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Chapter 254 Danger and Nature



His whole body was cold, and the passageway was too long. Aside from the strange corpse he met at the beginning, it seemed that he would not meet any more danger.

It was wishful thinking as he was now in danger of being frozen to death.

There had to be something wrong with him.

   “Since eyes and ears can deceive, can touch deceive as well? ”

He could check if he extinguished the copper lamp and use himself as bait to seduce the murderer out of the shadows, but it was too risky. He  knew nothing about the enemy and the passage was strange.

   Mu Yi didn’t know what the other two passages were like. It was possible that this passage was the safest, but it was also the most dangerous probably.

It was too late to turn back even if he wanted to. He’d looked into King Xian after hearing about the tomb, but the records about King Xian were too few. The only thing he knew for sure was that King Xian loved books.

   After the first emperor of Qin burned books and buried the literati in pits, no other ruler took his stance. On the surface, it only recorded that King Xian collected Confucian classics and the classics from various clans, but the facts were not clear. From the layout of the tomb, King Xian was not an ordinary person.

   Thus, his purpose for collecting all kinds of strange books and building such an elaborate tomb was easy. 

This was a test for succession.

   If this was the case, then this passage would have vitality surely because it was impossible for King Xian to make such a passage without life even if it had changed over time.

   Mu Yi didn’t care what King Xian’s original plan had been. Mu Yi only needed to get through the passage and get out of the unbearable cold as quickly as possible.

As his mind moved, the flame of the copper lamp became smaller and smaller, and it went out and the passage fell into darkness.

The cold around him increased exponentially and his body grew stiff.

Mu Yi had expected it and continued with his plan.

   Mu Yi’s body began to shake, but he stood still experiencing his body’s deception. When Mu Yi’s body was about to lose consciousness, he felt something approaching him. It seemed to stick in front of him, and it seemed to be everywhere.

   Mu Yi felt something licking his neck, raising goosebumps all over.

‘Not yet!’ Mu Yi comforted himself like self-hypnosis.

Based on the state of the three corpses and the strange corpse that attacked him, the chill was only an illusion. The passages were linked to somewhere else because the cold had only started rather than seizing him when he first entered.

  The murderer was in the dark and using these illusions to trap his prey. Mu Yi had to use it against him. He was very sure that the real murderer was near him, so he concentrated and waited for his chance to strike.

When Mu Yi felt a strange force drilling into his body, his mind and spirit poured into the deepest part of the copper lamp like a rolling river. At the same time, he also hooked into the origin of the copper lamp.

The copper lamp illuminated in his hand and inside him from the source of the copper lamp. 


   When the fire broke out from Mu Yi’s body, he heard a sharp voice full of pain. He felt the person’s panic in his mind.

Mu Yi could only clench his teeth to keep his mind and spirit steady. If he disconnected from the copper lamp, he would be dead. He wasn’t sure what the real murderer was, but it had to be similar to a ghost and without a body or the mysterious power in the passageway was its body. 

If it hadn’t entered Mu Yi’s body, Mu Yi would have never figured it out and had a chance to fight it. His body was burning. It was painful like being in the sea of fire. There were countless small flames burning in his body, fueled by his vitality.

He had used this technique against Qu Yang. He had controlled it to one arm, but the effect was similar. As the owner of the lamp, the flame didn’t harm him, but it drained him of strength. 

   If possible, Mu Yi would not like to use this method, but he had no other option at the moment. He only hoped that it wouldn’t take too long and he could conserve his strength,

   Just as Mu Yi was preparing for a last push, the Bamboo Tree of Life moved suddenly and pure life energy flowed into his body to fuel the fire, sparring his own vitality.

Mu Yi knew it was Nian Nuer helping him, but he had no time to thank her. Instead, he gathered all his mind and spirit to fight the strange thing as quickly as possible so Nian Nuer could conserve her strength.

The Bamboo Tree of Life had absorbed a lot of energy from the Cadaveric mushroom, but it was a drop in a bucket in relation to the energy needed to fuel this fire.

  The strange thing inside him thrashed in the fire and rolled towards Mu Yi’s spirit. Mu Yi could only bare it and face it to know how great it was. 

It was much larger than he imagined.

   Fortunately, although the idea was huge, it wasn’t very complex; otherwise, he would not have been able to persevere.

Despite his persistence, the fire did not diminish the power in the passageway, and his body began to change in the fire. Beyond his sight, the strange power was transformed by the fire and added to Mu Yi’s body. His body became stronger and stronger. In the deepest place, Mūlādhāra and Svādhiṣṭhāna absorbed the power quickly and grew exponentially.

The light of the two chakras grew brighter as they became thicker. Where Mu Yi’s chakras had been floating, they were now growing a solid foundation.

   Danger was often accompanied by opportunities. In this passageway, Mu Yi was bearing his creation.

   At a distance of no more than ten meters from Mu Yi, Qian Butong was resisting the power of the passageway. Around him, four black dragons circled. Because of them, he could persist for such a long time. However, if Mu Yi hadn’t acted, he wouldn’t have been able to hang on this long.

He was upset that he wasn’t blinded by hatred. He followed Mu Yi into this situation and ran into trouble. Unexpectedly, when he was about to give up, there was a sudden turnaround. As the strange power in the passageway subsided, he also woke up gradually. At the same time, he also found that he could see something vaguely further into the passageway that hadn’t been there. Whatever it was, it was changing the atmosphere rapidly.

   In a twinkling of an eye, he could see a few feet away and the thick threat also disappeared. Although he didn’t know why there was such a change, Qian Butong understood that the danger was gone for the time being.

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