was wry and mocking. It was a simple and effective method. A bit of vapor from someone’s breathing appeared from the disordered stone hillock turning the ambush into a joke. Then, three figures appeared.

   One of them was Xu Qing, carrying a big knife and staring at Mu Yi.

   Not far away from him, the other two figures dressed in black stood on the edges of abandoned graves. Their faces were masked, but Mu Yi thought it was ridiculous.

   However, his eyes were not focused on these three people. If there were only these three, he could solve the problem without even having to do it himself. What concerned him was that since he arrived, there had been a faint murderous intent locked on him that wasn’t coming from one of the three who had appeared. No matter how hard Mu Yi tried, he couldn’t find the hiding place of the other party.

Thus, the murderous intent was not from the assassin of Hell, but there was no doubt that he was more difficult to deal with than that man.

   Then, there were people coming from either side of Mu Yi. They were both wearing black robes. The five surrounded Mu Yi’s group, caging them in.

“Five?” Mu Yi glanced around and knew that the murderous master, the greatest threat of the group, hadn’t appeared. He was like a poisonous snake, waiting for the poison to take affect before feasting.

“You look up to me,” Mu Yi laughed at himself, but his eyes were fixed on Xu Qing.

   Mu Yi could judge their state more or less. Among them, Xu Qing should be in the first-class second-grade. The assassin who attacked him before was only in the first-class first-grade. Maybe he was at the top of the first grade. His proficiency as an assassin is what gave him close to even footing with Xu Qing,

   As for the other three, two of them were in the first-grade, and the other one was second-grade. Their strength was comparable to Xu Qing’s. There was such a large gap between their grades that Mu Yi didn’t care about any of them.

   Nian Nuer was roughly in the first-grade of the first class as were Big Slave and Mo Ruyan. With the strength of the three of them, they could stop three on their level, so Mu Yo would be left with a first-grade and a second-grade first-class expert. At his level, he was not afraid of them, nor would it be hard to defeat them. However, the hidden person made him uneasy. He had to be ready for when he decided to make his move. 

The battle was a whetstone for him. What he really worried about was that the other side would attack Mo Ruyan and others and he wouldn’t be able to stop them.

   The best option was to end the battle quickly. It was better to kill one or two of them before the other side responded to level the playing field as soon as possible.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi got an idea.

Looking at Mu Yi, Xu Qing said, “You can’t be too careful in the face of demons. The last lesson was enough.”  

The battle at Peach Blossom Hill was still fresh in his and the Xu family’s minds. It had cost them a lot of cultivators, money and a legitimate son. They wouldn’t be so careless again and were determined to kill Mu Yi before he could escape and plot against them beyond their sphere of influence. 

“Is that right?” Mu Yi looked around, “One, two, three, four, five first-class experts?” 

Looking at Mu Yi being so calm, Xu Qing couldn’t help feeling that he had ignored something.

“Don’t you think it’s enough?” 

Xu Qing relaxed since Ghost Four had not appeared. Mu Yi’s apparent arrogance seemed stupid.

“Of course not.” 

Mu Yi disappeared.

“Be careful, everyone!” Xu Qing exclaimed. Fortunately, he had already told everyone about the strengths and equipment Mu Yi had, but Mu Yi’s sudden action spooked them.

   Now that it had been decided, Mu Yi would not hide his tricks any more. He used a charm and Yu’s Steps. Mu Yi’s body swayed, and in a blink of an eye, he crossed more than ten Zhangs to the first-class expert on his left.

   Mo Ruyan and Big Slave chose their own opponents when Mu Yi  moved, and they did not hesitate to attack the opponent. Nian Nuer flew out at the same time towards her chosen opponent.

   When they fought at the Xu family compound, she hadn’t thought about winning or losing. Nian Nuer wanted to win.

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