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Chapter 260 Taming



Mu Yi was immersed in the vision. When the flames were boiling, a big bird of condensed fire suddenly sprang out of it.

The Vermilion Bird!

Although it was the first time he had even seen one, Mu Yi had a strong feeling that he was right.

The Vermilion Bird was like the king of the flames, spreading its wings of flames around it. The Vermilion Bird kept its head of golden flames high since its first appearance. Its eyes were sharp and full of dignity.


All of a sudden, the Vermilion Bird opened his mouth and called out. Then, the sea of flames became more violent as if the whole sea were about to be turned upside down.

While Mu Yi was confused, a flash of lightning suddenly fell from the sky and hit the Vermilion Bird.

The Vermilion Bird was knocked into the sea of flames, stirring up huge waves. A silver flash of lightning danced in the sea of flames, accompanied by the Vermilion Bird’s shrill screams.

Mu Yi was dazzled by the lightning. Although he could use five thunders charms, the lightning he summoned was not comparable with the lightning in front of him. It was more than a thousand times stronger.

When Mu Yi thought that Vermilion Bird was doomed, he heard a cry again, and the sea of flames exploded and flames rolled up towards the sky. In the center, the huge Vermilion Bird struggled.


Another flash of lightning fell, and once again, it smashed the Vermilion Bird down. The lightning was stronger than the bolt before.

Soon, Mu Yi saw the Vermilion Bird rushing toward the sky again. He didn’t know why it kept trying. Time and time again, it was beaten back, and the scale of the sea of flames was shrinking.

Finally, the Vermilion Bird was beaten, and the sea of flames disappeared and was replaced by dark land. There was a big eye in the sky watching the Vermilion Bird. Whenever it tried to spring into the sky, there was a flash of lightning.

The flames covering the Vermilion Bird grew dim. Its wings were almost broken. Even the golden flames of its head were flickering as if it would go out at any time, but the Vermilion Bird didn’t give up. It summoned all its strength to sprint towards the sky again and was struck by lightning again. Its wings broke and its body shrank.

As the flames on its body gradually went out, its body was gradually revealed. It seemed covered with bruises and blood dripped from its body. It seemed unaware of its injuries. Although its wings were broken, it still held its head high and looked up at the sky.

Although the Vermilion Bird couldn’t fly, Mu Yi knew that it hadn’t given up because its eyes were still steady.

Slowly, the flames that still burned began to change. The flames first turned transparent then slowly turned blue.

“The Nanming Li Fire,” Mu Yi was shocked.

Compared to the Vermilion Bird, the Nanming Li Fire in the tripod was only a drop in the ocean.

Mu Yi couldn’t help wondering that since the Nanming Li Fire could make the old monsters feel helpless, how strong was the Vermilion Bird? Was it equivalent to the existence of the third difficulty? Or even stronger?

Vaguely, Mu Yi felt that he had seen a moment in history.

When the Vermilion Bird was covered by the Nanming Li Fire, he finally flew up again. To be more precise, it sprang up. In spite of its broken wings, it soared into the sky.

The Vermilion Bird’s action seemed to have infuriated the existence in the sky. The entire sky suddenly darkened. Then, there was a super-loud stroke of thunder and a bolt of lightning as if it were breaking a mountain. The dazzling silver light completely illuminated the world.

Mu Yi closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, the world had recovered, but he did not see the Vermilion Bird. Sadness filled Mu Yi. He knew that the Vermilion Bird was dead. Mu Yi could not understand why the Vermillion Bird had persisted.

A gust of wind blew, and Mu Yi found himself where the Vermilion Bird had been seriously injured. There was a flame burning quietly now.

“This is the fire left by the Vermilion Bird?” Looking at the fire, Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking.

The vision stopped abruptly. Mu Yi was in a trance. He looked at the fire in the tripod again. Now, he could be 100% sure that the Nanming Li Fire was left by the Vermilion Bird. No wonder it could burn eternally and even the old monsters were helpless in face of it.

Mu Yi’s eyes became eager. He was sure that the copper lamp was at most a semi-remnant magic weapon after the severe damage it sustained. The kindling of the Nanming Li Fire gave Mu Yi hope.

“Swallow it.” Almost instantly, Mu Yi had made a decision.

He glanced at Leng Yu. His suspicion about his role in the tomb seemed correct. The Ear Group had been pervasive in those days, so they could have already known what was in the tomb. When Mu Yi looked at Leng Yu, she looked at him. Although there were no words, her eyes explained everything.

“Boy, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take the Nanming Li Fire,” said Qin Sanchao impatiently. At the same time, he stared at the copper lamp with his face full of pity.

Mu Yi also set his eyes on the copper lamp floating above the big tripod. The Nanming Li Fire in the tripod seemed to feel the crisis it was in and gradually became unstable.

Mu Yi remained unmoved and began to inspire the copper lamp. The copper obeyed and fed Mu Yi its strong desire to devour the Nanming Li Fire and its fear.

It was easy to understand the fear. The flame in the tripod was not the ordinary flame of the Nanming Li Fire but the kindling and was endless like all kindling.

Although the copper lamp was a magic weapon, it had been damaged and was far from being fully recovered now. It would be like a snake trying to eat an elephant for it to devour the Nanming Li Fire.

However, with the passage of time, the Nanming Li Fire had been getting weaker and weaker. It wasn’t the same flame it had been in the vision. With Mu Yi’s help, the copper lamp could succeed.

With the change in Mu Yi’s mind, the copper lamp suddenly began to shine brightly. The patterns on the base of it lit up one by one. In an instant, the copper lamp took off its prosaic disguise.

Under Mu Yi’s control, the copper lamp slowly sank into the tripod.  All of a sudden, the Nanming Li Fire became furious. The flame enveloped the copper lantern.

“Hum!” Mu Yi snorted. Something in his mind was torn apart. The pain hit him like a tide.


In the Nanming Li Fire, the copper lamp seemed to have given in. However, when Mu Yi was suffering, the patterns on the base of the copper lamp began slowly increasing. Although the Nanming Li Fire seemed to have gained the upper hand, the copper lamp was devouring the fire and repairing itself bit by bit.

Mu Yi believed with enough time, the copper lamp would suppress the Nanming Li Fire and devour it, but in this process, Mu Yi would continue to suffer.

The intense pain was no lesser than the pain of being burned in the passage. Instead of a physical pain, this pain was in his soul.

The origin of the copper lamp had already been marked by Mu Yi, making him its master. They were bound to one another, so if Mu Yi could bear the pain, he and the copper lamp would benefit greatly.

If not, his soul would be severely damaged and the copper lamp would be even more damaged. Mu Yi couldn’t bear this kind of consequence.

Fortunately, through the practice of magic figures, his power of mind and spirit were far purer and more powerful than ordinary people and his soul was strong enough that he could endure for a while yet.

It all depended on who would break down first.

When Mu Yi was locked in the battle with the Nanming Li Fire, Leng Yu took two steps forward quietly. Although she didn’t speak, everyone knew her intention. Even Ning Wuque in the distance didn’t make a rash move.

After all, he would offend everyone if he dared to attack Mu Yi now. Unless he wanted to get himself killed, he would not interrupt Mu Yi.

Even he had a faint expectation that Mu Yi would soon tame the Nanming Li Fire. It was the only way they could break through the final difficulty and get the treasure of the tomb.

With his current strength, he could do whatever he wanted, but the temptation to break through was obviously greater.

Time passed by bit by bit, but the people no one grew impatient. They all focused on Mu Yi, realizing that they couldn’t disturb him at this critical moment.

Seeing Leng Yu protecting Mu Yi, people felt envious. After he devoured the Nanming Li Fire, Mu Yi’s strength would definitely increase again. At that time, it would be more difficult to kill him, seize his copper lamp, and the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road.

In this world, the strong were the most respected. At present, the old monsters occupied the best positions. Even when King Xian’s tomb was opened, the top treasures would be theirs by right. This was the rule of the world and the rule of survival.

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