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Chapter 245 True and False Ghost 4


  Although he missed the best time to kill Wang Qian, he had scared the man. The lightning had hurt him, reducing his strength to 67% at best. He was no longer a threat.

 Xu Qing had lost his weapon and Big Slave was catching up, infuriated by Xu Qing’s escape.

  Xu Qing looked at Mu Yi with a gloomy expression, and finally understood the source of the bad feeling. He had underestimated Mu Yi again. 

  Although Mo Ruyan’s opponent was a little stronger than her, he could not defeat Mo Ruyan in a short time. Nian Nuer had completely entangled Ghost Seven leaving Xu Qing and Wang Qian to fight Mu Yi and Big Slave alone. It was a seemingly even fight that made Xu Qing’s heart sink.

Xu Qing realized how difficult it would be to beat Big Slave because of his defense. Although he may have a way, he couldn’t do it in a short time. Mu Yi’s first kill of the night still haunted him. Although that first-class expert was one of the weakest ones,  Xu Qing was only a step above him.

  Mu Yi would either kill him or injure him greatly. There was no doubt that there was an element of carelessness in it, but Mu Yi’s strength was obvious.

  He was no match!

  Xu Qing knew that even with Wang Qian they would lose against Mu Yi, let alone Big Slave. Now Xu Qing’s only hope was Ghost Four, but could he command Ghost Four? He hadn’t even seen Ghost Four’s face. Everything he knew was from Ghost Seven’s mouth.

“Just in time, I’ll send you into death together.” Mu Yi looked at Xu Qing and smiled coldly again. He was not vengeful, but in the face of his enemies, he was ruthless. Xu Qing only had himself to blame.

Xu Qing was furious. He didn’t remember how long it had been since someone had dared to talk to him like that, but he could only be sad. Mu Yi was absolutely qualified to talk to him that way.

“It’s not certain who will die,” Xu Qing added.

  Mu Yi didn’t give him too much time to talk. He hit Xu Qing with the Bamboo Tree of Life. It seemed like a random attack, but it was actually a move evolved from Mu Yi’s fist technique. Xu Qing’s expression changed greatly in the face of the attack.

  He roared as he swelled up. Xu Qing’s fist grew by a third. His skin turned blue and light flickered across her fist.

 The Bamboo Tree of Life fell on his fist with a dull sound. Although Xu Qing did his best, the force was too great. Something clicked and a sharp pain exploded in his fist.


  Xu Qing screamed, but he couldn’t help but step back. He looked at Mu Yi in horror. Mu Yi was much stronger than he had been during their last encounter. He guessed that it had reached the third grade.

  Although it was only one grade higher than Xu Qing originally assumed, he understood that the situation was bad. His best option was to escape or they would all die.

   Xu Qing’s eyes turned to Ghost Seven when he stepped back, who was still at odds with Nian Nuer. He believed that if anyone could escape, it would be Ghost Seven.

 He felt strange that, as an assassin, Ghost Seven was fighting with a little girl? Was the famous ghost department that weak?

  Xu Qing wasn’t willing to give his life.

“Ghost Four, if you don’t come out, you can’t get the rest of the gold,” Xu Qing shouted after seeing the gap between himself and Mu Yi.,

“Jie Jie, no one has ever dared to renege on a contracted price with Hell, not even the Xu family.”

  Just as Mu Yi was about to kill Xu Qing, a snake-like voice suddenly sounded in his ear. It seemed that the voice was everywhere and from the bottom of his heart. Based on this trick, he knew that Ghost Four would be difficult to deal with.

  Mu Yi’s eyes narrowed, he hadn’t expected Ghost Four to have a voice so full of contempt for him.

  Even Xu Qing was startled by the sudden voice. Although the other side was threatening, he didn’t care. It seemed that Ghost Seven hadn’t lied to him. Hell had sent Ghost Four.

“The Xu family will never let you down. Please kill this man. Everything he has can be yours,” Xu Qing said in a hurry.

  His words made Wang Qian’s expression change. After all, he came for the key, and he could see that the stick in Mu Yi’s hand was also a treasure or a magic weapon.

Mu Yi also had a copper lamp, a magic weapon. Mu Yi had two magic weapons. With the reward offered by the Xu family and the key to the Yellow River’s ancient Road, it was enough to make people crazy.

  Originally, Wang Qian had the same idea. Even in his opinion, he was a first-class second-grade expert. Except for Xu Qing, he was the most powerful player. Even if he could not get all of them, he wanted at least one magic weapon. This was just cruel.

  They misjudged Mu Yi, and almost lost their entire force. At this critical time, one of the most terrible assassins of Hell suddenly appeared. At this time, he knew that even without Xu Qing’s words, Mu Yi’s treasures would never be his.

‘At least my life is saved,’ Wang Qian couldn’t help but think. Although the treasure was important, he had to have a life to enjoy them.

After facing Mu Yi, Wang Qian welcomed Big Slave and leave Mu Yi to Xu Qing and the assassin of Hell.


  All of a sudden, a figure appeared at Xu Qing’s side, a few feet away, far away from Mu Yi: Ghost Four.

  Mu Yi  had killed Ghost Nine. Based on that, he was probably between Ghost Nine and the Ghost Eight in terms of strength. Thus, Mu Yi was wary of Ghost Four.

  His breath was uncertain. He stood there, but it seemed like an illusion to Mu Yi, so Mu Yi didn’t immediately attack. He wanted to see Ghost Four’s strength first.

Ghost Four looked at Mu Yi and said, “Give me your bamboo stick, copper lamp and the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road, abandon your strength, and I will spare you my life.” 

“Ha ha,” Mu Yi sneered. Did Ghost Four think he was a fool? Even if the Lord of Hell, he wouldn’t give up. “What about this? You abandon your strength, and I will let you go.”

“Good courage, do you know how many years it has been since the last person dared to speak to me like that?” Ghost Four’s breath suddenly became stronger and felt oppressive.

“In my opinion, you are just a clown. Do you think you can deceive me with such a flawed scheme?” Mu Yi said with a sudden wave of his left hand, and he activated a evil slaying charm. The white light fell on a stone not far behind him.

  Strange things happened, and the stone suddenly disappeared, leaving a dark shadow shrouded in a cloak like the previous two assassins and the Ghost Four near him suddenly became a stone. 

“How do you know?” After a period of silence, Ghost Four spoke, his voice was a little more restrained. Mu Yi could see through his magic, surprisingly. It hadn’t been flawed, so how did Mu Yi see through it?

  Once upon a time, he assassinated people who were more powerful than Mu Yi using magic, but even those people didn’t see through his magic. Therefore, Mu Yi’s position in his heart rose sharply. He even felt something he hadn’t in a long time: fear.

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