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Chapter 247 Lamp Oil




   Ghost Four was dead!

   No one moved.

   Xu Qing, Wang Qian, Mo Ruyan’s opponents, and Ghost Seven all gawked in disbelief.

   Ghost Four had been blown to smithereens. Unless Ghost Four had the ability to regenerate from a drop of blood, he couldn’t live again.

   Ghost Seven reacted first. After he pushed back Nian Nuer, he immediately turned around and tried to escape. He was an assassin but life was more important, especially now that Ghost Four was dead.

   Nian Nuer wanted to catch up with Ghost Seven, but she was stopped by Mu Yi. In his opinion, Ghost Seven was not as important as the rest of them, especially Xu Qing.


   Because of the death of Ghost Four, Wang Qian became careless. Big Slave hit him hard and smashed his shoulder.

   Watching Big Slave attack Wang Qian, Mu Yi knew that he would be dead.

 Nian Nuer stopped Mo Ruyan’s opponent before he escaped, furious about Ghost Seven’s escape. Mo Ruyan chased him from behind. Under the attack, he soon followed Ghost Four into death.

   Xu Qing felt bad after Ghost Four was killed. He still couldn’t believe it.

Xu Qing looked at Mu Yi, “I think I thought you were good, but now, I know I underestimated you. It’s not just me. Everyone in the world looked down on you.”

“Finished?” Mu Yi looked at Xu Qing coldly.


   Wang Qian fell to the ground, while Big Slave was stained with blood and full of frightening evil energy.

   After killing Wang Qian with a punch, Big Slave licked his lips excitedly, then turned his eyes to Xu Qing. Obviously, he was not satisfied with killing only Wang Qian.

Mo Ruyan stabbed her opponent in the chest as Nian Nuer attacked him. He died.

   After killing him, Nian Nuer and Mo Ruyan went to Mu Yi and surrounded Xu Qing. 

“Kill him.”

   Xu Qing despaired. However, he did not beg for mercy. He knew that Mu Yi would not let him go, he also wanted to preserve his dignity as a first-class expert.

Nian Nuer, Big Slave together with Mo Ruyan attacked Xu Qing.

  A few moments later, he was injured.

  It was obvious who would win once Xu Qing became more and more injured.  Mu Yi stopped pretending. He quivered violently and spat out blood, leaning on the Bamboo Tree of Life to support him.


   Although Nian Nuer was attacked Xu Qing, she had been paying attention to Mu Yi. She flew to Mu Yi and didn’t care about Xu Qing.

   When Xu Qing saw Mu Yi’s state, his eyes widened, “No!”

  Regret filled him. Mu Yi had been faking it. If he dared to fight at that time, he might have been able to kill Mu Yi, but he was scared by Ghost Four’s death.

   As a result, Wang Qian and another man were killed, even Ghost Seven fled early.

   ‘If…’ Xu Qing thought regretfully. Regardless, Mu Yi won because Xu Qing was a coward, and he would die. 

How regretful!

No one sold a cure for regret. Big Slave and Mo Ruyan were merciless. Xu Qing stumbled, then he was slapped to pieces by Big Slave.

   Everyone was killed except for Ghost Seven.

   If the matter was publicized, it would rock the world.=

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?” Nian Nuer asked anxiously.

“It’s okay. It’s just a little bit of backfire.” Mu Yi shook his head and took a long breath.

   Although Mu Yi said he was ok, but Nian Nuer was not at ease. She looked at the Bamboo Tree of Life in Mu Yi’s hand and wanted to help him like before, but Mu Yi grasped the Bamboo Tree of Life and shook his head firmly.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

   After Mu Yi said that, he saw Xu Qing die miserably. At the moment of his death, Xu Qing faced Mu Yi.

Mo Ruyan came over anxiously, “Mu Yi, are you ok?” 

   Although Big Slave was not clever, he also knew that Mu Yi was hurt, so he looked at Mu Yi, with worry in his eyes.

Mu Yi shook his head, “I’m fine, Big Slave. Bring their bodies to me.” 

   The bodies of others were soon placed in front of Mu Yi. Mu Yi took out the copper lamp, lit it with the power of mind and spirit, and made the fire fall on the corpses.

   Although Mo Ruyan didn’t know what Mu Yi was doing, she didn’t ask much, just stood beside him.

   Though Mu Yi said he was ok, he was severely injured and was the only one injured.

Though he’d acted carefully, the whole process was extremely dangerous. If he hadn’t focused his strength properly, the results would have been different.

   The flames of copper lamp soon devoured the bodies and the remains of Ghost Four.

   After that, the flames immediately gathered and flew back to copper lamp. Mu Yi watched the copper lamp. When the oil in the lamp increased several times in an instant, Mu Yi’s face brightened.

   This experiment undoubtedly proved his previous conjecture, and the amount of lamp oil was beyond his imagination. He thought it would increase by one or two times at the most, but it increased by five times. Now the copper lamp was almost one third full.

   He felt no discomfort about the process. If you didn’t hurt others, others would hurt you.

   Mo Ruyan only saw Mu Yi burn several bodies. She thought that Mu Yi was destroying the corpses. She didn’t think about anything else. After all, she couldn’t see the amount of oil in the copper lamp from the outside, but the power of the fire surprised her.

Mu Yi quietly put away the copper lamp and said, “Let’s go.” 

   Mu Yi felt that there were eyes staring at him in the dark even though the battle was over, so he wanted to leave. There were two hours left until midnight. If they were just walking, it would have been enough, but Mu Yi needed to heal. Otherwise, even if he entered King Xian’s tomb he would die. Regardless, Mu Yi and his friends continued on, discarding the marks of battle.

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