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Chapter 264 Three Treasure Lamps



The Three-Footed Crow was of the sun, and the Three-Footed Toad was of the moon. The legendary Three-Footed Golden Toad sat on the golden coffin.

   No one knew that there would be such monsters in the tomb.  The Three-Footed Golden Toad was rare and precious.

   The five people were of practically equal strength.

  Mu Yi had just opened his third chakra. When he opened his fifth or sixth chakra he might be able to stand on even ground with them. For now, he could only spectate.


   The Three-Footed Golden Toad quacked again, then its body expanded rapidly, and a horrid scent came out.

As the five saw its body shrinking suddenly, Xu Hai shouted, “Back!”

A third of the bulges on the Three-Footed Golden Toad burst, and a dense fog spread from them with a hissing sound.


   When the five people backed up, the Three-Footed Golden Toad attacked Leng Yu with its tongue since she looked worse off than others.

   Leng Yu saw the Three-Footed Golden Toad aiming at her and flicked a thin needle at the tongue.


   With a slight sound, the thin needle bounced away. Leng Yu was surprised. She didn’t think that the tongue was as firm as iron. However, with the aid of the thin needle, she retreated calmly. The dense fog from the Three-Footed Golden Toad covered the whole pool, forming a segregated area.

Qin Sanchao looked at Xu Hai and asked, “Mister Xu, what else can we do now?” 

Xu Hai was the oldest and the strongest among them. They retreated with neutral expressions. They could not get close to the dense fog easily, but the distance was too far to threaten the Three-Footed Golden Toad. 

“We need Mu Yi,” Xu Hai turned to look at Mu Yi and smiled confidently.

   All the people paid attention to Mu Yi. Some of the people near Mu Yi were curious and skeptical.

“Me? Why me?” Mu Yi knew the implication of Xu Hai’s words, but the dense fog was not easy to deal with, he didn’t want to put himself in danger, or do all the work without getting any benefits.

“It’s preordained that Nanming Li Fire will kill the dense fog,” Xu Hai said lightly.

The others seemed threatening. If he said no, they would take the copper lamp.

Mu Yi thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I will do it, but I can’t control the fire completely, I need time.”  

He had to strive for more benefits for himself. If he could master the Nanming Li Fire, he would also be entitled to fight for the last treasure.

“How long do you need?” Xu Hai asked.

“Five hours.”

“Impossible,” Dong Chuanjiang flatly refused.

“You only have half an hour at most,” Qin Sanchao said because they didn’t know what else was in the tomb. The longer they waited, the more danger they could encounter.

“Two hours,” Mu Yi said firmly.

“If you can’t do it, just give up the copper lamp.” Dong Chuanjiang said.

“Are you sure you want to steal the copper lamp?” Leng Yu asked.

“Do you want to protect him?” Dong Chuanjiang looked at Leng Yu in dissatisfaction.

“Not to protect him, but to remind you, the copper lamp will not be easy to steal. You can try,”Leng Yu said lightly.

   Hearing that, Dong Chuanjiang stared at Mu Yi. Then, there was a strange expression on his face, which meant someone had just spoken to him secretly.

“Well, I’m not a person who is shameless.” Dong Chuanjiang shook his head and said, but everyone knew it was an excuse.

At last, Xu Hai made a final decision, and there was no objection to what he said, “Ok, at most one hour, I hope you won’t let me down.”    

Although an hour was shorter than he wanted, Mu Yi was satisfied. He hadn’t connected with the copper lamp since it devoured the Nanming Li Fire, but the hour would help.

   He was not afraid of being attacked by others, so he sat down on the ground, took out the copper lamp, put it on his abdomen, and closed his eyes.

   With the power of Mu Yi’s mind and spirit surging, the copper lamp immediately ignited with the Nanming Li Fire.

   Looking at Mu Yi, the elders all had complicated expressions. They would have stolen it if they didn’t need it in the hands of someone who had already mastered it. For now, they could only wait. In their eyes, a young man keeping a treasure was a waste.

   No one knew what Leng Yu was thinking.

   After Mu Yi entered the lamp, Xu Hai and others stayed away from the pool, not to disturb the Three-Footed Golden Toad and its fog.

   The Three-Footed Golden Toad seemed to know that they were strong so it remained sitting on the golden coffin amidst its poisonous fog.

   As soon as Mu Yi’ mind entered the lamp, he felt the flames around him. The Nanming Li Fire didn’t hurt him but helped him control the copper lamp. Although it hadn’t reached the unity of mind and spirit like the Bamboo Tree of Life, it could catch up. His command of the copper lamp would grow along with its power.

   When Mu Yi’s spirit touched the fire in the center, he heard a crash, then a large consciousness poured into his mind.

   Mu Yi tried to stick to it while immersing himself in the consciousness.

   It was said that in ancient times, there were Heaven-Earth-Man lamps: theYuxu Glazed lamp, the Eight Scenes Palace lamp and the Ling Jiu each had great power.

   The golden flame in the Yuxu Glazed lamp was called “ghost fire.” It was said that this fire had the ability to detect all souls.

   The Eight Scenes Palace lamp was owned by Laotse. It had a purple flame called “violet fire.” The power of this fire was endless. It was said that it could burn the sky and boil the sea. There were four kinds of fires in the Bagua furnace used for alchemy; violet fire was one of them. 

  The Ling Jiu was a treasure. There was a grey flame in the lamp called “dark hell ghost fire.” The fire led directly to the netherworld and could show moments of the dead’s former life.

  Each of the three lamps had its own function, but few people knew that the three lamps were from the same root.

   The copper lamp was not one of the three lamps, but the copper lamp was also extraordinary. In the process of making, it was smelt of some pieces of the Ling Jiu. The Ling Jiu was a magic weapon and gave the copper lamp its incredible abilities.

The people who made the copper lamp couldn’t find sky fire in the world, so they used ordinary fire. Regardless, the copper lamp was also a magic weapon.

   However, in a certain war, the fire of the copper lamp was broken and would remain so unless Mu Yi could find a suitable fire one day. The Nanming Li Fire was suitable enough to restore 70-80% of the copper lamp’s power regardless of Mu Yi’s state of consciousness.

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