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Chapter 268 Escape



  He saw the true face of the golden light clearly. It was golden bamboo. It was two fingers wide, one-foot long and engraved with countless small words.

“What’s this?” Mu Yi was stunned for a moment, then he understood. Obviously, the golden bamboo was the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. If he was right, there were seven golden lights flying out of the golden coffin, corresponding to the seven skills of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.

   Suddenly, Mu Yi felt a killing intent directed at him. He looked up and saw Ning Wuque staring at him, more accurately, at the golden bamboo in his hand.

   There were seven golden bamboos flying out of the golden coffin, but Xu Hai snatched one, Leng Yu got one, Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang got one, Ning Wuque got one and one was in Mu Yi’s hand making five.

   Because of his position, it was obviously impossible for Ning Wuque to snatch the last two golden bamboo. Xu Hai and Leng Yu were stronger than him, so he didn’t have confidence in snatching things from them, but Mu Yi had one and he had intended to kill him anyway.

   Ning Wuque intended to kill Mu Yi, but these bamboos fastened the process.

“Oh, no.” After meeting Ning Wugue’s eyes, Mu Yi’s body started to shake, almost without thinking, he put the bamboo into his robes and fled toward the exit.

The cave shook more violently, and rocks fell from above, but no one was willing to give up their Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.

Before Mu Yi escaped through the gate, he glanced back and saw that Xu Hai was grabbing another bamboo, while Leng Yu was competing with Qin Shanchao for the last bamboo. Ning Wuque was chasing him.

   Mu Yi didn’t think that the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu would show up in a way he might obtain one, but he also knew that he could not get in the next battle, and Ning Wuque would kill him.

   Although Mu Yi would like to turn around and fight with Ning Wuque, he also knew that once the others caught up, he wouldn’t be able to escape. His best option was to leave.

   Mu Yi moved fast. In a flash, he crossed the hall and drilled into the middle passage since he was familiar with it. However, Ning Wuque was faster than him and followed him closely.

   After Mu Yi got into the passage, he activated a godly movement charm on his body. His speed rose 30% , making his speed match Ning Wuque’s.


As the two left, the last two golden bamboos were claimed. Xu Hai grabbed one and the two Three-Footed Golden Toads jumped out of the water to attack him.

   Leng Yu defeated Qin Sanchao and got the last bamboo. After getting two bamboos, Leng Yu did not stop. Her body swayed for a moment, then disappeared.

“Damn it,” Qin Sanchao was a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect that he would only get one bamboo. However, he also knew that he had to escape. Rocks were falling, and he believed that the cave would collapse soon. Even with his and Don Chuanjiang’s strength, it would be hard to escape if they were buried, so Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang ran towards the gate.

   Xu Hai suddenly broke out with all his strength, beat the Three-Footed Golden Toad back, and fled without looking back. He didn’t stop to search for any other treasure.


   After all the people left, the two Three-Footed Golden Toads jumped out of the pool. Boulders bounced off their heads. They went to the golden coffin and howled. Their voices were sad and shrill.


   The cave vibrated more violently, and the ground split, water in the pool rolled up.

   No one saw the hand suddenly stretched out in the golden coffin.

   All of a sudden, a larger boulder fell and hit the golden coffin, smashing the golden coffin. Then, the water in the pool boiled up, and the whole cave seemed to collapse.

   The two Three-Footed Golden Toads jumped back into the pool. With the last loud noise, the cave was completely buried along with the hand.


 Thanks to his familiarity with the second passage, Mu Yi escaped easily and passed two slow first-class experts on the way.

   If Ning Wuque wasn’t chasing him, Mu Yi would have stolen a few jade boxes from them. The two first-class experts were nervous when they saw Mu Yi coming, they had no space to hide from him. They planned to fight with Mu Yi, but Mu Yi directly surpassed them and left.

Before they could relax, another terrible atmosphere came from behind them. They stood against the wall immediately and hoped that this figure didn’t see them just like Mu Yi.

Ning Wuque passed by, killing them both with his peach wood sword and taking their jade boxes.

    After that, a shadow flashed by.

   After the shadow, Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang combined their strength to leave before the passage collapsed. The last one was Xu Hai. He passed by quickly. No one looked down as they passed the corpses as if they were just stones.

   Just after all the people left, the two bodies suddenly dried up and turned into mummies. If anyone returned, they would find that every corpse in the tomb had become a mummy. 


Mu Yi got out of the tomb and activated another godly speed charm. However, he did not go to the appointed location, but chose a completely opposite direction.

   If it was a general opponent, Mu Yi would have led him to where Big Slave and Mo Ruyan were, but Ning Wuque was at the peak of the second difficulty. His strength was immeasurable. Big Slave and Mo Ruyan would be useless and likely killed.

  When Mu Yi caught up with Mister Mo, he asked Mister Mo to take Big Slave and Mo Ruyan back to Cangzhou City while he tried to get rid of Ning Wuque.

  Mu Yi didn’t think about asking Leng Yu for help because she had used him several times. Moreover, Mu Yi couldn’t rely on others all the time. This was a test for him. What’s more, he had a trump card.

   After all the people came out of the tomb, the square platform sank into the ground and disappeared, becoming little more than history.

  The first-class experts who got jade boxes left quickly to avoid being robbed by the old monsters.

   As for the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, they didn’t think about it at all because they would never have a chance to practice if they got one.

   Leng Yu took Mister Mo, Big Slave, and Mo Ruyan and left the area.  As they went back to Cangzhou City, Mo Ruyan asked Leng Yu about Mu Yi, but Leng Yu was sure that Mu Yi would be okay. It made Mo Ruyan feel a little relieved.


Qin Sanchao and Dong Chuanjiang exited a little frustrated that they only got one when there had been seven.

“That kid also grabbed a bamboo slip, shall we catch up?” Dong Chuanjiang looked in the same direction and said with a gloomy face. Not only did he break an arm, but also he was poisoned by the Three-Footed Golden Toad. Even if he could be cured, it would take a year or two, so he was particularly annoyed.

Qin Sanchao thought for a while and said, “Ning Wuque has already taken the lead. Even if we catch up with him now, we will have no chance. The most urgent thing is to find a way to detoxify you. We will study the bamboo slips together. After that, we can exchange it with the others.” 

Dong Chuanjiang thought about it, but he knew it was the only way.

“It’ll be easy for him.” 

“Easy? That’s not true. I always thought that kid is not easy,” Qin Sanchao shook his head and said. “What’s more, do you really think Leng Yu will ignore this?” 


By the time the crowd around the tomb had dispersed, Mu Yi had used several godly movement charms and reached a remote place. Mu Yi stopped running, turned around, adjusted his breath and waited for the arrival of Ning Wuque.After a few moments of rest, Ning Wuque arrived.

    He looked at Mu Yi and said,”Boy, hand over the bamboo slips and I’ll kill you quickly.”

He had no intention to let Mu Yi go.

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