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Chapter 248 Eyes in the Dark



   After Mu Yi and his group left, a whirlwind suddenly came and blew away the ashes. At the same time, Leng Yu and Mister Mo appeared out of nowhere.

“I haven’t expected that they have become so powerful!” Mister Mo looked into the direction Mu Yi went and muttered. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Nor did I. The little guy hid his strength so well.” Leng Yu seemed more restrained.

   Although Xu Qing and the people from Hell were secretive, they couldn’t hide their actions from Tingyu Building, but she didn’t tell Mu Yi. She wanted to see Mu Yi’s potential, polish it and make him grow stronger faster.

   She thought that Mu Yi was very powerful, but weaker than the Ghost Four, so she followed them quietly. If Mu Yi couldn’t withstand the Xu family’s machinations, she had planned to save his life at the critical moment.  

   However, Mu Yi performed pretty well, and even killed Ghost Four.

“This kid changed a lot and improved alot, but he is crueler to himself than others of his age. He deserves to be the One’s apprentice. Maybe he could really succeed.” Mister Mo said.

“Success? It’s too early to talk about that. We don’t know whether he can take over the position of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Let’s wait for him to pass the next level first,” Leng Yu said.

“What? Haven’t you understood him yet? Despite his age, there are few people in the whole world that could match with him,” Mister Mo looked at Leng Yu said.

“It’s not enough. He is still not the best. What’s more, big progress doesn’t mean anything if he can’t reach the destination finally. We know the third difficulty is not easy to break through,” Leng Yu shook her head. She, the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, had reached the peak of the second difficulty and had no confidence, let alone others.

“You are too strict. If compared with people of your age, I’m afraid the whole world would find none more diligent. At least, I’m absolutely sure Mu Yi would succeed,” said Mister Mo.

“But the odds of success are not more than 30%,” Leng Yu said.

“Well, well, I know you. You have admitted my words and are also optimistic about him in your heart,” Mister Mo said.

“Well, it’s none of your business.”

Leng Yu disappeared.

   Seeing this, Mister Mo couldn’t help shaking his head and feeling a little funny. However, he caught up with her. Now that the battle was over, they had to get to the tomb.

   As Leng Yu said before, there was still a difficulty for Mu Yi to pass tonight. Before that, Xu Qing and others were just a test for him. If Mu Yi couldn’t even pass this test, then he was not qualified to participate in the opening of the tomb of King Xian.

   After all, which one could go there after hearing about the old Jianghu, the old monster?Mu Yi was not strong enough to face it, but as long as Leng Yu was there, his life could be saved at least.

   Mu Yi and his partners had walked for more than ten miles before they found a place to rest. Then, Mu Yi looked back and closed his eyes for a long time.

   With his movement, some of his disordered breath quickly stabilized, although his face was still pale, he looked better.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Ruyan took notice of Mu Yi’s strange performance and asked. 

‘Is there any enemy behind us?’ she thought.

“Someone was following and spying on us.” 

He could guess who they were. Although the spy seemed not to be hostile, Mu Yi still wouldn’t expose them. He was injured, but not as serious as the others thought. Half of the blood was an act.

   His body had suffered from his explosive use of Qi and the Bamboo Tree of Life, but he didn’t have to spit out blood. He did so in order to deceive the spy.

   All he did was to make the spy think he also suffered a lot. In this way, the spy might underestimate his strength. It worked, but he wasn’t excited.

“Then the reason you seem so injured…” Mo Ruyan’s eyes suddenly brightened. 

“Yes, to pretend.” Mu Yi nodded.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Mo Ruyan was filled with relief, but Nian Nuer was discontented. She had really been worried and didn’t appreciate not being told about the ruse. She was happy that he was not badly hurt and angry.

“I’m sure you’ve gained something from that battle. While there’s still time, let’s absorb it here to be sure.” 

It wouldn’t be difficult for Mu Yi to recover, but he couldn’t help but think of the rejuvenation charm. It was difficult to draw because of its large effect.

   The idea flashed in Mu Yi’s mind. Then, he found a place to sit down and took out the copper lamp and put it in front of him.

   Mo Ruyan and the others all sat around the copper lamp.

   When the copper lamp was ignited, the color of the flame had deepened because of the addition of the lamp oil. Hopefully, it would have a greater effect.

   Mu Yi closed his eyes first and settled down gradually. His mind and spirit gradually integrated with the copper lamp. The flame flickered gently with Mu Yi’s breath, but the strong wind couldn’t move him.

   Although the battle finished quickly, he had gained a lot, including the knowledge of the copper lamp’s magic breaking abilities.Without it, he would have lost.

   After all, Ghost Four’s magic had reached a peak level and his own mind and spirit had only been able to sense his magic’s presence and flaws.

   At the same time, the power of five thunders charm made Mu Yi feel pity. He only had one left. Unless he could enter the unity of heaven and man again, he couldn’t make another of the same power. He had to wait for another coincidence.

   The additional spiritual effet was the most impressive and useful part of the new five thunders charm. He hadn’t expected that the unique five thunders charm could be used in that way. Was that the next improvement direction of five thunders charm?

Leng Yu had asked him if he had practiced thunder techniques, but he didn’t answer, and Leng Yu showed a trace of disappointment. Apparently, thunder techniques were not as simple as he thought at the beginning.

   Maybe with more knowledge of the thunder techniques, the five thunders charm could attack the soul? In this way, the power of five thunders charm would definitely increase.

   It was a pity that time was limited, and the practice of thunder techniques was also very harsh and dangerous. Mu Yi didn’t plan to take risks before he was fully prepared. Thunder techniques were very powerful, but his life was more important.

   Mu Yi and Mo Ruyan digested the gains the obtained from the battle. She realized the gap between her and Mu Yi and, by extension, her and Qu Yang.Attacking him now would be like hitting a stone with an egg. She still needed to work hard.

She had decided to follow in Mu Yi’s footsteps because he had helped her breakthrough. Moreover, following Mu Yi could let her see more than if she went another way. 

   There was a big battle happening to night, so when she calmed down, she digested her fighting experience and recovered her strength.

   Nian Nuer’s harvest tonight was not so great, but she and Big Slave absorbed the power of the copper lamp, as time passed slowly.

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