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Chapter 265 Passing On from Generation to Generation


In the copper lamp, Mu Yi quietly digested the consciousness. The copper lamp had a name originally: the Ling lamp. The name was very simple. Maybe it was to commemorate the Ling Jiu lamp. After all, without the fragments of the Ling Jiu lamp, the copper lamp could not be a magic weapon.

However, the Ling lamp belonged to the past. Now, after consuming the Nanming Li fire, the copper lamp became brand new. It was not appropriate to call it the Ling lamp again. The copper lamp should have its own name.

“As the saying goes, keep the fire burning, keep the inheritance going. I will give you a new name to represent the new generation and heart,” Mu Yi said softly.

When he finished speaking, the whole copper lamp interior suddenly trembled, as if to collapse, and the fire in the center suddenly rose.


Mu Yi’s consciousness was kicked out of the space. He opened his eyes and looked at the copper lamp in his hand. Nine tenths of the original pattern on the base were already filled, but it was still difficult to complete. Originally, Mu Yi thought it was because he used up some of the Nanming Li fire, but the patterns were connecting. 

For a few moments, the patterns were connected with each other, completely covering the whole copper lamp, then a turbulent flame erupted from the copper lamp, wrapping around Mu Yi.

This fire was the purest one of Nanming Li Fire. People backed away in fear. They could see Mu Yi’s figure vaguely, but they didn’t know what  was happening.

“This kid won’t be burned to ashes, will he?” Qin Sanchao stared and murmured.

“Probably not,” Xu Hai replied, but there was a little more fear in his eyes.

Ning Wuque stood in the distance, concealed by the cold rain. He saw Mu Yi’s actions, and his eyes flashed with killing intent again.

Mu Yi didn’t know where Ning Wuque’s killing motivation came from. Although he killed many people, he didn’t remember offending Ning Wuque. Did he have some unknown grudge against someone?

Leng Yu and Dong Chuanjiang, as well as the people around them, all stared at the figure in the light blue flame, confused.

After being wrapped by the Nanming Li fire, Mu Yi didn’t feel any pain. On the contrary, he only felt the ubiquitous warmth clinging to him. His whole body was warm from inside to outside. The flames on his body actually came from a small fire burning deep inside him.

When the pattern on the copper lamp completed, Mu Yi felt the roar of his heart and soul, and the last gap between him and the copper lamp disappeared. 

He had only been using it to refine himself. His intuition told him that as long as he could continuously collect kindling and let the Nanming Li fire to evolve, the copper lamp would also be upgraded. At present, it was a magic weapon. What would it be after the upgrade? A glimmer of expectation rose in Mu Yi’s heart.

However, he also understood how difficult it was to find the right kindling. And if he wanted Nanming Li fire to evolve from the kindling, it would be difficult to make it happen with ordinary fire.

After refining the lamp, Mu Yi thought of many ways to use the lamp. The main function of the lamp was refining. People, demons, and ghosts could all be refined. If the fire was strong enough, even the heaven and the earth could be refined and transformed into the most original power. This power was not only good for the fire, but also helped people to understand the Tao.

Mu Yi realized that the lamp was the reason he was able to enter the unity of heaven and man.

Mu Yi obtained a secret fire control technique, which enabled the Nanming Li fire’s ability to change. The secret technique had nine turns in total, and its power doubled with each turn. If it could be practiced in nine turns, it would have the power of heaven fire.

Mu Yi would practice it when he had enough time. 

As Mu Yi absorbed all of this, the Nanming Li Fire retreated into the lamp.

The copper lamp had completely changed its appearance. It was made of glass. On it, a vermilion bird spread its wings. It looked mysterious and noble.

When Mu Yi opened his eyes, he saw the greed in others’ eyes.

“Boy, is that enough?” Dong Chuanjiang couldn’t wait to see Mu Yi try to dispel the poison mist.

“It’s just a try.” Mu Yi nodded, then looked towards the water pool where the poisonous mist was scattered, and the figure of the Three-Footed Golden Toad was looming.

When Mu Yi looked at the Three-Footed Golden Toad, it looked over at the same time, but at one glance, Mu Yi felt stiff all over, and he was more afraid of it.

“Would you mind dealing with it?” Xu Hai smiled and looked at Mu Yi.

“The Three-Footed Golden Toad is too strong, so please protect me while I clear the fog.” 

“Of course,” Xu Hai said.

With Xu Hai’s guarantee, Mu Yi went to the water pool. Suddenly, the Three-Footed Golden Toad attacked. Xu Hai stood on the left side of Mu Yi, and Leng Yu stood on the right side.

Mu Yi held the lamp as his heart raced. The tiny fire suddenly rose and turned into a fire dragon. He poured it into the toxic mist.


The poison mist dissipated. When the poison mist dissipated, Mu Yi also felt that his mind and spirit power were rapidly being consumed. Fortunately, after he entered King Xian’s tomb, his heart and spirit power were also several times greater than before.

The Three-Footed Golden Toad also felt the threat as the Nanming Li fire burned through the poisonous mist and kept approaching it.


A shadow broke through the flame and attacked Mu Yi. Xu Hai moved in a way that seemed very slow. Mu Yi noticed that the tongue of the Three-Footed Golden Toad moved slower and slower, and the space between them was slightly distorted.


Xu Hai’s palms flashed, and the tongue of Three-Footed Golden Toad rolled back at a faster speed. Mu Yi saw a few drops of black blood fly through the air. They were burned to ashes by the Nanming Li fire before falling into the pool.

Mu Yi’s eyes narrowed. How hard was the tongue of the Three-Footed Golden Toad? Ning Wuque and Leng Yu could only push it back, but Xu Hai hurt its tongue with just his palms.

Although Xu Hai hadn’t aimed at Mu Yi, Mu Yi felt that he couldn’t move even if he had attacked him.

‘Nanming Li Fire, Burn!’

Mu Yi used the fire control technique. He saw the fire dragon rising again. When he had just a feeling, it broke away from his control and exploded. The fire dragon turned into fire rain and covered the whole pool.


The whole pool seemed to be burning, and the poisonous mist was completely dispelled. Even the Three-Footed Golden Toad was burned in many places.

Mu Yi’s body suddenly flickered, his face suddenly turned pale, and his breath grew shallow, as if his attack had backfired.

“Are you okay?” Leng Yu asked.

In fact, the rest of the people also looked at Mu Yi. They were concerned, but they also seemed relieved.

The Nanming Li fire was really too horrible. If Mu Yi could control it freely, it would be terrible. Even the old men wouldn’t want to be enemies with him. The fire Mu Yi commanded was still inferior to the flame that had been in the tripod because the flame in the tripo had been in its natural state. The fire that existed in the lamp, and what Mu Yi could control, was only a small part of all the forces of Nanming Li fire. So long as he couldn’t really control the Nanming Li Fire, they felt at ease, wary but not afraid.

“Yes, but I’m afraid I can’t help you anymore,” said Mu Yi with a pale face.

“You should rest. We will take lead next,” Xu Hai said.

Qin Sanchao and others didn’t care about Mu Yi. The Three-Footed Golden Toad was difficult to deal with, even without the miasma.

“Good.” Mu Yi nodded and sat down. His steps were obviously a little frivolous. As soon as he sat down, he closed his eyes and began to breathe.

Mister Mo was the first to respond. He went to Mu Yi to protect him as he recovered.

“By any means, first get rid of the beast, then discuss other things.” Xu Hai looked at each of them. They nodded in agreement.


The Three-Footed Golden Toad sat on the golden coffin and seemed uneasy. Although it had a certain spirit, it couldn’t think like people. Its instinct still told it that a crisis was coming.

“Let’s go!”

Under Xu Hai’s command, the five people rushed at the Three-Footed Golden Toad.

Mu Yi opened his eyes and watched them.

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