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Chapter 270 Escape to Heaven



  Ning Wuque sneered as Mu Yi tried to run away. If Mu Yi hadn’t stopped before, he might have lived but it was too late.

 Watching Mu Yi’s escape, Ning Wuque whispered a sentence suddenly, “A sword is shining on nineteen continents!”

  The peach wood sword shined brightly.

   Mu Yi was running away with all his strength, but he was frozen suddenly, and there was a great fear in his heart. The power of this attack was beyond the previous one. It was Ning Wuque’s unique skill. Even if Mu Yi ran away with all his strength, he would be killed.

  Without thinking about it, Mu Yi exploded. His body turned red, and he looked like a big stove. Deep inside, the three chakras glowed brightly enough to be seen through his skin. His Qi surged wildly into the Bamboo Tree of Life without reservation.

  He turned around and waved the Bamboo Tree of Life.


   A series of dazzling firelights flashed, and Mu Yi was hit hard. His body crackled and fell on the ground like a ragged bag. He had blocked the killer sword, and the peach wood sword fell into the darkness in an instant.

  Ning Wuque was shocked and a trace of blood flowed from his mouth. When Mu Yi repelled the peach wood sword, he hit Ning Wuque’s spirit power he left on it, so his spirit was hurt slightly. Mu Yi’s attack was brilliant. After all, Ning Wuque had reached the peak of the second difficulty already and began to control the power of heaven and earth.

   One of the reasons why Mu Yi could hurt him was that he was strong enough, and the other was that he was a little careless. However, the attack gave Mu Yi a chance.

As he landed, Mu Yi got up and ran into the distance frantically.

  Ning Wuque wanted to catch with Mu Yi immediately, but he turned to find the peach wood sword. When he saw that the peach wood sword was full of tiny cracks, his expression was gloomy, and his eyes were full of murderous intent.

“I will kill you and cut you to pieces.” Ning Wuque put away the peach wood sword, then chased after Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi didn’t know how long he ran, and his strength was failing. He was running only on determination. From midnight to morning, he ran until he couldn’t hold on any longer and fell into a big river. After a few moments, there was no trace of him.

   Half an hour later, Ning Wuque arrived. With his accomplishments, he was a embarrassed. Looking into the rolling river in front of him, he could no longer feel Mu Yi’s breath. He slapped his hand in the water with anger. The strength of his hand ran through the bottom of the river.

“Don’t believe you can run.” Ning Wuque stayed in place for about ten seconds. Then, he tracked across the river and disappeared.

   After a while, Ning Wuque went back to the river again. He had searched the opposite bank, but there was no trace of him. 

  Ning Wuque thought about it for a moment and followed the river. In his opinion, since Mu Yi hid his breath with the help of the river, he was bound to walk in the opposite direction. By the time the sun rose, Ning Wuque still hadn’t found Mu Yi. 

   Although he was unwilling to admit it, he had to accept that Mu Yi had escaped. He was furious. Besides killing Mu Yi, he wanted to get the bamboo slip from Mu Yi.

“I’ll catch you sooner or later.” 

Then, Ning Wuque left.


  Where is Mu Yi at this time? Mu Yi didn’t know. After falling into the river, he passed out and was carried away to wherever the river wanted.

   If Ning Wuque had stayed in the lower parts for a while, he would have found the fishing boat that had saved Mu Yi. 


  Mu Yi didn’t know how long he was unconscious. When he woke up, he had a splitting headache. His body was in pain, and his throat was burning.

Mu Yi’s first reaction was to guard. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any strength. He was exhausted and powerless.

“Where am I?” 

Mu Yi began to look around. There was a scent on the bed, not a perfume but a pure body scent. Looking at the surrounding environment, the house was a bit dilapidated, and there were a few pieces of decent furniture arranged that made him think it was a woman’s boudoir.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi felt relieved. It seemed that he had escaped. Ning Wuque would not have treated him like this. Mu Yi struggled to get up. His Taoist robe was missing, and he had been changed into clothes made of coarse cloth. It made him nervous. He was afraid that he had lost the Bamboo Tree of Life and the copper lamp. 

   Then, Mu Yi saw the Bamboo Tree of Life, copper lamp, and three jade boxes lying on the bed and was relieved.  

Soon, Mu Yi heard the sound of footsteps outside, and then the door was opened. Then, a sixteen-year-old girl walked into the room. She was a little dark and could be regarded as pretty. She looked simple and walked in carefully with a bowl of medicinal soup in her hands.

   When she saw Mu Yi was awake, there was a surprise on her face, “Hello, Taoist.”

“Thank you very much for your help.” 

The girl shook her head immediately, “It wasn’t me, but Da Niu next door who brought you back. At first, everyone thought you would die, but Da Niu believed you wouldn’t die.” 

She seemed a little flustered. She was not used to being looked at like this obviously.

“Oh, why does he think I wouldn’t die?” Mu Yi was a little surprised and a little more curious about the rescuer.

“I don’t know. Da Niu said that you were not an ordinary person. You wouldn’t die, but his family has some special circumstances, so you could only stay here.”

Seeing the reaction as she spoke about Da Niu, there must be something between them.

 Mu Yi nodded, “Thank you anyway.” 

He didn’t mention a reward. In his current state, he couldn’t beat an ordinary adult. Even if he wanted to repay their kindness, he had to wait for his strength to recover.

“You’re welcome. This is medicine for you. Please drink it.” The girl handed the soup to Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi reached out his hands to take it. It was painful. He grit his teeth and didn’t say a word, drinking the medicinal soup with difficulty. The medicinal soup was ordinary, but it was better than nothing. It was important for him to recover a little more strength now.

Mu Yi looked at the nervous girl and smiled, “Thank you.”  

He didn’t know that he wasn’t actually smiling and looked terrible. Mu Yi’s face was pale as a ghost, and his muscles were so stiff that he had no expression.

“You are welcome. I’ll tell Da Niu.” The girl took the bowl and hurried away, as if he were a beast that ate people.

  Mu Yi shook his head and began to explore his body. If his body hadn’t been tempered by the lamp, he would have been dead.

   It was thanks to Nian Nuer who hadn’t hesitated to explode her power so that he could escape.

   Fortunately, Nian Nuer had become the spirit of the Bamboo Tree of Life already. To some extent, as long as the Bamboo Tree of Life was not destroyed, she was alive and he could rebuild her body as long as there was a bit of her real spirit left. However, it would take a lot of time and energy.

   Therefore, Mu Yi needed to restore his strength urgently so that he could hunt ghosts and get energy to rebuild Nian Nuer’s body as soon as possible.

“Ning Wuque. I’ll kill you sooner or later.” 

Mu Yi thought that Ning Wuque was cruel, and there was a hatred in his heart. He had never been so eager to get revenge on someone. Although Ning Wuque was stronger than him, he would not be afraid.

   Now, he had a thorough understanding of the peak of the second difficulty, so he would be well prepared to take revenge when given the chance.

   Later, Mu Yi took the lamp, and lit it with the last of his mental power. He placed it on his abdomen, closed his eyes, and began to settle.

   As he began to settle, his breath merged with the lamp gradually, and the light blue flame began to beat, and then a little blue mist rose up. It flowed into Mu Yi’s mouth and nose slowly.

   During his recovery, he felt that someone had come in, but the man had no hostility, so he did not wake up. It would take a long time to recover.


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