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Chapter 253 Killing weird corpse


“Da! Da!”

As the footsteps approached, Mu Yi finally saw a figure. It was red, naked and stiff. Looking at it closely, its head and limbs were sewn with thread, almost the way Mu Yi imagined.

Mu Yi felt a chill. Fortunately, when it came into the light of the copper lamp, it stopped moving, seemingly afraid of the copper lamp.

Mu Yi looked at the weird corpse, but he didn’t know why it made him feel odd. It seemed that it was alive and conscious. It was looking at him.

For the first time, Mu Yi met such a strange thing. If it wasn’t for the threatening feeling the corpse gave off, he would have stepped forward and destroyed it.

The corpse opened its mouth and made a strange sound. Then, it stared at Mu Yi, as if it would rush over in the next second.

Mu Yi looked at it and blew on the lamp’s flame. The flame went towards the corpse.

The corpse didn’t dodge the fire but swung at it with its fist.


The flame was destroyed and scattered into countless sparks at the corpse’s attack. The monster’s fist was a little black but there was no further injury.

Mu Yi felt the mysterious power in the channel move with the corpse as it attacked, or the corpse was just a medium, and the power in the channel had destroyed the flame.

Mu Yi felt the power and the corpse were vaguely alive.

After that, Mu Yi blew the flame again. Although it was bigger than the last time, it was still defeated by the corpse. After these two tests, the corpse seemed to understand the power of the copper lamp and began to walk towards Mu Yi unafraid.

Mu Yi watched the corpse carefully. When the corpse was ten meters away from Mu Yi, its Du suddenly accelerated. However, Mu Yi didn’t panic because he had prepared for it. He lifted the Bamboo Tree of Life with all his strength. The Bamboo Tree of Life shined.

This corpse was weird and seemed to have the strength of the three dead men. If Mu Yi held back, he would suffer.

Although the corpse was fast, Mu Yi struck it in the chest.


The chest of the corpse exploded, exposing its heart. However, the corpse seemed unaffected as it waved its hands towards Mu Yi.

Before the two hands got close, Mu Yi felt a chill, and his heart screamed in warning. He pushed more power into the copper lamp. The light of the copper lamp grew brighter, almost blinding, as the flames grew and swayed.

The corpse was indifferent to the Bamboo Tree of Life, but when the copper lamp emitted more light, it screamed and quickly retreated, leaving the area illuminated by the copper lamp.

Its face had been burned. 

Looking at the corpse, Mu Yi felt a headache coming on. Unless the Bamboo Tree of Life could destroy the corpse in one strike, it wouldn’t matter. Although the copper lamp had some effect, it was impossible to use it to burn the corpse at one time.

Unless Mu Yi activated the origin of the copper lamp or the Qi in his body to strike with all his strength, he could not kill the corpse. However, doing so would leave him defenseless.

The real murderer hadn’t appeared yet, and Mu Yi didn’t think that killing the corpse would give him safe passage. He thought there were definitely more dangers waiting for him later, so  he had to find another way or leave himself in a desperate situation. 

“Come on, I don’t believe I can’t kill you.” Mu Yi looked at the corpse. He had no other option but to fight it with the help of the copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life.

After all, the corpse was just a combination of three first-class experts. He had killed first-class experts up to the fourth level.

It was just a monstrous corpse equivalent to a first-class expert in the third level.

The corpse’s face was wriggling, as if something was going to climb out of it. It seemed ferocious.

Mu Yi felt that the corpse was breathing heavier, and the mysterious power in the channel was constantly entering its body. Seeing this, Mu Yi stopped hesitating. He had to stop it now. Otherwise, there was no telling how abnormal the corpse would become.

Mu Yi stepped forward and reached the limit of Du in an instant. He also used a Vajra Charm to strengthen his defense.


Mu Yi roared violently, and the Bamboo Tree of Life grew a little larger. The runes on it flickered, and they rushed towards the corpse with great force.


The corpse also roared and swung at the Bamboo Tree of Life.


A strong force met the Bamboo Tree of Life and made Mu Yi’s hand numb. He stumbled back as the corpse’s fist burst open revealing its white bones.

However, its body just shook a little. It was stronger than Mu Yi, but Mu Yi had the Bamboo Tree of Life, and the corpse could only rely on its own body. It hadn’t absorbed enough of the mysterious power in the passage, so its body had not yet become strong enough.

“Come again!”

Mu Yi swung the Bamboo Tree of Life again. Although the attack was not as fierce as before, it was as fast as lightning. The corpse didn’t react immediately, so that the Bamboo Tree of Life fell firmly on its head.


Unfortunately, the head of the corpse didn’t explode as easily as Mu Yi imagined. It flattened, and the eyes burst out. Something else spurted out of the ears and nose.

The corpse was angrier. Mu Yi felt something inside it was going to explode, but before that power fully came out, Mu Yi activated a meditation body charm.

This charm would not be useful in normal times because it needed to be pasted on the other’s body. In the past when Mu Yi faced first-class experts they dodged it easily, but the corpse had taken two direct blows and was frozen in the midst of unleashing the rest of its power. 

Mu Yi seized the opportunity and stuck the meditation body charm to the center of its head between its eyebrows.

The power that was about to explode in its body stopped suddenly, but Mu Yi felt the fast consumption of the meditation body charm. It would lose its effectiveness after a duration of Sanwuxi, but for Mu Yi, that was enough time.

Mu Yi took a deep breath, and the Qi in his body moved. But this time, Mu Yi only used one third of hi Qi in his arm. His arm swelled with pain as the Qi flowed into the Bamboo Tree of Life


As the Qi rushed into the Bamboo Tree of Life, its light grew more powerful and destructive.

The meditation body charm burst into ashes. The force within the corpse began to erupt again as Mu Yi struck its head again.


The head of the corpse split, and the Bamboo Tree of Life fell into the chest of the corpse. Its upper body was almost completely destroyed.

Mu Yi quickly retreated from the corpse because he felt that the power was out of control.

As expected, just after Mu Yi retreated, the corpse exploded, throwing flesh everywhere. Mu Yi also activated the copper lamp to block the corpse meat.

Aside from its footprints, nothing remained.

It was a good thing he seized the chance. If he had allowed the power to erupt without destroying the corpse, he would have been in trouble.

Mu Yi gasped for a few breaths, and the agitation in his body slowly vanished. Mu Yi regretted that his body was too weak to bear the usage of Qi. After the adventure of King Xian’s tomb, he would search for a way to strengthen his body.

Mu Yi used an exorcism charm on himself. Some black smoke came out of his body, but he didn’t know when it came in or how it got past the copper lamp. 

Seeing this, Mu Yi was more grateful, but he was also more afraid of this channel.

The unknown was the most terrible, so Mu Yi could not be careless. 

He continued through the passage, but the further he went in, the colder he felt as if he was in a cold world full of snow and ice.

The most bizarre thing was that he couldn’t stop this cold feeling and shivered.

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