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Chapter 251 entering the tomb

   When Mu Yi walked towards the square platform with the jade seal, the old monsters watched him. If Mu Yi had turned around, he would have seen the tension in their eyes. It was an unusual expression for such powerful men. Obviously, the tomb of King Xian meant a great deal to them.

   As for Mo Ruyan, she was more concerned. Although she was not qualified to speak, she knew the old monsters had ill intentions. She understood Mu Yi’s request, but she wasn’t going to abandon him.

   From the time she decided to follow Mu Yi, she knew there would be danger, and it was not her character to abandon her friends. Similar to Mu Yi, she had few friends.

As he approached the square platform, he felt the seal in his hand changing and growing hot like a piece of jade, gradually blooming its charm.

   Finally, a beam of moonlight fell on the imperial jade seal, and the imperial jade seal shined brightly. Then, the square platform in front of him began to vibrate. The old monsters behind Mu Yi were delighted and stared at the imperial jade seal in Mu Yi’s hand.

One after another, runes rose from the square platform, connecting with each other until they  covered the whole square platform. 

   A muffled sound suddenly came from deep within the square platform, and the ground shook. Then, the seal in Mu Yi’s hand suddenly flew up and integrated into the array. At the same time, a door appeared, and the square platform also split, revealing a passage.

   Although Mu Yi had embarked on the path of cultivation and had seen various mysterious and strange things, it was the first time that he had seen something like this. His mind and spirit were inevitably shaken, and he stared in fascination.

   However, the old monsters behind him weren’t awed. After seeing the door and passage appear, they rushed forward at the same time.

   In a flash, Mu Yi felt that he was in the middle of the storm. His entire body was like a boat in the storm, which could be overturned at any time.

“Is this the second most difficult peak?” Mu Yi repressed his fear. The momentum was far beyond his imagination.

   Luckily, the momentum was not aimed at him. The four men were attempting to hinder each other as they entered the passage. 

  As he entered, Ning Wuque suddenly looked back and took a look at Mu Yi. Mu Yi froze. He saw the peach sword behind him.

   Then, a sword flew towards Mu Yi.


   He didn’t understand why Ning Wuque was so hostile towards him, but he didn’t give up. 

‘The second peak, so what?’ He wasn’t going to die there.

   Ning Wuque couldn’t waste too much time on him if he was going to keep up with the other three, so there was a chance that Mu Yi could make it out alive. 

   A burst of fire rose in his heart. The copper lamp vibrated and broke through his terror. Without thinking, he lifted the Bamboo Tree of Life and blocked the sword. 

   With a crash, Mu Yi’s body swayed and he took a step backward, but the shadow of the sword had been scattered.

“Gee!” Ning Wuque said.

   Mu Yi stood in the opening of the passage with a dark expression. Although he stopped the attack, Mu Yi couldn’t relax. It had been a casual attack and did not reflect his full strength. 

“Mu Yi, are you ok?” Mo Ruyan rushed to Mu Yi, looking at him with concern.

“I’m fine.” Mu Yi suppressed his anger and shook his head. As the four old monsters entered the passage, Mu Yi felt the Qi coming from the surrounding area.

“Let’s get out of the way first,” Mu Yi took Mo Ruyan and hid without saying a word. Big Slave followed him closely.

   Just after they hid, they saw a figure running quickly into the passage.The person wasn’t as strong as the four old monsters, but it was definitely enough to open the four life wheels.

   However, the figure did not take care of Mu Yi, he just wanted to enter the passage.

   Later, people entered the passage one after another, some of them looked at Mu Yi in surprise. Whether they were eager to enter the tomb or knew that Mu Yi was not easy to beat, no one fought with him.

  Soon, at least twenty people had entered the passage. The weakest of them were first-class experts in the second difficulty.

   The number surprised Mu Yi since there were so few people that powerful.

“Mu Yi, shall we go in?” Mo Ruyan asked after seeing that no one was entering.

“Sure, but you stay out here with Big Slave,” Mu Yi said. After seeing the strength of the second-level expert, Mu Yi didn’t want to let Mo Ruyan take risks. If he was alone, he might be able to escape with all kinds of cards, but if he took Mo Ruyan with him, they would be dead.

   Although unwilling to admit it, Mo Ruyan would only drag Mu Yi down.

  Mo Ruyan knew it as well, so she couldn’t help biting her lip after hearing Mu Yi’s words then nodded, “I’ll be here with Big Slave. You must be careful.”

“Okay,” Mu Yi nodded. “You should wait for me in the crooked neck tree that we passed by. You’d better hide yourselves and be ready to meet me at any time.”

Mo Ruyan nodded happily, then took Big Slave away.

   After Mo Ruyan left with Big Slave, Mu Yi did not enter the passage immediately, but looked at a certain place, “Not going in yet? Don’t you worry that the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu will be taken? “

   Leng Yu and Mo Lao came out of the hiding place.

   They came to him in a few steps. Leng Yu spoke, “How about you? You must know the strength of those old monsters.”

“No kidding,” Mu Yi’s voice was cold, and his tone was blunt. He was angry.

“It was not intentional. It was just to make you wake up. The world is bigger than you think. There are many people who are more powerful than you,” Leng Yu said lightly.

“Don’t worry. I’m awake, but don’t you worry?” Mu Yi countered.

“Worry? Why would I worry? Just a few old things. Besides, I believe in you,” Leng Yu said.

“Although I promised to help you get the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, I will only try my best. If it’s hopeless, don’t blame me for my powerlessness,” Mu Yi replied. 

“What a pity to die so young,” Leng Yu shook her head and entered the passage.

   Mo Lao spoke, “Don’t worry, she won’t stand by at the critical moment, but you must also pay attention to your safety.”

“I will,” Mu Yi nodded. As for how much he believed in Mo Lao’s words, only he knew.

“Well, I’m going in,” Mo Lao followed Leng Yu.

   It wasn’t until they disappeared in the passage that a trace of color appeared in Mu Yi’s eyes then he walked in.

   After Mu Yi entered, a Qian Butong appeared at the opening of the passage. covered with cold breath. There was a black mark on his face, like a centipede, that made him look ferocious.

“Mu Yi,” Qian Butong said quietly, but there was a chilling feeling in his words, full of resentment.


   Mu Yi didn’t know that there was a big enemy behind him. After entering the passage, he went forward. The passage became a set of steps then turned into a flat road. He followed it and then down another set of stairs. The pattern continued until Mu Yi was certain that he was ten feet beneath the ground.

   If the tomb collapsed, even the old monsters couldn’t escape death. No one considered it with any real seriousness. It would have required way too many explosives to collapse the tomb. 

   Mu Yi had been observing the passage. The passage was made of bluestones. They were very hard. He imagined that the tomb was very large.

   Finally, Mu Yi came to a large room with three passageways.

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