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Chapter 262 A Glance


   With a crisp sound, the man’s weapon was smashed.Then the Bamboo Tree of Life hit him in the head and retracted quickly.

“Got one!”

   Mu Yi mused then looked at the middle-aged man. His expression was calm.

   He stepped gently to the left, and the Bamboo Tree of Life tried to hit the other man at its convenience. The person reacted quickly and moved backward, not wanting to suffer the first man’s fate.

   However, the Bamboo Tree of Life only seemed to move slow enough to be evaded. It hit him squarely as if it had eyes despite his attempt to dodge.

“Got two.”

The middle-aged man finally stood in front of him. It was too late for Mu Yi to retract the Bamboo Tree of Life. He glanced at the middle-aged man and a flash of heat passed like an illusion.

A light blue flame flickered in his eyes and the man froze.

“Got three.” Mu Yi retracted the Bamboo Tree of Life  and went through the open door.

Two of them lay bleeding from their heads and not breathing. The middle-aged man was covered in a light blue flame that consumed him a moment later.


   Mu Yi entered the door and reflected on the feeling. He thought it was just a thought, but it made him understand the magical effect of the Nanming Li Fire.

   Although the tinder of the Nanming Li Fire was devoured by the copper lamp, Mu Yi’s soul suffered from the pain of being burned and was tainted with some characteristics of the Nanming Li Fire.

   Mu Yi wasn’t sure if the changes were just from the copper lamp consuming the tinder of the Nanming Li Fire or if it was from burning the mysterious power in the passage. Regardless, the changes would be a great asset in the future.

   The soul belonged to Yin, but the Mu Yi’s soul was stained with characters of fire, Yang, after being burnt, so he could control the fire with his soul power.

   However, this kind of attack also consumed Mu Yi’s strength quickly. Although he just glanced at the man,  it had cost him a great deal. He estimated that he could attack with this power at most two or three times in a row.

It wasn’t a real weapon against the old monsters, but it could catch them by surprise at a critical moment.

   Mu Yi passed through the gate, but when he saw the scene, he was stunned. The scene in front of him was quite different from what he imagined.  Mu Yi thought behind the gate should be the tomb of Xian Wang, but it was a huge cave. He didn’t know how King Xian found such a place.

   There were hundreds of night pearls inlaid in the ceiling, brilliantly illuminating the cae. There was a pool near the center and a golden coffin on the stone platform in the middle.

   Xu Hai blocked Qin Sanchaoand Dong Chuanjiang. Their battle caused little disturbance because they were controlling themselves. Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang pretended to be falling foul of each other but actually they already joined hands.

Leng Yu and Ning Wuque were fighting as were the other eight people. Even Mister Mo was fighting. When Mu Yi saw the things in the stone nests around the cave, he immediately understood why they were fighting.

The stone nests which were specially chiseled out to hold books.

   Mu Yi was not sure where the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu was, but he didn’t think it was in those stone nests. Otherwise, Leng Yu and others wouldn’t be fighting, so Mu Yi turned to the golden coffin in the pool.

   Before Mu Yi could get close, Qin Sanchao shouted, “Boy, you can’t come here. Go away.”

He and Dong Chuanjiang could only be matched by Xu Hai. Everyone else was holding each other back leaving Mu Yi with a chance to approach.

‘Is that what she expected?’ Mu Yi looked at Leng Yu and saw that there was no change in her, confirming his guess.

The others dared not to approach for fear of the aftershocks of the old monsters’ fighting.

   Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to Qin Sanchao, confident that he could resist if he needed to and that the man wouldn’t be able to get to him.

   Seeing that Mu Yi ignored him, there was a flash of anger in his eyes. It seemed that the warm feelings that he held for Mu Yi were gone in the face of not achieving his goal.

The three men stopped fighting and rushed towards him. 

‘I knew you would,’ Mu Yi thought with a sneer. 

“Don’t be surprised, senior. I’m just curious. I don’t wish to offend you.” Mu Yi said and quickly retreated. He wanted to open the golden coffin, but was the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu really in it?

If it was, they would kill him. Faced with the four old monsters, even with Leng Yu’s help, he would never get away. What’s more, would Leng Yu really save him?

   Mu Yi had doubted it.

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