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Chapter 269 The Top of the Second Difficulty



  Ning Wuque didn’t kill Mu Yi immediately because he was afraid that Mu Yi would destroy the bamboo slip before he could get it. It could be one of the last transcriptions of one of the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, so he was cautious.

“You want to get the bamboo slip? It depends on whether you have the ability.” 

Mu Yi looked at Ning Wuque with a strong sense of war in his eyes. His trials in King Xian’s tomb had made his strength soar. Mu Yi didn’t know how strong he was now, but estimated that he was near the sixth-grade of the first-class, the level to open the six chakras, but it was hard to rely on that definition.

Regardless, Mu Yi had the strength to face this old monster like Ning Wuque.

“Fantastic.” Ning Wuque’s face was very gloomy. Originally, he thought Mu Yi was an ant that could be crushed to death at will, but unexpectedly, he dared to challenge him.

“Hum, when people called you Lunatic Ning, it didn’t frighten me, but I don’t understand what kind of hatred could exist between us. Why do you want to kill me?” Mu Yi asked.

   He was sure that he’d never met Ning Wuque before, but from the beginning, Ning Wuque wanted to kill him. It wasn’t for the key to the Yellow River’s ancient road, but for some unexplained reason given Ning Wuque’s clear sense of resentment.

“Do you want to know? When you die, someone will tell you.”

Ning Wuque disappeared suddenly. Mu Yi’s heart was full of warning signs. He infused all his strength into the Bamboo Tree of Life. It jerked and hit the void in front of him.

   When Mu Yi had opened the third chakra, the Qi from all over his body had gathered into his Dantian and kept circulating. In this way, it would be easier for Mu Yi to mobilize the Qi.


  The space rippled from his strike, and Ning Wuque appeared with a trace of amazement on his face. The power of the Bamboo Tree of Life was extraordinary, but Ning Wuque didn’t pay attention to it. He was at the peak of the second difficulty, and he had more means than Mu Yi.

  Ning Wuque waved his sword finger. Mu Yi’s hands trembled, and the Bamboo Tree of Life felt like it would fly out of his hand or break. 

   Mu Yi retreated quickly as more than a dozen white lights of his enhanced evil spirit slaying charms flew out of his hands. Ning Wuque waved his arm, and all the evil spirit slaying charms exploded against his robe’s sleeve before they got close to him, then dissipated in the void.

   Mu Yi didn’t expect the evil spirit slaying charms to cause any damage to Ning Wuque, as long as they could delay him until he had taken out the lamp and hooked into the kindling. After a while, a fire dragon flew out of the lamp towards Ning Wuque.

   Looking at the Nanming Li Fire, Ning Wuque showed a trace of fear. With his right hand, the peach wood sword flew through the air.

“Thousand Swords Sway!” With a shout, the peach wood sword burst into a dazzling light, and split one into two, two into three until there seemed to be thousands of swords.


   Looking at the shadow of the sword that covers half of the sky, Mu Yi took a breath and decided to use the fire control technique again. However, his real purpose was not to control it, but to let it out of control deliberately. In this state, the Nanming Li Fire would become extremely violent and be far more powerful than before.

   In this way, his spirit would suffer some backfire, but by this time, he couldn’t care so much. From Ning Wuque’s exhibition, he knew that Ning Wuque simply wanted to kill him.

   If Mu Yi didn’t work hard at this time, he would lose his life.

   The fire dragon went out of control and exploded  into a sea of fire in front of Mu Yi, but he was not finished. Mu Yi activated the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. The Taoist robe was blown open, his hairpin snapped and flew away, his face became red, and his body expanded a little. Like this, Mu Yi believed he could win even if he faced a person of the third difficulty.

   Fortunately, his soul and mind power were tempered by Nanming Li Fire, and he was not controlled by instinct.


   At this time, Ning Wuque’s thousand swords collided with the fire. The fire was torn then disappeared under the light of the swords as half of the swords disappeared. The rest of them also looked unreal and flew towards him.


   Mu Yi went forward without fear. He bent the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand gently, and it became a half circle. It was a move that he developed while he boxed anonymously. The light emitted by the Bamboo Tree of Life formed a layer of light that covered Mu Yi.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

   The shadow of the sword fell on the curtain of light and was blocked. The curtain shook violently as if it would break.

   When the last sword fell, the light curtain broke. The real peach wood sword attacked Mu Yi directly. 

   Mu Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly, his right hand vibrated, and the Bamboo Tree of Life thrust forward.


   Time froze, then a strong burst of Qi exploded, pushing Mu Yi and the peach wood sword apart. 

“Eh, boy, I despise you, but how many times can you block it?”

  Ning Wuque didn’t expect that Mu Yi could stop this attack, but he didn’t worry. With his right hand, the peach wood sword turned  sharply in the air and rushed to Mu Yi as fast as lightning.

   Mu Yi was still on guard. His mind was full of power. He caught a glimpse of the peach wood sword, and the Bamboo Tree of Life moved in time to block it.


The peach wood sword flew away, but Mu Yi stepped back. The peach wood sword was too strong. It could probably slice through a large stone easily.  His defense was good, but it was difficult to block the peach wood sword.

   This time, the expression on Ning Wuque’s face was more restrained. If it was an accident to miss the first time, then two consecutive misses meant that Mu Yi deserved his attention.

Ning Wuque’s eyes flashed like a killing machine. He opened his right hand and the peach wood sword flew back to his hand. He took a step toward Mu Yi and attacked.

 The attack filled him with a sense of terror and a layer of gooseflesh raised on his body. Around the sword, there was a ripple in the space. The force of heaven and earth was surging. It seemed that heaven wanted him to die, and the whole of heaven and earth were pressing against him.

   His blood seemed to stop rushing. He was scared to face death. He didn’t feel anything watching it, but when he faced it personally, he knew how terrible the power of heaven and earth was. To some extent, it surpassed the power of the second difficulty. Only an old monster like Ning Wuque and Xu Hai who reached the peak of the second difficulty could begin to master it.

 Mu Yi had no chance to resist even a part of the attack.


   At the critical moment, Mu Yi conquered his fear, and the third chakra in his body was full of light. The condensed Qi rushed into the Bamboo Tree of Life and blocked the sword. However, Mu Yi flew back and crashed to the ground.

“Alive?” Ning Wuque was surprised that Mu Yi only spat out some blood and got up. However, the smile on his face was crueler. The more powerful Mu Yi was, the more Ning Wuque wanted to kill him.

   Mu Yi didn’t know what Ning Wuque was thinking about. He blocked the sword, but his body was about to crack, and his viscera were shaken and hurt.

“I cannot beat him.”

He thought his power increases in King Xian’s tomb, the third chakra, obtaining the Nanming Li fire, using the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm would be enough to face an old monster lik Ning Wuque, but he still overestimated himself and  despised the old monsters, especially those who could master the power of heaven and earth. Ning Wuque was not someone he could resist now.

  Mu Yi knew that if he tried again, he would be killed, so Mu Yi chose to escape.

   Sometimes it was not disgraceful to run away, especially when facing a man who was far stronger than you. If you lost your life, everything would be over. Only when you were alive could you have a chance to get revenge.

  Ning Wuque was not surprised that Mu Yi turned around and ran away. Mu Yi had been trying to run away all this time, but he wouldn’t let him go this time. As long as he killed Mu Yi, he could get the bamboo slip. Ning Wuque’s eyes grew hotter.

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