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Chapter 259 Fire



As soon as Dong Chuanjiang opened his mouth, people’s eyes fell on Leng Yu again. Although they were not a match for the old monsters, they could still get whatever they left behind such as the old rare books that were of little use to them.

“It’s not extinguishing, but taming,” Leng Yu looked at Mu Yi. Her words surprised the people around her. The old monsters were in shock. They knew how fierce Nanming Li Fire was. They couldn’t do anything about it, let alone a young man.

They didn’t think the young man could pull it off, even if he had extraordinary ability.

“Leng Yu, are you kidding?” Xu Hai asked.

“You’ll know soon.” Leng Yu turned her gaze at Mu Yi as she said.

Mu Yi was puzzled. He didn’t expect to draw so much attention when he came, but he understood that the people had some sort of issue and Leng Yu sold him out.

Mu Yi was used to it since Leng Yu did it so often, but he was curious about what the Nanming Li Fire was.

When he entered the chamber, the copper lamp changed. If he hadn’t suppressed it, the copper lamp would have alarmed others. 

‘The Nanming Li Fire must have some connection with the copper lamp.’

It was clear that was Leng Yu’s real purpose for making him come to King Xian’s tomb.

No wonder Mu Yi couldn’t figure it out before. With Leng Yu’s strength, she didn’t need him. He was useless against the old monsters. The goal had always been the Nanming Li Fire.

“I seem to have missed a good show,” Mu Yi suddenly said, looking at the giant tripod surrounded by several people.

“Boy, if you have a way to subdue the Nanming Li Fire, I promise no one will touch you,” Xu Hai said, looking at Mu Yi.

“Thank you very much.” In the face of a promise for protection, Mu Yi wouldn’t refuse. Ning Wuque was hostile towards him for some unknown reason. He would rather avoid facing the man in the future.

Still, he had to take care of the Nanming Li Fire first; otherwise, the deal was off the table.

A hint of unhappiness flashed through Ning Wuque’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Mu Yi saw a hidden and deeper killing intent. If there was a chance, Ning Wuque would certainly not let him go. Xu Hai’s guarantee didn’t mean much to Ning Wuque. Mu Yi looked at Leng Yu as she was behind all of this, and Mu Yi couldn’t guarantee that the copper lamp would be able to subdue Nanming Li Fire. What if something happened in the process?

In the face of the old monsters, Mu Yi wouldn’t be overcautious.

‘Nanming Li Fire is also called Vermilion Bird Fire. This is a great chance for you,’ Leng Yu’s voice appeared in Mu Yi’s mind.

Hearing Leng Yu’s words, Mu Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened. Nanming Li Fire, Vermilion Bird fire, copper lamp, and Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag: Mu Yi didn’t need to be smart to connect all these things together. It was likely that the Nanming Li Fire was something that the copper lamp couldn’t wait to swallow.

The saying went, “Everything has a vanquisher.” Maybe it would be a little bit tricky for the old monsters to handle Nanming Li Fire, but it would be much easier for Mu Yi.

Mu Yi went to the tripod, and everyone made way for him. Now they could see that Mu Yi was obviously related to Leng Yu. Even if they were jealous of Mu Yi, they couldn’t do anything in the tomb with Leng Yu and Xu Hai there.

While approaching the tripod, Mu Yi the fluctuation of the copper lamp grew more and more intense as if it wanted to break from his control. A strong desire suddenly rose in Mu Yi’s heart, like the feeling of starvation, from the copper lamp. 

Mu Yi was even more curious about the Nanming Li Fire in the giant tripod.

When Mu Yi arrived at the giant tripod, he saw the light blue flame burning in it. There was a loud noise in his mind, as if something had exploded. Then the copper lamp could not be suppressed any more and flew out of his cloth bag. When Mu Yi came to his senses, the copper lamp was floating in front of him and there was a change in the Nanming Li Fire like a flicker of fear.

“What treasure is this?” 

Everyone looked at the copper lamp. Many of them had heard of Mu Yi’s name and knew that Mu Yi had a powerful magic weapon. Seeing that the copper lamp could control the Nanming Li Fire, they were tempted.

“That’s it.” 

Xu Hai looked at the copper lamp in a trance then he gave Mu Yi a meaningful glance. He knew of the copper lamp and the old Taoist Priest.

Ning Wuque no longer covered up the killing intent in his eyes. Before the crowd came to their senses, he pointed his sword at Mu Yi.

“That’s enough.” Xu Hai frowned. He struck at Ning Wuque across the distance. It looked like a light that floated without any power, but Ning Wuque’s face suddenly changed. He withdrew his attack as his fingers were faintly stained with a layer of metallic luster.

With a slight sound, Ning Wuque drew back his fingers and put his hands behind his back. However, Mu Yi noticed that his fingers were trembling under his sleeve. He’d been hit.

Xu Hai did not attack again. It was obvious that he was the stronger of the two.

To others, the strike seemed powerless, but Mu Yi knew that Xu Hai and Ning Wuque’s powers were so great that they could invert power and disguise their attacks.  He felt it when they began to fight and knew that he wouldn’t have been able to take Xu Hai’s attack easily. He had a new understanding of the strength of the old monsters. No matter how careful he was, it would not be enough.

“Thank you for your help,” Mu Yi immediately thanked Xu Hai.

“You are welcome. After all, you’re my friend’s son, and I promised I’d protect you. Naturally, I would not allow others to bully you,” Xu Hai said lightly, as if he had done a trivial thing.

“Ning Lunatic, don’t you know he’s my man?” Leng Yu suddenly said.

“So what?” Ning Wuque didn’t lose his temper at Xu Hai, but it didn’t mean he had no temper.

“How dare you try to attack him!” Her right hand suddenly went up, but Ning Wuque’s expression changed. His peach wood sword shot out of its sheath on his back and cut like lightning.


Peach wood sword flew up again and a spark flashed at the same time. An embroidery needle had blocked the peach wood sword.

“You…” Ning Wuque hadn’t expected Leng Yu to make a direct move. She was furious. However, when he saw Leng Yu raise her hand again, he retreated immediately and stayed far away from Leng Yu.

“Coward,” Qin Sanchao sneered. 

Ning Wuque’s expression was uncertain for a while, but he didn’t continue to be angry. He understood his situation. In a short time, he had offended Xu Hai and Leng Yu. If he offended Qin Sanchao as well, he would get nothing from King Xian’s tomb.

If the three of them joined forces, he might not be able to leave alive either.

However, Dong Chuanjiang didn’t speak, but his eyes twinkled with ideas. 

Mu Yi didn’t expect that Leng Yu would suddenly defend him. Although it was only one move, Leng Yu’s strength still surprised him. She deserved to be an expert that had rebuilt the chakras. Mu Yi even thought that Leng Yu was much strong though they had about the same levels in terms of chakras.

No wonder she had the courage to compete with the old monsters.

“Well, now this young man can concentrate on subduing the Nanming Li Fire,” Xu Hai said. After he saw the copper lamp, he had no doubt. 

The other’s didn’t speak, staring at the copper lamp. Mu Yi could feel the eyes behind him, full of greed.

If it wasn’t for Xu Hai, or Leng Yu, they would have attacked him for it.

Mu Yi took a deep breath. A vision of a boundless sea of fire surfaced in his mind after he saw the Nanming Li Fire and the copper lamp flew out of his cloth bag.

Even if it was only a vision, Mu Yi felt the heat. It seemed that the fire had been burning forever. Until one day, the fire suddenly started raging across the sky.

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