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Chapter 273 Impartation



“Master, that boy escaped. We couldn’t find him,” said a butler-like man while looking at the old man in the seat of honor in the Huang’s Jewelry Shop in town.

“You couldn’t find him? Then send more people to scour for him. As long as we can find the boy, we can get a really rare treasure. “

The old man was Huang Yaowen, the owner of Huang’s Jewelry Shop, one of his many properties. Today, he happened to be in the shop when his men reported that they had bought a good jade box. Huang Yaowen got very excited at the first sight of it. Although the jade box was of great worth, what he really valued was the thing that had been in it.

According to his observation, the jade box had been sealed before. It had been opened recently so there was even still a trace of smell in it. What could have been hidden in the precious jade box was undoubtedly ten to a hundred times more valuable than its container. He thought that it was a poor young man who had come to sell it and took the chance.

In his opinion, the poor young man must have obtained the jade box by fluke. 

At first, he had intended to catch the young man and make him hand over the thing that had been in the jade box through coercion, but unexpectedly, the man had escaped, to his irritation. He understood that since the man had come to the town, he must live nearby. As long as he checked the villagers one by one, he could definitely find him.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll find that boy in two days at most.” said the butler severely.

“Well, have you found the zombie of Zhang Clan Village?” Huang Yaowen asked.

“Not yet. Several monks and Taoist priests went there with some county constables, but they still couldn’t find the zombie. People kept dying, so most of the people of the Zhang Clan Village have fled.”

“If it goes on like this, we have to confer with other clans. It’s better to jointly submit a letter to the county magistrate for more helpers. Moreover, Zhang Clan Village has to be barricaded to prevent them from escaping. Otherwise, the zombie may also escape with them to town. If so, there will be a big turmoil,” Huang Yaowen spoke softly, but the meaning of his words made people shudder.

“Yes, sir. You’re really wise and powerful.” 

“Well, you can leave now.” Huang Yaowen waved his hand. After the butler left, he picked up the jade box from the table and looked at it carefully. The fragrance in the box fascinated him.

“This rare treasure belongs to me.”

  • ·············

“Wang Tieniu, I know you want to learn skills from me, but the method cannot be imparted easily. Whether you can get me to teach you depends on the result of this test,” Mu Yi said, looking at Wang Tieniu kneeling in front of him.

“Aren’t you angry with me?” Wang Tieniu looked at Mu Yi with some consternation, but he understood Mu Yi’s words. Before Mu Yi could speak, he spoke again, “I am ready for any test.”

Mu Yilooked at Wang Tieniu and asked, “You decided? It’s not a test just to endure hardship. Maybe you will lose your life.” 

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind,” Wang Tieniu nodded heavily. He was fed up with the feeling of being weak. He wanted to be strong. Only strength could protect his family and Xiao Lian. Mu Yi was his best chance.

Although Wang Tieniu answered resolutely, Xiao Lian beside was full of worry.

Mu Yi looked at Xiao Lian and said, “Xiao Lian, leave. The next words are not suitable for you.” 

“Brother Mu, can you please…” Xiao Lian looked at Mu Yi pleadingly.

Wang Tieniu immediately looked at Xiao Lian and said firmly, “Xiao Lian, I’ve decided. I don’t want to live this life any longer. I want to be strong. I want you to live a good life and never be looked down upon or laughed at again.” 

After Xiao Lian heard Wang Tieniu’s words, her eyes suddenly turned red, then she ran out with her mouth covered.

Looking at Xiao Lian, Wang Tieniu wanted to talk but stopped on second thought. He didn’t follow Xiao Lian out.

“Would you dare to kill?” Mu Yi asked directly, ignoring Wang Tieniu’s mood.

“Ah…” Wang Tieniu was shocked by Mu Yi’s question.

“Would you dare to kill?” Mu Yi asked again. His voice was very flat.

“I–I would, but only bad people.” Wang Tieniu finally said after some hesitation. He was not an evil person. Although he wanted to learn from Mu Yi, he did not want to violate his own principles.

Mu Yi took a long look at Wang Tieniu, “Just kill the bad guys? Are there any absolutely good or bad people in this world? It’s precious for you to have principles. As long as you pass the test next, I’ll teach you what you want.” 

“Thank you, Taoist Priest.” Wang Tieniu got very happy when hearing the words.

“Don’t be happy just yet. The test is not as simple as you think. Maybe even your life will be lost. I just hope you won’t regret it because once the test starts, you will have no chance to pull back.” 

“I will not regret it,” Wang Tieniu said firmly and clenched his fists.

Mu Yi suddenly shouted, “Okay, calm down and look at me.”  

Wang Tieniu trembled all over before he raised his head unconsciously and met Mu Yi’s gaze. Then, a finger rushed towards him. Before he could respond, the finger touched him between his eyebrows and immediately left.

Wang Tieniu felt like things were exploding in his mind, and many things were infused into his head, making his head buzz. After a long time, he recovered and came to his senses.

“Although this sword technique is not profound, it’s the most suitable one for you at present. It is an hour before sunset. You can get familiar with it first, then go to town to get the jade box back at night. This is the test,” Mu Yi said as Wang Tieniu woke up.

He had forced a sword technique into Wang Tieniu’s mind with the power of the mind and spirit. In this way, Wang Tieniu understood and could control the essence of the sword technique. However, he still needed to practice to get completely proficient. After all, there was still a distance between what was in mind and the instinctive reaction.

Mu Yi believed that with Wang Tieniu’s physical quality, as long as he worked hard, he could at least initially master this sword technique in an hour. Even if Wang Tieniu had completely mastered this sword technique, he still had a long distance from the third-class experts in the world, but what experts could there be in the nearby town?

 When Wang Tieniu got sober, he bowed to Mu Yi, “See you, master.”

“I am not your master. But since you saved my life, I will try my best to fulfill your wish. Okay, you can leave.” 

After Mu Yi dismissed the disappointed Wang Tieniu, he could no longer maintain the demeanor of just a maestro. His face turned pale and sweat appeared on his forehead.

“I didn’t expect that it would take so much to infuse the experience with the method of mind and spirit. I almost couldn’t bear it.” Mu Yi gasped and thought that although he had not recovered at the moment, his mind and spirit power was ready to be used. He had thought that transmitting an ordinary sword technique would not consume much mind and spirit. He was wrong. 

It was not until dark that Xiao Lian came in with the meal.

Mu Yi looked at Xiao Lian and asked, “Wang Tieniu is gone?”

“Yes, Brother Mu. Is brother Wang Tieniu in danger?” Xiao Lian asked uneasily.

“There will be dangers, but you don’t have to worry too much. I don’t think he’s such a hapless man. It should be no problem. Besides, don’t you want him to get ahead and marry you?” Mu Yi looked at Xiao Lian and asked.

Xiao Lian’s eyes twinkled for a while, but finally, she shook her head and said, “I–I just want him to be safe and sound.”

“Safe and sound? Now the world is about to be in a tumult. Where is the safe land? The zombie in the neighboring village may come any day, let alone the chaos from farther places. Do you think it is important to just be safe? “Asked Mu Yi lightly.

“No, don’t we still have you?” Xiao Lian blurted out.

“I can only protect you for a while, but what about the future? Who will protect you then? You have to remember that it’s always better to rely on yourself than on others,” Mu Yi said.

After hearing Mu Yi’s words, Xiao Lian nodded as if she had understood something. Maybe she hadn’t understood yet, but at least, she had heard Mu Yi’s words.


After leaving Mu Yi’s room, Wang Tieniu went home to find his sword. He had bought it even though he lived a frugal life because his heart had never really settled down. When he got it, Wang Tieniu found a place away from other people and began to practice.

He used to practice alone, but no one had taught him. He had blindly practiced. Although he hadn’t mastered any skill, he was strong.

Holding the sword, Wang Tieniu felt as if he had grown closer to it. Then he began to practice according to the memory in his mind. The first two times were a bit awkward, but slowly, he became more and more skilled. The speed of progress was amazing and unbelievable. True genius had to be like this.

One hour passed quickly. Wang Tieniu felt hot all over. He had never felt it before. Although there was no test, Wang Tieniu knew that his strength had greatly increased, ten times better than before. His worries were gone. He was full of prowess.

At the same time, he was more and more awed by the magical power of Mu Yi.

After refreshing himself, Wang Tieniu headed for the town with his sword.

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