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Chapter 252 Three corpses


Mu Yi looked at the three passages in front of him. He hesitated for a moment because there were different names above the top of the tunnels.

The left one said “Life” and the right said “Death”, while the middle said “Fortune with misfortune”.

Mu Yi frowned. Judging from the traces on the ground, almost half of the people walked on the road of life, and not a few walked on the road of death. Only few people took the middle path.

All cultivators and experts in the world knew about the Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams, so they knew that the Life Gate represented how to live, so most people would choose this way. They also knew the Death Gate represented the how to die. However, it was possible that the person who set up this channel deliberately switched the two paths, making the path of life actually the path of death and vise versa.

Maybe based on this idea, some people chose this road. Regardless, the two paths were salient. As for the middle one, it seemed that it was composed of a balance of life and death, so the least number of people chose it because of that uncertainty.

Mu Yi was very clear that whether he could reach the destination or not depended on these three roads. It was no wonder that Leng Yu didn’t care. Maybe he had known this for a long time. As for these three roads, they were a test.

Without much hesitation, Mu Yi went to the middle channel. One of the key reasons for choosing this road was that there were fewer people on the road. In his opinion, these three roads could not all be doomed to death, nor could there be no danger at all. They all had to have different difficulties, so no matter which one he chose, as long as he had enough strength, he could definitely succeed.

Soon after he went in, Qian Butong arrived in the room. He stood and sniffed hard. Then, he entered the middle tunnel.

After Mu Yi entered the channel, he was trapped in darkness. Although it was dark before, this darkness felt different. Before, he could use the power of mind and spirit as his eyes and see clearer than if he used his eyes. 

In this passage, there were mists that hindered his mind power, and he still couldn’t see anything clearly with his eyes. He could only rely on his ears. Mu Yi quickly took out the copper lamp. He remembered that the copper lamp could help him see through illusions before, so there was a chance it would help him now. He lit it with the power of mind and spirit and the light of the copper lamp filled the tunnel.

It was strange that the mists which suppressed the power of mind and spirit dissipated slowly in the light of the copper lamp. Not only he could see things, but also his power of the mind and spirit were completely restored within its light. Beyond it was dark and misty.

Mu Yi looked at the ground. He was stunned because he didn’t see even one footprint along the way. Where had the other people gone?

Could they fly or had something erased their footprints?

Mu Yi looked back and clearly saw a line of footprints on the ground. This line of footprints belonged to him. If he could leave footprints, why didn’t the people who entered before him leave footprints?

It was a pity that Mu Yi could only see the area illuminated by the copper lamp’s light.

Although he was puzzled, Mu Yi continued to move forward. He wanted to see what the mystery of the tunnel was. If he could figure it out, he might get through it more easily. Even if he could not figure it out, he believed that he would have the chance to get out using the copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Mu Yi walked a little bit and gradually went deeper into the tunnel. In the darkness beyond the copper lamp’s light, scarlet flowed into his footprints until the footprints were filled. It looked like a bloody footprint.

Mu Yi walked on.


Mu Yi stopped at the vague sound of water dripping. Just when he thought it might be an illusion, the sound of water rang again. 


The sound seemed to come in front of him and was very close.

‘Water?’ The tunnel was underground. If there was water, it would not be out of the ordinary, but he quickly rejected this idea. The owner of the tomb could arrange the Zhen. Why would he build a leaking tomb? This passage was full of strange things. He had to be careful.

Finally, Mu Yi found the source of sound. In front of him, just within the scope of the copper lamp, a body was on the ground, headless. The ground was bloodstained. The sound was from the blood dripping from the body. It had been a while so the body was practically drained.

Mu Yi stood still. Although it had no head, he had judged that this man was one of the people who had entered before by the clothes on the corpse. 

“Who killed him?” By his count, there had only been four people to enter.

This man entered the passage long before him. Mu Yi saw no traces of a struggle on the body or around it. Besides the blood on the ground, there was no clue, not even a footprint.

The passage hadn’t been entered for many years, so there was a layer of dust on the ground. It was this layer of dust that gave him pause.

Mu Yi pondered for a while, but didn’t want to be wasteful just because the man had died. He opened his mouth and blew the flame. A cluster of flames fell on the body. The body suddenly burst into flames and burned to ashes.

Mu Yi stared at the corpse, but nothing happened.

“Eh, the lamp oil hasn’t increased?” 

Was it because the blood ran out? Mu Yi then shook his head. The corpses under the Iron Lion had been nearly bloodless, but they had yielded lamp oil.

Mu Yi could only blame this channel.

Without the corpse blocking the road, Mu Yi continued to move forward, and soon encountered another corpse. Rather than headless, it had been hung to death and its limbs had been cut off.

Seeing it, Mu Yi took a deep breath again, then opened his mouth and blew the flames. The flame immediately consumed the body, but there was still no increase in the lamp oil.

If the first body was excusable, then the second body was strange.

‘Will there be a third?’ Mu Yi wondered. He hadn’t faced any dangers, but the corpses worried him. He knew there had been three men before him, and now, two were dead.

So what about the other one?

Mu Yi had a feeling that he’d find the third corpse soon.

When Mu Yi walked ten feet, he found the head and limbs of a body, but nothing else. From the three corpses, the body parts for a new body had been taken.  

Mu Yi burned the head and limbs to give himself some peace since he wasn’t sure if the corpses would cause an issue for him later. There was a clue in all this.

He had the copper lamp which allowed him to see if anything approached him. The three dead likely didn’t have anything like it or the power of mind and spirit, so they were virtually blind. 

Something powerful and strange killed them and took parts of their bodies.

As for where and what for, Mu Yi had already guessed because he heard footsteps coming from within the tunnel.

“Da! Da!”

The sound was approaching slowly. Mu Yi held the Bamboo Tree of Life tightly and concentrated on the approaching enemy.


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