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Chapter 256 A Dead End of Qian Butong

  When Qian Butong left the tomb of King Xian, he ran away as if there was a god of death behind him. After the black dragons were consumed, his strength was also impaired. If an ordinary first-class expert attacked him, he would be defenseless.

   After Qian Butong ran for a while, he saw no sign of Mu Yi, so he was relieved even as his hatred grew.

“Mu Yi, you have thwarted me again and again. Now, you and I are deadly enemies,” Qian Butong said grimly with a wretched expression.

   Mo Ruyan hid behind a tree with Big Slave and waited for Mu Yi. When Qian Butong was approaching, he attracted Mo Ruyan’s attention. Mo Ruyan didn’t know Qian Butong, so she didn’t act rashly and observed him from her hiding place.

She didn’t expect to feel the breath of the copper lamp on Qian Butong. Looking at Qian Butong’s state and hearing his words, she was sure that he had a grudge against Mu Yi. Seeing his injuries, she knew she had a greater chance to defeat him as well even if he had escaped Mu Yi..

      Since he was Mu Yi’s enemy, there was no reason to let him go. In addition, there was Big Slave at her side. She believed that even if she couldn’t defeat him, she wouldn’t let him go easily.

Mo Ruyan rushed into battle with all her strength,

   When he saw a spear coming toward him, Qian Butong was stunned. But when he saw Mo Ruyan, he was furious. He knew her from looking into Mu Yi’s background.

He also panicked because he was no match for Mo Ruyan without his black dragon phage.

   Qian Butong tried to escape, but Mo Ruyan was very fast. Turning around would expose him to her attack, so he could only grit his teeth and block her attack.

   Mo Ruyan didn’t think she would succeed. She just wanted to distract him and let Big Slave follow up with his attack.

Big Slave leaped from behind the tree. Qian Butong suddenly bit the tip of his tongue without consideration and spat out blood. Quickly, he rushed towards Mo Ruyan.

   Mo Ruyan focused her power carefully. After a while, she threw the spear in her hands.


   Qian Butong collapsed on impact, and Mo Ruyan was stunned. He was too weak to even block the shot. When turned around and ran, she understood that he was weaker than she first imagined.

“Where are you going?” Mo Ruyan shouted, then half spun her body, and threw the spear.

 Qian Butong felt a crisis coming from behind. He almost didn’t think about it and threw himself on the ground. The spear flew over his head and plunged into the ground.

   Although Qian Butong dodged the shot, he was embarrassed. Mo Ruyan and Big Slave arrived.   

Looking at Mo Ruyan and Big Slave standing over him, he felt a sense of desperation. He had never imagined that he would sacrifice all of his relatives, fail to kill Mu Yi, be easily defeated and forced to flee only to be caught by Mu Yi’s companions. 

   His heart was filled with a strong reluctance and his eyes almost burst. His whole body shook beyond control.

“I am not resigned to it!”

   All the resentments of Qian Butong burst out, but a huge fist replied. Looking at the approaching and roaring fist, he had no doubt that once the fist fell, his head would be torn apart.

“Not resigned to it? Then give your body to me. “

   Just when Qian Butong thought he was going to die, he suddenly heard another voice in his mind. Qian Butong realized that he couldn’t move. A powerful thought burst out from his heart and soon occupied his body.

   Mo Ruyan looked at Qian Butong who froze and stood with a sneer on his face. Since he was the enemy, she didn’t allow him to escape. In Mo Ruyan’s opinion, he was at a dead end, but Qian Butong erupted with a powerful force, which made her tremble all over. She felt a deep-rooted terror as if she had met a natural enemy.

   Then, Qian Butong disappeared.


   Mo Ruyan called out. She moved aside quickly, but the threat was faster. A single finger rushed towards her, and she felt her death was imminent.

   Thinking of Mu Yi’s previous admonition, she activated the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. Then, a powerful force emerged from her body, which not only greatly increased her strength, but also significantly increased her reaction.

   The finger was still rushing towards her, but she was not helpless against it. She slapped it out of the air.


   Mo Ruyan shivered all over, and the body went backwards.


The voice was different than the voice she’d heard before as if the body had changed ownership. Big Slave had been knocked back and crashed on the ground.

   Seeing this, Mo Ruyan was anxious. Fortunately, the direction of her retreat was in direction of the spear, so she quickly grabbed the spear in her hand, and her vibe suddenly changed. Her black clothes fluttered in the wind and her expression was grave.

   Under the moon, she aimed at Qian Butong while Big Slave struggled to get up.

“Little girl, not bad, but I have something important to do. I’ll let you go first.” Qian Butong looked at Mo Ruyan, but  he felt superior, as if he could kill Mo Ruyan easily. He wasn’t the same man as before.

Mo Ruyan didn’t relax her vigilance, staring at him. The spear in her hand gradually began to vibrate as if it felt ready to fight.

Qian Butong finally showed a positive expression on his face, but that’s all.

“Hum, I will kill you.”

Mo Ruyan no longer hesitated, fired and ran toward Qian Butong.

“You indeed have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities,” Qian Butong said coldly, then slapped it out of the air with one hand. Mo Ruyan was frightened as she felt the power of the world around her seemed to move with his hand, oppressing her.

“This is the power to control the world?” An idea flashed in her mind, but before she could react, his hand collided with her spear.


  The spear in her hand almost flew away. However, her eyes were brighter because she saw him shaking. Although he stabilized immediately, it was enough to indicate many problems.

   On the other hand, Big Slave got up and ran towards the new Qian Butong, blinded with anger.

   If he had faced the Qian Butong from before, his attack would have been useful, but now, there was an old monster in Qian Butong’s body. Mo Ruyan used the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm but could not beat the monster. Big Slave’s attack would be useless.

Big Slave was sent flying away again, but Mo Ruyan did not idle. She lifted the spear.

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    Should it not be gun instead of spear? Since it has been established she wields a spear and 枪 traditionally refers to a spear.

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      Yes, we just went back and changed many chapters with this issue. Thank you for making us aware of the issue. Please tell us if there are such errors in the future too (Preferrably on the discord but we might catch a comment here too)!

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