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Chapter 261 Opening the Gate



Mu Yi grit his teeth through the waves of pain and began to lose consciousness. Mu Yi didn’t notice that his mind and spirit were becoming more refined and his soul was also becoming stronger. If he had known it wouldn’t have made the pain easier to bear.

Fortunately, the copper lamp was becoming more and more powerful as it continued to devour the Nanming Li Fire. The patterns grew to occupy 80% of the lamp’s base, and the copper appearance gained a mysterious luster. The flame had become blue inside and yellow outside. 

After devouring the Nanming Li Fire, he wouldn’t have to worry about lamp oil any longer, and it would be much stronger.

Finally, just as Mu Yi was about to break down, the patterns on the base filled the base, leaving only small blank spots in between the patterns, and the copper lamp devoured the Nanming Li Fire. In the big tripod, only the burning copper lamp with light blue flames remained.

All of a sudden, a dull, rattling sound came out of the big tripod. The sound reached the bottom of everyone’s hearts and pulled Mu Yi from his near coma. He felt as if he had been filled with wisdom and understood everything.

When Mu Yi closed his eyes, no one noticed a flicker of blue flame in his eyes.

The copper lamp came back to Mu Yi’s hand and the flame went out. The copper lamp was cold in his hand and he felt as if his flesh and blood had reconnected. It was a feeling he only felt when holding the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Although it was not clear how the copper lamp had changed, Mu Yi was excited. Just after inspiring his mind power, he had felt how much his mind power had increased and refined.

His temples kept throbbing as if his brain was swelling because he hadn’t adapted to the changes.

Things changed again before Mu Yi could carefully assess the changes in his soul.

The sound of the tripod was a signal, and the mausoleum also began to shake.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

Suddenly, the opposite wall slowly cracked, and a door opened.

The four old monsters and Leng Yu rushed to the door. Dong Chuanjiang was the first because he was the closest, followed by Qin Sanchao, then Xu Hai and Leng Yu. Ning Wuque was the last as he was the farthest.

 Originally, Mu Yi had thought that Ning Wuque would not miss this opportunity to kill him, but unexpectedly, he didn’t pay attention to Mu Yi, so focused on his goal.

Eight people followed them and the remaining three surrounded Mu Yi.

“Give me that lamp, boy,” said the middle-aged man staring at Mu Yi.

“And the stick,” said the other.

“And the key to the ancient Yellow River Road,” added the third person.

Given the expressions of these three people, they were afraid, but that was overshadowed by their greed. They knew that if they went through the door, there wouldn’t be much left for them ater the old monsters and Leng Yu claimed their share of the treasure, but Mu Yi had three treasures. 

They wouldn’t leave the tomb completely empty-handed. Mu Yi had just tamed the Nanming Li Fire, so it was highly likely that he was exhausted. Though he had proven his strength and were under Xu Hai and Leng Yu’s protection, they were willing to risk it for seemingly easy prey.

As long as they killed him quickly and escaped with their treasures, no one be able to find them. They would hide for a few years and come out again when their strength was greatly improved.

“You?” Mu Yi sneered. 

Among the three, the most powerful one was the middle-aged man coveting the copper lamp whose strength should be of the third-grade of the first class. As for the other two, they were both of the second-grade of the first class. They weren’t weak, but they were nothing compared to his own genius, let alone the old monsters. 

Mu Yi had already stepped into the sixth-grade in the passage. Now with the increase of soul strength and the Nanming Li Fire, even if he had not reached the seventh grade, it was not far away.

How could he be afraid of one in the third rank and two in the second rank?

“You’ll be killed.” Hearing Mu Yi’s taunt, the middle-aged man burst into rage, but he did not attack. He was angry on the surface to distract Mu Yi and quietly winked at the other two people.

One of the men began to sneak behind him. When the man started, the middle-aged man and the other man also began to move. The three men obviously had worked together before, and they intended to kill Mu Yi.

Although Mu Yi couldn’t see the man behind him, he could envision the man’s actions using his stronger soul power. He whipped the Bamboo Tree of Life backward. Mu Yi’s action seemed very gentle as if he was just driving away flies. However, the man’s expression became one of pure panic.

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