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Chapter 255   Rebirth




  Qian Butong was happy that the crisis was over while Mu Yi was in the last moments of the battle.

   When the strange thing realized that it was trapped, it chose to die together.

It exploded and Mu Yi felt like his head had been hit by the sledgehammer. His mind went blank in the space of a moment.

Mu Yi was in the most dangerous position possible, caught between watching for external threats and the threat of self-explosion. He couldn’t fight them both at the same time. In the moment, a third-class expert could kill him. 

   Fortunately, there was still a long distance between Qian Butong and Mu Yi, and after the thing he had just gone through, he was very cautious. Although the strange power in the passageway was fading, he stood in place and waited, not wanting to move until it was completely gone.

   If he knew that just a dozen feet away from him, there was a man who he wished to eat him, he would have reconsidered it.

   Mu Yi didn’t know how much time passed. When he felt his consciousness coming back, there was no place in his body that didn’t hurt. He had become thin, emaciated, and there was a light golden color in his skin. His bones had taken on a jade color. He had achieved the legendary golden muscle and jade bone. The blood in his body became extremely viscous and shined brightly.

   If Mu Yi separated his fingers, he would be surprised to see that his blood fell like beads. This was only a part of the change. The biggest difference was the two chakras in his body. At the moment, the light was collected fully, and there was a sense of simplicity, as if eternity had already existed.

His spirit of the heart had more than doubled and become purer, without any confusion.

   Mu Yi realized the change of his body gradually. He felt like he was in a dream. The first thing he did after waking up was extinguish the copper lamp. Otherwise, no matter how strong his body became, it would turn into ashes. Going beyond the limit was as bad as falling short.

   Looking at the copper lamp, the lamp oil inside had been completely used up. The Bamboo Tree of Life was dim. He had consumed a lot of vitality, but he was relieved when he found that there was nothing wrong with Nian Nuer.

 Although his body became thin, he understood that his body was more than several times stronger than before. He had basically been reborn. His blood was tinged with almost unnoticeable silver.

   At the same time, Mu Yi had also seen the change of his chakras. His foundation wasn’t firm. Although he didn’t know what would happen after the repair of Leng Yu’s chakra, it was likely just like this.

 If he wanted to, he could open the chakra again, and there would be no trouble in the future.

   With Mu Yi’s character, he thought of doing it naturally. He decided to open the third chakra, mainly because those old monsters stimulated him and made him feel powerless. Although he was undergoing a transformation now and becoming more powerful than before, he still had little confidence in facing those old monsters.

If he wanted to enhance his strength, he could only open chakra. Although he opened three chakras, he still couldn’t compare with those old monsters, but he believed that with his own inside power, at least, he could protect himself and escape if he had to face them. Even if he did have to escape, the trip wouldn’t be in vain. Cultivating to the level he was at now would have taken years and been incredibly difficult.


Qian Butong made sure that the mysterious power in the passageway had disappeared completely and the threat was completely gone before continuing through the passageway in search of Mu Yi. 

   As soon as Qian Butong walked a few feet, he found the dead body hanging in the passageway. There were three dead bodies. Their deaths had clearly been miserable judging by the traces left. He also saw that Mu Yi sitting there.

He was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Mu Yi was sitting there with no breath, thin skin and protruding bones. His robe and the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand was the only reason he recognized Mu Yi.

  This discovery made Qian Butong very happy. He didn’t expect to meet Mu Yi so son or in such a condition. Even if he wasn’t on the edge of death, he was definitely injured.

“Mu Yi, you will die today.”

The black dragon around his body was almost ready to move. Although he guessed that Mu Yi would suffer heavy damage, he was not careless. He had learned from his past dealings, so he stopped moving a few feet before Mu Yi and sent a black dragon to fly towards Mu Yi.

Mu Yi woke up and surveyed his surroundings before opening the third chakra. As he opened his eyes, he saw the black dragon flying towards him. His power erupted like a volcano that had died countless years ago, much fiercer than before.

 The whole passageway was filled in an instant.

  Qian Butong couldn’t believe that Mu Yi woke up or the power bursting out of Mu Yi’s body. His heart skipped a beat. The huge and oppressive power of mind and spirit shocked him. He understood that he could not beat Mu Yi, even if he had four black dragons, which was equivalent to four first-class experts. He turned around and fled.

As he escaped, the three black dragons around him also rushed towards Mu Yi. Obviously, he planned to abandon the black dragons and protect himself. He could find another way to cultivate black dragons, but if he had no life, there was really nothing left.

   When Mu Yi saw Qian Butong, he was shocked. He didn’t expect that Qian Butong was coming, and had chosen the same passageway as him. However, he soon understood that Qian Butong had always been behind him obviously. If Qian Butong had come a little earlier, he would have been in trouble.

   Mu Yi looked at the black dragon, and there was no half change in his face. He just started the copper lamp with his mind. Then, the fire, like a cat that caught the scent of fish, leaped towards the black dragon. In a moment, the black dragon burst into flame. The flames seemed panicked, likely because the original source of the copper lamp was so depleted. After devouring the first black dragon, it continued to attack the other three black dragons, splitting into three separate fires and consuming them. 

  Qian Butong made up his mind and gave up four black dragons. He was a ruthless man who sacrificed his entire family to cultivate the black dragons again just to throw them away. He was cruel to everyone, including himself.

Mu Yi didn’t want to let him escape. Otherwise, who knew what trouble it would cause in the future, so he stood up. He took two steps to try and pursue him and collapsed. 

Mu Yi was very uncomfortable. His body was full of power. His entire body had changed. He was stronger than Big Slave but he couldn’t use it right now, like his brain couldn’t command his body.

   At a glance at his shriveled body, Mu Yi understood what was wrong. He thought about it, and the blood in his body flowed like a river, loud enough to be heard.

   A stream of blood rushed out, and Mu Yi’s body was like an inflated balloon, bulging up quickly. After a few breaths, his body returned to its original state.

  The fire devoured all the black dragons and returned to the copper lamp. A bit of lamp oil appeared in the chamber, so he could ignite it. Mu Yi felt that the copper lamp become brighter.

   However, it was too late. Qian Butong was long gone. If Mu Yi wanted to catch up with him, he would have to wait until he left the tomb of King Xian.

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