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Chapter 394 Arrived at the Ancient Battlefield


   In the distance, heaven and earth changed again. Mu Yi felt a strong sense of awe in his heart. It was beyond his imagination.

   The ancients often described immortals as being able to “call the wind and the rain” and “move mountains and fill the sea”. Now, what Mu Yi witnessed was the transformation of heaven and earth and the great storage of heaven and earth. Such means were beyond the imagination of ordinary experts. Mu Yi was no exception.

   Although he had only opened four chakras, Mu Yi’s strength had reached senior level. Even still, he had only managed to barely reach the threshold. Though he also had some knowledge of perfection level experts, a real expert of the third stage was beyond his imagination.

   If you wanted to be a strong person, you should be brave and determined, but more importantly, you should always be in awe. Once you lose your sense of awe, you would lose what drives you and it would cause you to become complacent.. Mu yi was in awe. What appeared in front of Mu Yi was a bleak battlefield with no boundary as far as the eye could see. The sky was cracked and the ground was tilted across the whole ancient battlefield.

   No one would come here and think there was treasure. Did the Yellow River’s ancient road lead to a ruin?

Qiu Yuetong told him about it earlier so he wasn’t shocked, but looking at it, he still felt his heart palpitate.

   This battlefield seemed to reverberate with a cry that had dissipated over the years. It was singing in the wind, but could not be heard clearly.

“What happened?” Mu Yi’s heart asked this question constantly, but no one could give him the answer. Even Qiu Yuetong looked at the ancient battlefield with a complex expression. No one knew what she was thinking at the moment.

After a long time, Mu Yi looked at Qiu Yuetong and said softly, “Here we are.” 

Qiu Yuetong nodded, “Yes, here we are.” 

   Mu Yi looked around and saw no other figures, but he didn’t believe that the rest of those who had come were dead. At least, the forces must be alive. Surely, they had either not come out of the blue stone road or had already entered the battlefield before he had arrived. Mu Yi thought the latter was more probable.

   He asked Qiu Yuetong to lead the way since she knew more about the battlefield. If he were to venture off alone, he may find it dangerous or otherwise waste a lot of time if he wandered here by himself, and there was a time limit when entering the Yellow River’s ancient road.

“Let’s go.” 

Suddenly, Qiu Yuetong put out her hand and Mu Yi looked where she was pointing. In the distance, a huge peak tilted, as if it had been pushed down by something despite its magnificence.

“Okay,” Mu Yi nodded. They carefully headed for the huge peak. The ancient battlefield was complex and they might encounter danger in the next moment, so they had to be careful.

   Along the way, all was still. The earth was supposed to breed all things, but there was not a bit of green, let alone any animals or beasts.

  They didn’t run into any danger on the way until they passed through a crack in the earth. Suddenly, dozens of dead spirits came out and frantically attacked them. These dead spirits had been very powerful when they lived, so as dead spirits, they had retained strength similar to that of the second stage. Despite this, they were all refined and turned into lamp oil when faced with the Nanming Li fire, which continued to repair the incomplete runes.

   After killing the dead spirits, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong ran for their lives. Mu Yi had perceived a very powerful existence in the deep crack and although it couldn’t be compared with the terrible existence they encountered on the blue stone road, it was almost a perfect expert.

   Of course, in addition to the dangers they faced, they also encountered some opportunities. Only godly weapons could survive in this dead place. Even then, godly weapons could become scrap iron with the passing of time.

   Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong got only broken godly weapons. There were real immortal godly weapons here, but they couldn’t take them.

   The huge peak looked close, but required a much longer journey than it seemed due to the broken and ravaged ground. Many places couldn’t be passed, so they needed to walk in a big circle.

   The biggest threat of the ancient battlefield were the dead spirits. They had no consciousness and instead acted solely on instinct. So once there was a strange aura in the territory, they would attack it together.

  Dead spirits and spectres were, in essence, the same type of being. If there was any difference, it was that different environments led to the differences in form, just like the difference between Chinese and foreign people . Although they were all human beings, they could also be classified.

   Half a day later, Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong finally arrived under the huge peak. After some time, they found a path and entered the huge peak by way of a crack in the wall. Along the way, Mu Yi saw traces of people entering before them which meant that they were likely the last to arrive.

   After a long and rugged path, a heat wave came, making Mu Yi squint his eyes. After the wave passed over him, he saw the forces not far away.

   As soon as Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong arrived, they were noticed immediately. The people who had come in early stood on an open platform. The platform was tens of feet long, and in front of them was a huge space that existed within the peak. In front of the platform, there was a river of magma which was where the heat wave had originated from.

  The heat wave was nothing to these people. As long as no one was stupid enough to jump into the magma, it would be okay.

“Well, I thought you died on the road.”

   As soon as Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong arrived, someone Zai Feng spoke. Although he was okay, there was one person missing from his group. Only Fan Yuan, the old eunuch and a man hostile to Mu Yi were left.

   The intent behind Zai Feng’s  words was very clear. If Mu Yi had died in the middle of the road, it would have been good for him. Since he had survived, he would kill Mu Yi.

   Listening to Zai Feng’s words, Mu Yi sneered. He looked away and his eyes fell on the one from the ancient city of Dunhuang. Originally, there were four people around her, but now there was only one person remaining. When she saw Mu Yi, neither of them spoke, and the meaning was very clear.

   The middle-aged Taoist of Mao Mountain stood nearby, and he was still expressionless with no sign of embarrassment.

   The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain who had two little Taoists with him, only had one left. Looking at his sad face, the fate of the person was obvious. At this point, the missing were considered dead.

Mu Yi also saw a man who was beyond his expectation. Niu Ben had been a crude man in his eyes before, but now he lived and unharmed.

   The only thing that puzzled Mu Yi was that he didn’t see Master Purdue and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. Did they have bad luck?

  They were perfect experts. By reason, they were sure to come here, but they were still missing. It could only be attributed to bad luck. He was not surprised.

  He had seen the dead spirit before. There were many powerful dead spirits hidden in the cracks in the earth, stronger than a perfect expert.

   If the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was really dead, Mu Yi was better off. Maybe if it worked well, he might take over his forces, but Mu Yi didn’t think that the other side would die so easily. It was just pure intuition.

It seemed that the major forces had been damaged. Of the ten experts who entered, only one survived, and the loss of these people from the world was grave. Mu Yi had thought that perhaps it was the main reason why these forces opened their quotas. In this, Mu Yi’s hypothesis had been proven.

   The people of the world were trapped by these forces. How many factions could survive for thousands of years being pedantic? If they were really pedantic, they would have been eliminated by history.

   After Niu Ben saw Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong coming without Xin Lu’s three people, he sneered.

   Mu Yi knew what he was thinking at a glance, but he didn’t intend to explain it. Instead, he took Qiu Yuetong to the side of the platform, away from Zai Feng and the woman from the ancient city of Dunhuang. It seemed more like he chose a corner.

   When he came to the edge of the platform, he saw the magma river more clearly. There were sparks flying in the magma river from time to time, and it looked like an iron tree with silver flowers, which lit up the space repeatedly then disappeared.

   In other places, there was a murmur from time to time, as if there was something coming up from below. The magma river seemed to be still, and it was about fifty feet long and ten feet wide. In addition, the rocks on both sides had been baked red by the heat of the magma, so it was hard to get a foothold. It would not be easy to cross it. The magma river was different from the cut-off blue stone road. He was sure of the latter, so he took a chance, but there was no need to do so again. He would not jump in this magma river.

   It seemed that the other major forces were not in a hurry, so Mu Yi waited quietly. However, this kind of waiting was broken after a short time by the arrival of someone. Mu Yi turned around and saw Master Purdue and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

   Looking at their appearance, it seemed that Mu Yi’s assumptions had been correct once more. They had bad luck. Master Purdue had lost an arm, and the aura of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag was a little unstable. His chest was also dyed red with blood.

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