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Chapter 249 Fight



Qi was invisible, but it also needed to be hidden.

This evening, Mu Yi had infused the Bamboo Tree of Life with his Qi, delivering a powerful blow. However, Mu Yi had known that he would barely be able to make it with his current strength. He had also expected that this technique could only be used as a trump card; otherwise, he would only be waiting to die after using it.

Mu Yi had consumed a lot tonight. All the five thunders Charms had been exhausted. Although there had been enough Evil Spirit Slaying Charms, they would have no effect in the face of the old monsters. Fortunately, the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm was still in his pocket.

With the increase of lamp oil, the copper lamp could be used at critical moments, so Mu Yi still had a chance to win in spite of the hazards ahead.

One hour later, Mu Yi opened his eyes. The gleam in his eyes vanished immediately. Then, he reverted to his ordinary appearance.

After waking up, Mu Yi found that Mo Ruyan was standing beside him, waiting. Since they were not injured, they had recovered faster. Moreover, it was not a good time for cultivation, so they had stopped practicing early.

“Brother, you finally woke up.” Seeing Mu Yi wake up, Nian Nuer was the first one to cry out. Although Mu Yi had said he was okay before, it had been hard for her to stop being worried without seeing it with her own eyes. That was why they had woken up early. Seeing Mu Yi breathing vigorously without any signs of weakness, they felt relieved.

“Well, let’s keep going. Don’t waste time.” The group continued towards Xian County.

Tonight was a sleepless night for many people. The stars above seemed to be particularly bright. Despite there being no specific time announced for the opening of King Xian’s tomb, people who were interested already knew about the opening. Some were even waiting around the tomb. It was impossible for Leng Yu to open the tomb secretly.

When Mu Yi and others finally arrived at Xian County, Mu Yi came across Mister Mo unexpectedly.

“Mister Mo, I didn’t expect you here,” Mu Yi said. He didn’t think it was a wise choice for Mister Mo to come here given his strength, but he did not say anything.

“I had to come; otherwise, who else would deliver this thing to you?” said Mister Mo as he threw a box to Mu Yi. Mu Yi opened it up only to find the jade seal inside, the very key to King Xian’s tomb. 

“This?” Mu Yi looked at Mister Mo doubtfully. The task of opening King Xian’s tomb had been assigned to him? He didn’t know anything about it. He had thought he would only need to follow others in, hide in the dark, and rob it. 

It was clear that they wanted him to attract everyone’s attention by opening the tomb. Even though he was a steady man, Mu Yi couldn’t help feeling angry.

“There are many traps in the tomb. Breaking in without this key will only lead to its self-destruction, so no one will act rashly before getting the key. It’s not convenient for her or me to reveal our identities, so we can only let you do it,” Mister Mo said.

“Oh, so you’ll let me stand out? I imagine the news that I have the key to King Xian’s tomb has already been spread, hasn’t it? “

“Yes, it was spread out by Qian Butong, as well as the news that King Xian’s tomb will be opened tonight.” Mister Mo understated.

Hearing Mister Mo’s words, Mu Yi smiled because Qian Butong was also involved. Tingyu Building or Leng Yu had schemed the whole thing. Qian Butong was just a chess piece.

Mu Yi couldn’t help but think about the news regarding Qian Butong a few days ago. It turned out to be intentionally delivered to him by Tingyu Building. Mu Yi had figured that was the case, so he was not surprised to hear it.

He had an agreement with Leng Yu. Since he had collected the reward first, there was nothing he could say. Even if he knew that the other party was taking advantage of him, he could only act according to her plan.

“Okay,” Mu Yi nodded.

Then, Mister Mo left with light steps after he told Mu Yi the specific location of King Xian’s tomb and the way to open it. Mu Yi put the seal away.

“Let’s go.” 

Soon, they arrived at the place that Mister Mo had described. This place abutted Xian County and was very easy to find. In addition to King Xian’s tomb, there were many other large tombs. It was a heaven for tomb robbers. Only King Xian’s tomb in the center had never been broken into successfully.

There had been many tomb robbers who hadn’t believed in evil spirits, but they had all ended up dying miserably. Rumors had spread over time, and no one had dared to break into King Xian’s tomb again from then on.

Most of the people who had gathered were experts from around the world. They had heard a rumor that the key to King Xian’s tomb had been found, and it would be opened in the near future.

Compared with the keys to the Yellow River’s ancient road, they were more concerned about King Xian’s tomb. The Yellow River’s ancient road was just a legend, so no one had ever entered it. Moreover, with the exception of the key Mu Yi had, the keys were in the hands of major people who they could not rob.

The tomb of King Xian was tangible, and it was well known that King Xian had collected numerous lost classics. As long as they got one, they would benefit greatly. Even though they knew that many old monsters would also come, they came in hopes to at least get a chance at whatever was left once they got what they wanted. 

The Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu was the greatest draw for them because it held the key to breaking through the second difficulty.

They knew that the imperial jade seal was in Mu Yi’s hand, so they took the easy route and waited for him to open it. It was a tacit agreement that no one would attack Mu Yi until after he had opened the tomb. None of them were fool enough to rush and risk offending the old monsters.

 Mu Yi also understood all this, but he had no choice.

Tonight was the 15th of the month, and the moon was extremely round. There were many people hiding around King Xian’s tomb, so when Mu Yi and his two peers arrived, they immediately attracted attention. Nian Nuer hid in the Bamboo Tree of Life.

According to Mister Mo, King Xian’s tomb was on the square platform, so it was easy to find.

The square platform was a high platform made of blue stones. It was called the square platform because of its boxy shape. Originally, it had been buried under the ground and unearthed by tomb robbers when they had tried to open the tomb when one of them triggered the trap and made the square platform rise from the ground.

At that time, it had also caused a sensation. Many people had come to explore, but the square platform was a defense mechanism. After many people’s lives had been sacrificed, people finally understood that unless they had got the key, they would not be able to open King Xian’s tomb.

Along the way, Mu Yi was also acutely aware of some breaths around him, and his brows were wrinkled. At first, he had thought that there would not be many people aware, but it seemed that he was wrong. The breaths he had perceived were at least a dozen in total, excluding those he couldn’t sense.

He had been screwed by Leng Yu again. There were definitely more people aware of King Xian’s tomb than he had thought. 

Mu Yi didn’t care. In his opinion, the more people, the better. In this way, he would not appear too conspicuous. Otherwise, he would be the only young one among a group of old monsters and likely be killed for standing out.

He was determined to obtain the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, not only because of his deal with Leng Yu but because of his own urgent need.

From Leng Yu, he deduced how hard it would be to break through the third difficulty. Otherwise, she would not choose to restart. Even so, she still had no absolute confidence. Mu Yi seemed to be far away from the peak of the second difficulty and didn’t need to worry about it, but if he missed this opportunity, it might cause him difficulty later.

Therefore, he had to prepare for the third difficulty in advance. Only by breaking through the third difficulty could he be entitled to know the secrets of that year. His only option was to fight for every opportunity he could. If he didn’t fight, they would be taken, and if he didn’t take them, he would never get another chance.

“Is this the square platform?”

Soon, the three of them came to a high platform made of bluestones, marked by time. Standing in front of it, they felt insignificant.

“Yes, this is the square platform. Boy, take out the imperial jade seal and open King Xian’s tomb,” Mo Ruyan couldn’t help muttering.

All of a sudden, a voice came out of nowhere.

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