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Chapter 250 four old monsters


   Hearing the voice coming from behind them, Mu Yi was not surprised, he had noticed people following them for a long time.

   Mu Yi turned around and saw an old man of fifty or sixty standing there with a smile and staring at him.

   This old man looked like an ordinary old man who lived in the countryside, but Mu Yi knew that he was a hidden old monster. His strength has already reached the level of returning to nature, far beyond Mu Yi’s level.

   Mu Yi was not unreasonable or arrogant. Otherwise, he could not live to the present. He could be cold and ruthless and had killed before, but if he acted arrogantly, he would be killed.

“An honor to meet you,” Mu Yi looked at the old man and gave a salute.

   Mo Ruyan followed Mu Yi’s lead. Although she could not see the depth of the old man in front of her, she believed in Mu Yi’s sight. 

“You are very sensible,” the old man looked at Mu Yi and touched his chin.

“Sensible, Qin Sanchao? This kid killed a lot of people. Compared with those demons, he is more like a devil in the world.” Another voice came from the other side.

“It’s a skill to kill people. I like him, Dong. What are you doing?” Qin Sanchao’s expression went cold.

   Mu Yi looked at the man. Compared with Qin Sanchao, he was tall, even taller than Mu Yi. Although he was not a young man, he had a firm face, red lips and white teeth. His Qi and blood were still at their peak. Nian Nuer could fight against the first-class experts, but if she fought against the old man, he could hurt Nian Nuer just by stimulating his Qi and blood.

   The strength of this man was also immeasurable, but compared with Qin Sanchao, they were different extremes. If Mu Yi didn’t read it wrong, one of them went from the inside to the outside and the others went from the outside to the inside to reach the same destination.

   The different roads created their differences and led them to quarrel in front of juniors like Mu Yi.

“Qin Sanchao, you appreciate him, but I can’t. You want to protect him, and I insist on killing him.” Dong Chuanjiang said with a strong evil spirit in his body as he charged Mu Yi.

   Seeing Dong Chuanjiang wanted to kill him because they did not reach an agreement, Mu Yi was angry. He revered him, but it didn’t mean he was afraid and ready to surrender.  Although it was against the plan, he didn’t need to pretend since others were bullying him.

   The evil spirit from Dong Chuanjiang showed that he was a murderer. Under the attack of the evil spirit, Mu Yi’s whole body bristled and froze in crisis.

“You want to kill in front of me? Dong, you are not qualified.” Just as Mu Yi was about to start, Qin Sanchao suddenly stepped in front of Mu Yi and blocked the attack. His hunched body straightened up, and his Qi was ready to fight. 

   Though he was much shorter, when locked in combat they looked extremely tall in Mu Yi’s eyes because they were on a similar level. Though it was just a conflict of Qi, it caused a lot of murderous and heavy feelings to fill the air.

“If you two want to fight, you can find a place to fight. We are still waiting for the tomb to open,” another voice said, separating the two Qis. Mu Yi faintly heard a sword chant and saw Dong Chuanjiang and Qin Sanchao’s Qis either retreat or separate. They calmed down and stopped their fight. 

   At this time, Mu Yi looked at the third person. He was dressed in a Taoist robe. His face was simple, with no expression. He had long gray and white hair. His age seemed to be in his 40s, but the vicissitudes in his eyes made him seem to be in his 70s or 80s and gave off a very strange feeling.

He carried a peach sword and a bell on his waist.

   Looking at the Taoist, Mu Yi felt as if he had met the natural enemy.

“He wants to kill me!”

   Although the Taoist didn’t show any killing intent, Mu Yi’s intuition told him that he was right.

‘Who is he? Did I provoke him? Is it because of the imperial jade seal or the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road?’ Mu Yi’s mind turned quickly and kept speculating. However, he could not understand why this man had such a strong intent to kill him.

“Ning Wuque, I already know that you’re hiding. What’s the matter? Can’t help it now?” Looking at the Taoist, Qin Sanchao’s words were full of disdain.

Dong Chuanjiang didn’t seem to have any good feelings for the Taoist either. With a cold snort, he turned his head to one side.

   On principle, the enemy of the enemy is a friend. According to the situation of these three people, there was clearly a gap between them.

   Mu Yi had never heard of Ning Wuque, likely because he was too lowly to know the people of the top level.

   The three of them gave Mu Yi a kind of unfathomable feeling. Originally, he had some confidence, but now, he knew that no matter how many final cards he had, he could not be the opponent of the three people.

   Did Leng Yu want him to die? 

Ning Wuque ignored the two people, “Boy, hand over the imperial jade seal and the key of Yellow River’s ancient road. I’ll spare your life.” 

“This little Taoist is a part of your Taoist family. You’re being very unreasonable,” Qin Sanchao said. For some reason, he had made up his mind to defend Mu Yi.

“What does Taoism have do with me?” Ning Wuque said coldly.

“Well, Ning Wuque, don’t embarrassed this little brother. After all, he has the imperial jade seal. We just need to open the tomb of King Xian.”

   From the dark, another old man in wide robes with big sleeves came out. When he appeared, there was a sudden silence around him. Even Qin Sanchao fell into silence.

He had to be the strongest of them all.

“Boy, take out the seal,” the old man said.

“Yes,” Mu Yi said. In the face of such an existence, he had no right to refuse. If he did, Ning Wuque would kill him immediately.

   When the imperial jade seal appeared in his hand, the four old monsters’ gasped as they stared at the seal.

The old man took a deep breath, “Okay, Okay. Please take the seal to the stage.” 

   Hearing the old man’s words, Mu Yi was shocked. He thought it would be okay to hand over the jade seal, but he didn’t expect that they wanted him to open it. He looked at the expressions of the Qin Sanchao and others. They seemed resigned as if they knew it would be like this for a long time.

   Mu Yi hesitated then thought that Leng Yu wanted him to open the tomb himself. The four old monsters in front of him knew that he would come here. 

“What? Don’t you want to? “The old man saw Mu Yi hesitated. His voice was colder and no one said anything.

“Yes, I will do it.” 

Mu Yi took a deep breath. He was furious. He was not only being taken advantage of by Leng Yu, but the four old monsters in front of him regarded him as the fish on the chopping board. They didn’t take his life seriously at all and would abandon him if he proved useless.

Did Mu Yi have any other choice?

   Therefore, he took a deep breath and looked at Mo Ruyan, silently telling her to take Big Slave away. He had planned to take two people into the tomb with him, but it was impossible.

 He could only hope that the four old monsters didn’t take Mo Ruyan seriously and it was only he would be in danger. Their presences were eye opening for him. 

   From downhill to Qingjiang mansion, he had traveled north and became complacent along the way. He couldn’t say that he was invincible, but he had looked down on the world’s heroes figuring that they had made similar journeys.

   Even in the face of Hell, he didn’t fear. He honed his skills and relied on his trump cards or being able to escape. He thought he could continue this way and continue to break through. He knew that Leng Yu might be using him, but he didn’t hesitate to take the deal. Tonight, he realized how ridiculous he used to be and how naive those ideas were.

   The four old monsters could kill him easily. Feelings of desperation rose for the first time in his life. Fortunately, his experience in the world had laid a deep foundation for him, and his mind was more steadfast than expected. He was in a desperate situation, but he wouldn’t give up.

He realized that the four old monsters only seemed to be in harmony. They actually contained each other, which gave Mu Yi hope to survive if he played the situation correctly. 

   Mu Yi’s thoughts suddenly turned, and his mind became clear. He walked slowly towards the square platform with the jade seal.

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