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Chapter 271 Blood Sucking in Succession


   Early in the morning, after Mu Yi finished a set of boxing, Xiao Lian, who had been standing on the side, asked cheerfully, “Brother, are you well?”

It had been three days since Mu Yi had come to this remote village more than 200 miles away from Cangzhou City. It was a small village by the river. There were about 20 families in the village, and they seemed very simple to him.

   The man who saved Mu Yi was Wang Tieniu, who fished for a living. Because the five members of the family lived in two rooms, Mu Yi could only be arranged to stay in Xiao Lian’s house. Wang Tieniu and Xiao Lian were childhood sweethearts and had feelings for each other, but because Wang Tieniu’s family was so poor that they could not gather the money for the bride price, Xiao Lian’s mother disagreed, and their marriage was delayed.

   As for Wang Tieniu, Mu Yi had seen him several times. He was tall and had a loyal face. Although he had no great wisdom, he had some small intelligence. At least, his character was fine as he didn’t steal from Mu Yi.   

Although Mu Yi didn’t have gold, silver or jewelry, the three jade boxes, the copper lamp, and the Bamboo Tree of Life were not common things at first sight. If he sold them, he could get a lot of money. He wanted to marry Xiao Lian, but he simply carried Mu Yi back and asked the doctor to see him.

   That kind of person was either kind and honest or had a big plan. In the eyes of Mu Yi, Wang Tieniu was in the middle. He was kind enough to save him, but he also expected Mu Yi to change his life. From his hesitant speech and his evasive eyes, Mu Yi could guess his mind, but he wasn’t angry. It was not a shame to show kindness and want rewards. It was human nature.

Mu Yi pulled back his fists, calmed down his body, and then said, “I’m fine for the time being.”

   Over the past three days, although he has made great efforts to recover, he recovered slowly because he was hurt too badly and had no panacea for the injuries caused by the force of heaven and earth.

   According to Mu Yi’s conjecture, it would take at least a month for him to recover. It was absolutely unacceptable to him. He had no idea if he had that much time in Ning Wuque was still looking for him. He was powerless to fight back until he recovered, so he had to find a way.

“By the way, Brother Mu, I heard from Aunt Wang next door that someone died in the neighboring village early this morning,” Xiao Lian said. 

Xiao Lian was one year older than Mu Yi, but Mu Yi seemed to be more mature, so Xiao Lian called Mu Yi brother, and Mu Yi didn’t correct her.

“Died?” Mu Yi looked at Xiao Lian unexpectedly and knew that she had more to say. After all, if it was just a normal death or murder, she wouldn’t need to speak to him about it.

“Well, it’s said that he was killed by something unclean.” Xiao Lian nodded with a trace of fear on her face.

“What’d he get killed by?” Mu Yi asked casually, but he didn’t pay much attention. In his state, the life and death of one or two ordinary people could hardly shake his heart. He had seen many things, killed many people, and was already numb to the death of others.

“It’s said to be a zombie.” 

“Zombie?” Mu Yi was a little surprised. It seemed that this kind of thing would not appear in a village like this. 

And if it was a zombie, how could it kill only one person?

“Yes, the dead man was drained of blood. If my mother had allowed me to go, I would have gone to have a look.” 

Xiao Lian was actually just afraid and unwilling to say so.

“Zombies don’t necessarily suck human blood.” Mu Yi shook his head and was still not interested. In his opinion, it was better to recover well than to waste time. Especially since he had power to protect himself with. He needed to hide his identity or Ning Wuque, or some other expert with a grudge, might find him.

“Ah, not zombies? What is it then? Brother Mu, you are a Taoist. You should be able to decapitate demons.” 

“Yes, I can. But there aren’t so many demons and ghosts in the world. On the contrary, people are more terrible than demons,” Mu Yi said lightly.

“Really?” Xiao Lian looked suspicious. Obviously, in her mind, monsters were more terrible than humans since they ate people.

   The next day, another person died with the same symptoms in the neighboring village. Panic spread. Even Xiao Lian’s village was full of panic. After all, the two villages were close. What if the zombie came to their village?

   Although they hadn’t seen the blood sucking monster, according to the judgment of the experienced old people in the village, they were definitely killed by zombies, so many people in the neighboring village fled to join their relatives. They didn’t plan to go back until the zombies were caught.

   Moreover, the incident also alarmed the government. There were special captors coming to investigate the case, which reassured some people, so not all of them left. The people in surrounding villages were frightened and waiting for the captors to catch the zombies, but they were doomed to be disappointed. On the third day, another person was drained of blood by the zombies, but the captors didn’t notice anything and more people fled.

“Brother Mu, do you think zombies will come to our village?” Xiao Lian asked Mu Yi anxiously. In fact, her intention was to ask whether Mu Yi could decapitate demons and kill the zombies.

“Probably not.” Mu Yi shook his head. But for three days, several people had been drained of blood, which made him wonder whether it was a zombie. Unfortunately, he was just starting to recover. He was barely at one-tenth of his strength, so he was not willing to take risks. His evil spirit slaying charms had all been destroyed when he fell into the river.

   As for the copper lamp, it could be used, but in Mu Yi’s current state, using it might make his injuries worse. 

“What if it comes?” Xiao Lian still couldn’t help asking as her imagination ran wild. 

“Don’t worry, I am here.” Seeing Wang Tieniu’s appearance, Mu Yi couldn’t help sighing. Although he didn’t want to cause trouble, if it really came, he couldn’t ignore it. Besides, he should repay Xiao Lian and Wang Tieniu for saving his life.. Moreover, Wang Tieniu came to greet him almost every morning and evening, and every time he came, he brought a large fish.

   Although he didn’t say it clearly, Mu Yi was very clear about Wang Tieniu’s mind.

   In the afternoon, Mu Yi woke up from the settlement, extinguished the copper lamp, and sighed lightly. The power of heaven and earth was more terrible than he imagined, and he could only recover bit by bit.

Still, blessing and misfortune came hand in hand. It was a slow recovery, but it improved his control over his power. His dexterity increased, his heart moved with his will, and his mind changed with his Qi.

Mu Yi was not in a hurry, but he was worried about Big Slave. After all, without him and Nian Nuer around, it was hard to guarantee that he would not lose his temper. Fortunately, Mo Ruyan was there, so there wouldn’t be big problems.

It was good for him to disappear for a while. He could meditate and polish his mental state. From the time he left the mountain, everything had gone well. He’d grown arrogant, but it couldn’t continue like that forever.

   Fortunately, it wasn’t long before he faced Ning Wuque. He had been lucky to increase his power twice while in the tomb, otherwise he could not have escaped Ning Wuque even if he used the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm.

  The ignorant were fearless, but he didn’t have bad luck.

   Mu Yi didn’t think about the battle any more. He picked up the jade box. He hadn’t looked inside or examined the golden bamboo slip over the past few days because he wanted to focus on his recovery.

He felt recovered enough now to check his harvest. The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, even if it was only one of the seven methods, was enough to excite him for a long time. He had never expected to be able to get one.

   The jade box was still well sealed even after nearly two thousand years had passed. Through it, he could see that there was a volume of books inside. Mu Yi carefully opened the jade box and focused on it. Once the book self-destructed, he would need to write down the contents quickly.

   This was one of the reasons why he didn’t use the jade box before.

   He opened the jade box. There was no mildew, but a refreshing fragrance wafted out. It was not a book, but a thick animal skin.

   Mu Yi shook his head and carefully took out the thick animal skin. It was cold  to touch and had a texture to the surface, but it wasn’t very flexible.

   Mu Yi opened it.

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