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Chapter 258 Departure Nanming Li Fire



   Opening the third chakra, Mu Yi improved again. In this unfathomable world, he could at least protect himself.

   At the end of the passage, there were many people gathered, including the four old monsters. Although there were many dangers in the other two passages, they could handle everything with their strength.

In addition to the four old monsters was Leng Yu.

The five of them stood near each other in the center of the gathering. Aside from 

   In addition to these five people, there were eleven others. It seemed that many people had lost their lives in the other two passages.


Mister Mo was also among the eleven. He kept glancing back at the three passages. He had no doubt that Mu Yi could come out, but he had been uncertain which passage he chose. He figured that with Mu Yi’s strength, he could get through any of the passages.

    What really worried Mister Mo was the middle passage because no one had come out of it yet. Many people were grateful that they had not chosen the middle passage.

   Mister Mo felt instinctively that Mu Yi had chosen the middle passage.

   Before choosing, Leng Yu had told Mu Yi that the passage in the middle was actually the deadliest path because even with her strength, she was afraid of it. 

   King Xian might have been a powerful cultivator when he was alive, but since he had been dead for so many years, the passages had lost their intended functions as time passed. Regardless of the changes, the old monsters and Leng Yu were strong enough to get through without problem

   What really bothered them was how to open the final gate.

   Maybe King Xian intended to choose his successor through the passages. Otherwise, he would not have spent so much time constructing the tomb’s traps. He had clearly been prepared for his tomb to be robbed for the wealth of knowledge he’d gathered. 

Mister Mo hadn’t followed Mu Yi, but he hoped that Mu Yi wouldn’t choose the middle one. However, it seemed that he had.

Mister Mo looked at the five people in the center of the area. More accurately, he was looking at the big tripod in the center of the five people.

It was a big bronze ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and three legs. Its width was about two people wide, and it was half of a man tall.

   The tripod had a very important position in the history of China. It was involved in many historical events.

   It was not strange that the tripod was the last test, but it was this test that rendered the five masters helpless. In the tripod, there was a light blue flame, burning quietly.

   The blue flame had been burning before people came. Some even suspected that it had been burning for thousands of years, and it was not a common fire.

   The beautiful flame was likely fatal, so the five masters didn’t act rashly.

“Ning Wuque, don’t you think you are brilliant? Go ahead,” Qin Sanchao turned around and said.

“Hum.” Ning Wuque didn’t move.

“If I’m not wrong, this fire must be the Nanming Li Fire,” Xu Hai, the strongest among them, said.

   His name seemed ordinary. People knew it in the current world, but fifty years ago, he was extraordinarily famous and respectable.

“The Nanming Li Fire?” People around them became more gloomy. It was legendary and powerful. Even with their second peak strength, they dared not touch it because if they were not careful enough they would be consumed.

“The Nanming Li Fire is considered a rootless fire. It’s not easy to master it,” Qin Sanchao said. Holding his chin in his hand, his eyes stared at the fire.

“Master? I advise you not to daydream. Believe it or not, the Nanming Li Fire could burn you to ashes before you touched it,” Dong Chuanjiang sneered. 

“If you have the ability, you could come up and deal with it,” Qin Sanchao retorted.

“What do you think of it, Miss Leng?” Xu Hai suddenly looked at Leng Yu. Leng Yu’s identity might be a mystery to most people, but she couldn’t hide it from the old monsters. She had orchestrated a lot of the events. Otherwise, how could the jade seal have fallen into Qian Butong’s hands so that Mu Yi would have the chance to steal it?

Leng Yu knew the most about the tomb of everyone inside.

“Wait!” Leng Yu said coldly.

“Wait or what?” A few people didn’t understand. Could they wait for the Nanming Li Fire to extinguish itself?

   Some of the old monsters had extraordinary insight. They didn’t think Leng Yu was foolish.

“Someone is coming,” Leng Yu said these few words rarely.

   All of a sudden, Leng Yu looked at the middle passage, then Xu Hai, Ning Wuque, Qin Sanchao, and Dong Chuanjiang did as well. Although they were almost at the same level, they felt the strength of the person coming.

“This smell…” Qin Sanchao couldn’t help saying.

“Very strong,” Dong Chuanjiang said.

“I didn’t expect anyone to choose that passage,” Xu Hai smiled. He knew who Leng Yu was waiting for.

   Although they didn’t know why Leng Yu had such strong confidence Mu Yi, he had survived the middle passage. He had enough strength to be thought highly of by the old monsters.

Ning Wuque was expressionless and silent. He seemed to be used to this kind of silence.

   The words of the old monsters were specious and ambiguous, so the eleven people around them looked at the middle passage in confusion. They couldn’t feel the power, but a smile appeared on Mister Mo’s face.

   After some sound came out of the middle passage, the old monsters stopped talking and waited for the man to come out of the middle passage. They waited for a while, but no one came out. The energy became weak then disappeared suddenly. If they were not confident in themselves, they would have thought it was an illusion.

   However, the old monsters had been waiting for this moment for so many years. They were willing to wait a bit longer for the best outcome. Xu Hai looked at Leng Yu thoughtfully and seemed to have arrived at a conclusion.

   Finally, when the patience of the eleven people was gone, there was the soft sound of footsteps in the passage.

“Is there really someone coming out of that passage?”

“Who on earth has such great ability?”

A figure finally walked out of the passage wearing a robe and holding a bamboo stick in his hand.


They were stunned.

“It’s him.” Qin Sanchao’s eyes brightened.

   Dong Chuanjiang was also surprised. He never thought that Mu Yi would survive the middle passage.

   As for Ning Wuque, he was full of murderous intent, but there was a little more solemnity in his eyes.

   Xu Hai smiled.


Since the mysterious power in the passage was destroyed and his third chakra was open, Mu Yi walked out easily.

   What Mu Yi didn’t expect was that just after he came out, he would be noticed by so many people, especially by the four old monsters who still scared him.

Mu Yi calmed down, assured of his ability to defend himself.

“Boy, I shouldn’t have underestimated you before. Since you went through the passage, come here and join us quickly,” Qin Sanchao said. He had been very optimistic about Mu Yi before because of his rare achievements.

Although they didn’t know what Mu Yi had experienced, he couldn’t be underestimated because he survived the passage and had significantly increased his strength. The change made people wonder what he had encountered in the passage.

Dong Chuanjiang looked at Leng Yu and asked, “Miss Leng, do you think he can put out the Nanming Li Fire?”  He didn’t believe that Mu Yi could do it. After all, they were helpless. How could a young man do it?

   Dong Chuanjiang admitted that Mu Yi had great skills and was the peak of the younger generation, but only in the younger generation.

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