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Chapter 267 Opening of The Golden Coffin



   As Xu Hai was about to kill the Three-Footed Golden Toad in one stroke, the cry of the Three-Footed Golden Toad resonated through the water and enraged the other Three-Footed Golden Toad. The bulges on its body suddenly broke, and a thick black fog spread through the water. 

   Although Dong Chuanjiang swam as fast as he could, he wasn’t fast enough and was caught in the poisonous mist. Leng Yu and Qin Sanchao escaped.

The pool burst and the three slightly embarrassed people jumped out.

   Leng Yu’s wet black robes clung to her body, and she shook them.    Qin Sanchao did not care about his situation and looked at his friend.    Dong Chuanjiang’s hand fell feebly, his face was black from the poison.

“Boy, come here,” Qin Sanchao grabbed Mu Yi from across the distance.

Mu Yi only felt that he was grabbed by a great force. His expression changed. He knew that Qin Sanchao wouldn’t hurt him, but he still didn’t like the feeling. Mu Yi shook his right hand and gently tapped the Bamboo Tree of Life. Suddenly, the huge force was broken.

“Why?” Qin Sanchao looked at Mu Yi, but he continued “Boy, as long as you cure him of the poison, I owe you a favor.”

   Since Mu Yi couldn’t be forced, Qin Sanchao changed into inducement. Qin Sanchao believed that his favor would definitely tempt Mu Yi, but unexpectedly, Mu Yi shook his head.

“Boy, you…” Qin Sanchao was very angry at Mu Yi’s refusal.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t do anything about it. Although I can control the Nanming Li Fire a bit, I still can’t get rid of the poison from him. Even if I try my best, I would only burn Dong Chuanjiang to ashes,” Mu Yi said.

If he practiced the fire control techniques, he could heal Dong Chuanjiang’s poison with it, but this kind of thing was better not known by the world. Moreover, even if he wanted to, it would take a long time.

   He was not good at medicine, so he could only apologize.

   Before the Qin Sanchao spoke, the pool burst again, and the other Three-Footed Golden Toad jumped out. The Three-Footed Golden Toad leaped out and fell onto the other one. They looked at Xu Hai and others.

  At this point, it would be impossible for Mu Yi to pretend again. Others may not see it, but the old monsters would figure out that he was stronger than he appeared since he broke Qin Sanchao’s hold. Moreover, at present, no one could stay out of it.

   Mu Yi got up and went to Leng Yu, as if they were moving forward and backward together.

   Xu Hai looked at Mu Yi, but didn’t speak. Instead, he took out a jade bottle and threw it to Qin Sanchao. 

“These are antidote pills. The Three-Footed Golden Toad’s poison can be temporarily suppressed though it can’t be completely removed.”

“Thank you.” Qin Sanchao was very happy. He quickly opened the jade bottle and poured out a black pill with a spicy taste. Dong Chuanjiang didn’t doubt it and took the pill. After a few breaths, the blackness of his face gradually faded. 

 The two Three-Footed Golden Toads changed again. A black ripple came from each of them and blended together. They grew smaller as a violent smell spread from them, and their dark body began to turn golden.

“Little friend, I wonder if you can summon more Nanming Li Fire?” Xu Hai asked in a tone that sounded like an order.

“Yes!” Mu Yi nodded.

“Well, everyone, only by killing these Three-Footed Golden Toads at one time can the golden coffin be opened,” Xu Hai said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t believe these two beasts can’t be destroyed,” Qin Sanchao said in anger. Leng Yu and Ning Wuque nodded.

Xu Hai also nodded. “Let’s start.” 

   Mu Yi walked forward and took out the lamp and conjured the Nanming Li Fire from the lamp in the form of a dragon again. It surged towards the two Three-Footed Golden Toads.

   Ning Wuque’s eyes flickered.

   The Three-Footed Golden Toad opened their mouths and spewed out two bursts of black smoke. The smoke collided with the fire dragon.

   The Nanming Li Fire scattered into the pool as the smoke was destroyed. A plume of mist suddenly rose, but the poison in the water also disappeared. Mu Yi stepped back three steps, and his face went pale. He wasn’t faking injury this time.

“Let’s go!”

   Xu Hai took the lead, rushing towards two Three-Footed Golden Toads, then Qin Sanchao, Leng Yu, Ning Wuque followed. Dong Chuanjiang grit his teeth and followed though he could only wield half of his strength.

   The five experts attacked with all their strength. The pool was destroyed, and the ground around them shook. The first-class experts nearby were pale, and many people even thought of leaving. If Xu Hai and the others failed, the Three-Footed Golden Toad would go mad, and they would not be able to escape. They couldn’t fight the toads, so it was best to leave with what little they had gained. 

Two people left, and the rest of them continued to deliberate.

   Mu Yi adjusted his breathing for a while, but didn’t retreat. Instead, he looked at the two besieged Three-Footed Golden Toads. Although they had grown stronger by combining their power, Xu Hai and the others were old monsters. They had already reached the second difficulty’s peak and had many trump cards at their disposal.

Since the two Three-Footed Golden Toads seemed to be unable to leave the golden coffin, they could only defend themselves. They would last a while, but it would be impossible to hold out forever,

After some time, Xu Hai suddenly fell on the back of the Three-Footed Golden Toad. The attack was as powerful as a thousand Jun. With a roar, the stone platform under the golden coffin was split and the coffin fell into the water. He took advantage of the joint efforts of Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang to knock the Three-Footed Golden Toads off the golden coffin.

A chain flew out of Leng Yu’s sleeves and wrapped around the golden coffin. She pulled hard and the heavy golden coffin flew toward the shore.

   One of the Three-Footed Golden Toads opened its mouth and its tongue flew out, grabbing the coffin. Ning Wuque commanded his flying sword and cut its tongue. Taking this opportunity, Leng Yu pulled the golden coffin to the shore.


   When the golden coffin fell on the bank, the whole cave began to shake, many large stones fell from above as if the cave was about to collapse.

“Oh, it’s going to collapse. Let’s run.”

   The rest of the people, including Mister Mo, ran to the exit. Mister Mo’s ability to protect himself was the greatest help to Leng Yu.

   Mu Yi didn’t expect the changes to come so fast. Obviously, it was due to the golden coffin, but it was too late to regret. When Xu Hai and others blocked the Three-Footed Golden Toad, Leng Yu went to the golden coffin and slapped a hand on it.

   As soon as the golden coffin shook, the coffin cover flew off directly, attracting the old monster’s attention. Ning Wuque attacked Leng Yu with his sword.

  Without looking, Leng Yu raised her hand and sent a thin needle flying to block Ning Wuque’s sword.

   Xu Hai appeared next to the golden coffin in a blink of an eye and put his hand inside.

   Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang shortly after as the Three-Footed Golden Toads fell into the pool.

   Mu Yi’s eyes twinkled as he retreated quietly. He was afraid of going there because they would kill him if he got involved.

As Mu Yi retreated, several golden lights suddenly flew out of the golden coffin. The golden lights were like living things. Once out of the golden coffin, they tried to escape.

   Although the change came suddenly, Xu Hai rushed and grasped one of the golden lights.

   Leng Yu was a little behind, but she also caught one of the golden lights.

With a clanging sound, Ning Wuque cut off one of the golden lights with his sword.

Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang eventually caught one of the golden lights.

A golden light flew towards Mu Yi. He reached out and grasped it without any effort.

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