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Chapter 246 True and False Ghost Four (Continued)



    Mu Yi looked at Ghost Four and smiled, “Do you want to know?”

“You can choose not to tell me,” Ghost Four said after a moment of silence.

“It’s very simple. I don’t believe that the assassins of the underworld have false fame, especially the famous Ghost department. Although I haven’t contacted an assassin, I know at least that the real power of the assassin lies in the assassination in secret. You appeared in front of me and spouted nonsense. If you really wanted my treasure, you could get it by killing me. Therefore, from the moment you appeared in front of me, I was skeptical. In addition, my perception is strong, so I can see through your illusions. “

“I see.” Ghost Four nodded four times, then continued, “It seems that I was careless, but you are wrong on one thing.”

“Oh, what’s wrong?” Mu Yi asked curiously.

“That is, an assassin can kill openly, just because you are worth it.” Ghost Four rushed toward Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi simply stood there.  He couldn’t move, watching the assassin streak towards him. A dark dagger rushed towards Mu Yi’s head. Even if Mu Yi used the Vajra charm, it was hard to defend against that kind of attack.

    Mu Yi ignored Ghost Four and the dagger, turned around suddenly, and raised his hand to activate the five thunders charm.


Lightning struck three feet to the left of Mu Yi. There was nothing there.

Ghost Four had run into Mu Yi, and strange things happened again. Ghost Four suddenly split and disappeared completely after running into Mu Yi. On the other side, on the edge of the pit where the lightning struck was a black shadow.

“Are you lying to me?” Ghost Four asked.

“I just did what you did,” Mu Yi said casually except he took advantage of the other’s illustion and retaliated.

    Although the lightning didn’t hurt him, he lost face, and Mu Yi not only saw through his magic, but also used them against him.

    Originally, it was just an assignment. Now, he hated Mu Yi.

“You are worthy of being called a demon. I admit that I despise you. It was natural that Nine died at your hands. However, you dared to kill people of Hell, no matter where you go, you will die,” Ghost Four said.

“Is that right? I don’t think so. I think it’s the biggest mistake for Hell to provoke me. ” 

Ghost Four’s eyes narrowed sharply.

    Xu Qing was stunned. Seeing the Ghost Four’s figure, he trembled. The terrible illusion even enveloped him. He didn’t even feel it. He wondered if Ghost Four targeted him, would he survive and knew that he would have died instantly. Xu Qing was really scared.

“I haven’t heard such big talk for many years. I have to admit that you really make me angry,” Ghost Four said.

“Is that right? You make me angry, too,” Mu Yi said, activating another five thunders charm.


Lightning struck again. The Ghost Four in front Mu Yi was broken before even attacking. On the other side, another Ghost Four appeared.

    However, compared with the last time, Ghost Four was more confused.

    Xu Qing, however, was so stiff that he could only stand there and dare not move because he did not know whether what he saw was true or not.

Ghost Four had the same question in his heart. Mu Yi seemed to know his actions like the palm of his hand.

He was a little shocked. His magic definitely played a big role in his becoming Ghost Four though he was first-class and third-grade, similar to Mu Yi.

    His magic had always made him confident, even in the face of enemies of the same realm or higher. Except for the Lord of Hell, he had never seen anyone ignore his magic.

“You must die!” A voice kept shouting in his heart. 

Without illusions, he would lose an advantage. He could only kill him.

“What? Are you not willing? Then, you’re going to die.” 

The first time, he saw through Ghost Four’s illusions using his powerful mind and spirit power, but the second time, he relied on the copper lamp which quivered when Ghost Four used illusions. Then, Mu Yi felt a force pouring out of the copper lamp into his body.

    After wandering around his body, the power finally filled Mu Yi’s eyes, and all his illusions disappeared.

    Therefore, no matter how hard Ghost Four tried, he looked liked a clown in Mu Yi’s eyes. However, after using two five thunders charms in succession, Mu Yi understood Ghost Four’s strength and he was no longer wary.

    The mountain that had been pressing on his mind before also moved away. When he was relieved, Mu Yi decided to kill Ghost Four. After all, the magic of the other side was too threatening and overwhelming. Without the copper lamp, Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to see through it and he didn’t know if it would be useful if they were to meet again.

    With Mu Yi’s voice, the last and most powerful five thunders charm activated. The first two were to lead him into a false sense of security.


    This five thunders charm interrupted Ghost Four’s attempt to cast another illusion. 

    Ghost Four’s expression changed as he realized. His heart was filled with fear.


    Ghost Four screamed as he was struck by the lightning.

    Mu Yi retreated two steps, a little surprised. Although he had expected the five thunders charm he drew most recently would be powerful, the result was beyond his imagination. It was more than 30% stronger than the previous ones.

    Although 30% was a large improvement, the heart of the change was the different breath of the lightning. Although he didn’t know what that meant, the tragedy of Ghost Four proved the difference in strength.

    The lightning dissipated, revealing the Ghost Four. Although he was still standing there, his cloak had broken into pieces. There was only a skin tight suit made of unknown fur inside. Without the cloak, his appearance could not be concealed from Mu Yi.

   His face was dark and his eyebrows were gone. Mu Yi’s attempt to guess the age of Ghost Four from his face failed, but he was definitely over 40.

    Although 40 years old seemed to be old, it was pretty young for a first-class expert. At 80, first-class experts could maintain their Qi and their strength.

From his breath, Mu Yi felt disorder. His real injury was even worse than his appearance. Maybe this was the real role of the lightning just now. The lightning harmed body and soul.

    Ghost Four had suffered such a big loss and had not immediately exploded. He knew his own situation, so he couldn’t attack easily. He had some scruples, but Mu Yi didn’t have any. He was at his weakest. How could Mu Yi let him go easily?

    Therefore, Mu Yi used Yu’s Steps and rushed towards him with the Bamboo Tree of Life. His blood rushed like a big river, and his breath surged as he swung. 

    The Qi in his body flew into the Bamboo Tree of Life under the guidance of his mind. The originally bright Bamboo Tree of Life seemed to be alive, dazzling, with a breath that made the heaven and earth silent.

    Ghost Four looked up, and there was a trace of panic in his eyes. This kind of mood should not have appeared on an assassin, especially the fourth-ranked assassin in Hell.

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