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Chapter 263 the Three-Footed Golden Toad



   Seeing Mu Yi leave the pool, the old monsters scorned him. They knew what he thought of the situation and wasn’t going to let him take advantage of the stalemate.

   Mu Yi went to a stone nest in the wall. Although some people wanted to stop him, Mu Yi easily beat them back. Others took note that the three that had remained behind her dead and decided not to bother. There was also more than one stone nest, so everyone could get at least two to themselves.

Mu Yi reached out to take a jade box from the stone nest.

   After thousands of years, the jade box was still in very good condition. Mu Yi knew that the jade box couldn’t be opened easily or the things inside could be easily destroyed, so he figured he would have to wait to open it.

 The old monsters were only interested in the golden coffin, so taking the jade box wouldn’t offend him and might be helpful to him.

Though he had improved his cultivation, Mu Yi was still ignorant of many things, so his first-class sixth-grade strength seemed to pale in comparison to cultivators with more knowledge, not to mention compared with those old monsters.

He was not willing to give up the chance to learn more.

   The jade box was one-foot long, half a foot wide and only three fingers thick. It could fit into the cloth bag tied at his waist. However, his cloth bag can hold two or three jade boxes at most. There were at least twenty in the stone nests. He would have to figure out a way to take the others.

Mu Yi moved forward to the next stone nest. There were two first-class experts fighting in the stone nest. Seeing Mu Yi coming, their expressions suddenly changed. They attacked Mu Yi.

The Bamboo Tree of Life flashed, and the other two figures flew out of the stone nest, shocking everyone. People speculated he was very strong, but not strong enough to knock out two famous, first class, third grade experts with one strike. The two of them were the strongest of the eight experts fighting near the stone nests. Combined, they could have faced a fourth-grade first class expert easily.

  Was Mu Yi at the fourth grade? Maybe at the fifth grade?

The revelation made them change their minds.    Although Mu Yi had recently gained fame, many people still looked down upon him. In their eyes, Mu Yi was beneath them. They figured that if Leng Yu didn’t go protect him, he would have been killed by the three who had remained behind. They hadn’t believed that Mu Yi had killed them until now.

When Mu Yi took a jade box in the second stone nest, the rest of the people almost agreed to a truce. They each chose a stone nest and quickly took the jade boxes inside.

When Mu Yi went to the third stone nest, the remaining jade boxes had already been taken.   Mu Yi looked at Mister Mo and saw that he also seized two jade boxes. Then, he stood on one side and smiled at him.  Mister Mo thought it was not bad that he could grab two jade boxes.

Mu Yi took three jade boxes, but he was still not satisfied. He wanted more.

Mu Yi cast his eyes on a man who was about forty years old as he grabbed two jade boxes. When he felt that Mu Yi was staring at him, he grew nervous.

“You want to break the rules?” The man disdainfully asked before Mu Yi attacked him.

“Rules?” Mu Yi was stunned and confused.

“According to the agreement, one can keep the things in the tomb of King Xian as long as he grabs them. No one is supposed to rob anyone else.”

It made no sense given that they had just been fighting for the jade boxes.

“It’s your rule. What’s it to do with me?” Mu Yi shook his head. He didn’t want to give up. After all, this opportunity was rare. According to the Law of the Jungle, no one would pretend to be merciful.

Seeing that Mu Yi didn’t buy it, the man spoke again, “Do you want to be against all of us?”  

Mu Yi looked around again, and the remaining six people looked at him with the same hatred.  Mister Mo was poker-faced.

  Mu Yi weighed whether he wanted to take a few at the risk of offending everyone, but suddenly, there was an unusual action on the other side of the cave.

The still pool suddenly vibrated, as if something was going to come from under the water. The five people who were fighting also stopped at the same time, each occupying a position and closely watching the pool.


   All of a sudden, there was a sound in the pool, then a shadow came out of the pool and went to Ning Wuque, the nearest person to the pool.

“You will die.”

   Ning Wuque was depressed since Leng Yu stopped him from achieving his goals. But suddenly monsters appeared in the water and made him their target. Did it look down upon him.?

   The peach wood sword came out of the sheath on him back with his indignation and quickly cut towards the shadow like lightning.


   With a loud noise, Ning Wuque was shocked out of his anger. The peach wood sword flew backwards from the attack of the dark shadow.

   The expressions of the old monsters around changed at the same time. Although they couldn’t deal with Ning Wuque, they still had a good understanding of Ning Wuque’s strength.  The shadow had to be powerful.

    Ning Wuque was stunned, but he grasped the peach wood sword with a flick of his body. His Taoist robe swirled. He held the sword in his right hand, and his expression was dignified. He swung hard at the shadow rolling towards him.


   Mu Yi focused on Ning Wugui’s attack. He didn’t care about the things in the pool, but wanted to take the opportunity to learn Ning Wuque’s real strength. He realized all his strength, he knew that he underestimated  the man.

   That kind of Qi Ji was powerful. There were circles of ripples around the sword. Mu Yi felt that the power of the surrounding heaven and earth moved with it. 

   Mu Yi knew how dreadful the power of heaven and earth was. Even if a person was strong, it was limited. In fact, the process of opening the chakras in the second difficulty only opened the body’s power. When it couldn’t move forward, it needed to open the bridge of heaven and earth, with the help of the power of heaven and earth, which was also the so-called third difficulty.

  Ning Wuque failed to reach the third difficulty, but he could draw support from the power of heaven and earth. Given Mu Yi’s interaction with the heaven and earth, Ning Wuque’s sword alone would not be enough to hurt Mu Yi seriously.


   There was another loud noise, and Ning Wuque stepped back, but the shadow in the pool also went back.


   Before everyone could figure out what was going on, there was a sound from the pool again. Then the pool burst, and a huge shadow came out of it and landed on the golden coffin.

   The golden coffin was more than twice the size of the normal coffin, but when the black shadow fell on it, it suddenly appeared tiny.

  Everyone recognized the monster.

“A Three-Footed Golden Toad?”

   Although people had expected it when they heard the sound, they couldn’t believe it. The Three-Footed Golden Toad was a big millstone. It was totally dark with fist-sized bags and two fist-sized eyes that looked coldly at the people.

   As soon as the Three-Footed Golden Toad came out, even the old monsters and Leng Yu were at a disadvantage,  but they had to kill it if they wanted to open the golden coffin.

   The old monsters and Leng Yu looked at each other and reached a tacit agreement. The five attacked the Three-Footed Golden Toad at the same time.

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