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Chapter 272 The First Jade Box




‘Guiguzi, the master of Waterfall cave, is proficient in using the mysterious Heaven Tao to predict the incidents between heaven and earth and learning the foundation of nature.’

“Something to do with Guiguzi?” After reading the first paragraph, Mu Yi was curious. He knew that the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu came from Guiguzi. Could the mysterious skills that were recorded on the animal’s skin come from Guiguzi as well?

If so, he was really lucky. The jade boxes were far more valuable than they appeared to be.

With a little excitement, Mu Yi continued to read. Although he was a little fuzzy, he could read it well enough.

‘I got the fragmented script of the spell called the Six-Day Spells, also known as the Six-God Scripts. It’s said that this spell was written by Guiguzi. Although I tried my best, I could only fill one or two gaps. I’m sorry!’

Six-Day Spells? What was that? Mu Yi continued to read.

‘invisible charm’

Charm? Really? Is it really a charm? Mu Yi felt a little incredible. He didn’t expect that the so-called Six-Day Spells was a charm though it was slightly different from the charms he had learned. He could understand its basics based on what he knew and expand his knowledge.

‘exorcism god settle charm’

‘soul travel three worlds charm’

‘life and death charm’

‘four fire charm’

‘day shape slaying charm’

Mu Yi read bit by bit, but his mind was filled with all kinds of incredible feelings. Each of the six charms were beyond his imagination. Although they were called charms, they actually jumped out of the boundary of charms, and that was why they were called the “Six-Day Spells”.   It’s a pity that most of the Six-Day Spells was incomplete. Only the invisible charm and soul travel three worlds charm were complete. The exorcism god settle charm was less than half complete, and the life and death charm only had an outline, while the four fire charm was also only one third complete, but the day shape slaying charm was more than half complete.

Although only two of them were complete, Mu Yi was so excited that he wanted to scream. Even without the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, he had gained a lot. Not only did he not expect that there would be such a treasure in the jade box, but even those old monsters could not imagine it. If they knew that there would be such a thing, those first-class experts would have left empty handed.

However, although the Six-Day Spells was a rare thing to Mu Yi, it might not be the same for others. After all, the Six-Day Spells was only a collection of charms and would be useless to those who did not practice charms. Moreover, the Six-Day Spells was not helpful for breaking through the second difficulty. The charms would just be other weapons. 

Mu Yi studied the charms with all his concentration, until the sun went down and the room was lit up. He took a deep breath. His face was not as excited as before, and he sighed.

   It was more difficult to practice the Six-Day Spells than he thought. Because there were no instructions, Mu Yi didn’t know where to start for a while, but many things in it benefited Mu Yi. He learned a lot about the charm in the Bamboo Tree of Life and the copper lamp, now named the Xin lamp.

In ancient times, the collection of charms were also called the Six-God Script, or the script of Da Tao, and contained the truth of heaven and earth. The charms hinted at the origin of  the Bamboo Tree of Life, the Xin lamp, and the soul rune on Nian Nuer’s forehead.

Nian Nuer was lucky to have gotten the rune.  As long as she could control the charm, it would become powerful in the future.

The charms in the Six-Day Spells were a gathering of charms that should be nourished with the power of spirit and used together with the power of mind into a condensed charm. The results were unpredictable. Mu Yi suspected that the charms he cultivated now had evolved from these charms.

   Moreover, drawing charms was much easier than condensing charms, and it was also easier to learn.

Perhaps when the drawn charms reached their peak, they would also condense, from simplicity to difficulty.

   Although the Six-Day Spells belonged to the grand road, it was also more difficult because of this. Although Mu Yi was tempted, he could not learn it in a short time. However, he had learned enough to make him think he could reach a higher level soon.

Maybe he could study the rejuvenation charm again. If he could draw it, his injuries would definitely recover in a short time.

   Mu Yi was tempted, and suddenly, he had an idea. The rejuvenation charm was absolutely the most suitable charm for him at present, but he had never succeeded before. Now, he had a small clue. He didn’t know if he would succeed, but he would try anyway.

However, he still needed cinnabar, paper and a brush to draw the rejuvenation charm. He didn’t have such things with him when he went to the tomb. Now he had to buy them again, but he didn’t have any money. Wang Tieniu would probably buy it for him, but he didn’t even have money to marry, let alone buying these things.

Although the jade box could only be used to store things, it was precious. It wouldn’t be a problem to sell it to afford some paper and cinnabar.

The next day, Mu Yi asked Xiao Lian to find Wang Tieniu.

 Wang Tieniu was tall, honest and loyal. He looked at Mu Yi with a trace of awe and expectation.

“Taoist Priest, you asked for me?”

While Xiao Lian addressed Mu Yi like an older brother, Wang Tieniu addressed him formally.

“Sell this jade box in the nearby town or city, then help me buy some good cinnabar, charm paper and a first-class brush. As for the rest of the money, it is your reward.” Mu Yi handed over the jade box. 

“I will do as per your order, and you don’t need to give me any reward,” Wang Tieniu took the jade box and shook his head.

“You really don’t want it?” Mu Yi looked at Wang Tieniu with a smile. “Do you know the value of this jade box? Even after buying all the stuff I need, you will still have enough money to marry Xiao Lian and buy a house in town. You won’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life. Don’t you feel tempted?”

After Mu Yi finished, Wang Tieniu didn’t respond, but Xiao Lian’s eyes glowed. Her mind had been tied to Wang Tieniu for a long time. If it wasn’t for her mother’s obstruction, she would marry even if there was no dowry.

But in this era, parents were always in the deciding position of marriage. No matter what she thought, she could only follow her mother’s orders. If Wang Tieniu had the money, her mother would certainly agree.

“I…” Wang Tieniu opened his mouth, but he couldn’t speak for a while. He could feel the burning eyes of Xiao Lian, but he just couldn’t make up his mind. It was not that he didn’t like Xiao Lian, but he really wanted to make a career. He didn’t have this chance before, but when he saved Mu Yi, he knew that his chance had come.

   Although he was only a fisherman, he could tell that those things on Mu Yi were not common. He could have taken his things, but he didn’t because he knew that the people who could own such things were certainly extraordinary, and the value of a relationship with those people was far greater than those things.

No matter how much money he got, he would run out someday. Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to protect so much treasure and would likely be killed for it. He learned from a scholar that it was better to teach people to fish than to give them fish and applied it accordingly. 

“Well, there’s no need to answer now. We can talk about it when you come back,” Mu Yi waved his hand and stopped Wang Tieniu.

“Yes, Taoist Priest,” Wang Tieniu nodded respectfully.

After Wang Tieniu left, Xiao Lian was still unhappy. It seemed that Wang Tieniu had let her down. 

She looked at Mu Yi and asked, “Big Brother, are you going to expel the evil spirits and demons?”

“No,” Mu Yi shook his head. 

Although there was news from the next village from time to time, Mu Yi still had no such plan. He asked Wang Tieniu to buy charm paper, just to practice the rejuvenation charm. The sooner he could draw the charm; the sooner he could recover from his injury.

“But…” Xiao Lian couldn’t bear it. She seemed to feel that Mu Yi was cold-blooded.

Mu Yi gave Xiao Lian a meaningful glance and said, “No one in this world has to help others.”  

He was not only saying this to Xiao Lian, but also to himself. After listening to Mu Yi’s words, Xiao Lian didn’t say anything. Although she was just a peasant girl, it didn’t mean she was stupid.

In the afternoon, Wang Tieniu came back from the town, but his nose was blue and his face was swollen. He looked embarrassed. 

When he saw Mu Yi, he fell to his knees and said, “Taoist Priest, the jade box was taken from me.”

“Oh, taken?” Although he had known that the jade box was valuable, he did not expect that it would really arouse enough greed for Wang Tieniu to get robbed.

“Tell me more about it.” There is a flash of killing intent in Mu Yi’s eyes. He hated others robbing him since he followed the old Taoist priest. Even now, he hadn’t changed at all.

“Yes, Taoist Priest.” Wang Tieniu told him everything in detail.

When he arrived in the town, he found a decoration shop and wanted to sell the jade box. Unexpectedly, the owner of the shop took him to the room first after looking at the jade box, then stalled him with the excuse of raising money. When he was impatient, several fierce big men broke in and beat him up. They claimed that he had stolen something and wanted to take him to the police station.

Wang Tieniu immediately knew that the owner must be motivated by money, and he was  outnumbered. Without any chance to win this fight, he took a chance and escaped. When the other side saw him escape, they went after him for a while, then went back while cursing out loud. , they didn’t think Wang Tieniu could take revenge.

“Good, very good.”

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