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Chapter 274 Wang Tieniu Killing 



Wang Tieniu came to the town with his sword. Fortunately, it was dark, and few people were outside. In addition, the nearby zombies were making trouble, so no one came out willingly. Wang Tieniu entered the town freely and found the jewelry shop.

Although Wang Tieniu had great ambition, he had never killed people. He had been prodded by Mu Yi’s words before and promised flatly. Now that he was really about to kill people, he hesitated and couldn’t make a decision.

Thinking of the so-called test and that they had robbed his jade box and beat him violently, he finally mustered up his courage and jumped in from the backyard wall. In his opinion, it would be best if he could find the jade box secretly. Unless he had to, he would try not to hurt people.

Unfortunately, as soon as Wang Tieniu jumped into the yard, a shadow came out from the dark and scared him. It was a big dog, rushing towards him to bite him in the neck. Wang Tieniu’s power burst out. He retreated and brandished his sword. Silver light flashed, and the big dog’s head had been split.

Wang Tieniu fell to the ground due to overexertion with blood splashing all over him. He could only gasp violently with his mouth wide open, and his eyes were still full of fear. He had almost been killed just now. It was the first time he had ever experienced something like this. Although he had managed to get through it, he lost his mind for a while.

The big dog hadn’t made a sound when it rushed towards him, and he hadn’t made any noise when killing it, so he hadn’t disturbed the people in the house, leaving him time to recover.

Maybe it was because of the blood when Wang Tieniu got up from the ground, that his face lost all traces of fear. He looked scary.

Wang Tieniu got up and broke into the house. The several servants who were guarding the shop had been drinking and chatting before they were about to leave and ran into Wang Tieniu.

“Ha, you fell into my lap by yourself. I didn’t expect you to come back. Brothers, let’s take him to the butler tomorrow to get the reward,” the big man who had beat Wang Tieniu earlier said. 


Wang Tieniu’s eyes turned red when he saw the man and heard his words. The sword techniques Mu Yi had imparted to him with the power of mind and spirit was named “Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques” and was filled with evil Qi. Covered in dog blood, his fury was terrifying. 

The servants weren’t afraid because many hands provided great strength and they had beaten Wang Tieniu violently earlier. In an instant, the two sides collided. Wang Tieniu attacked, swinging his sword like a tiger swung its claws and killed two people very soon.

After Wang Tieniu heard the screams and saw the man who had beat him up in the daytime cut through, the last fear in his heart dissipated and he grew brutal with a terrible look in his eyes.

They were shocked. Despite their numbers, they were each cut down. 

“Where is my jade box?” asked Wang Tieniu, stepping on the face of their leader, Huang San.

“The jade box was taken by the master,” Huang San replied. He hadn’t expected that the lamb in the daytime would turn into a monster at night. His life was in Wang Tieniu’s hand, so he could only answer honestly.

“He took it? Where did he take it to?” Wang Tieniu got anxious. After all, Mu Yi’s test was to obtain the jade box. If the jade box was gone, it would be no use even if he had killed everyone.

“To his house probably,” Huang San answered in a hurry.

“Take me there,” Wang Tieniu said with his teeth clenched, he knew that it would be more dangerous to go to the Huang Clan house, but he couldn’t give up. 

“Okay, okay, I’ll take you there.” 

He would have to find a way to get free when they arrive. There was an expert in the Huang Clan. When they arrived, he could borrow his knife to kill Wang Tieniu.

With Huang San leading the way, they soon came to the Huang Clan. In order to gain Wang Tieniu’s trust, Huang San lied to get the gate open, but as soon as the gate opened, Huang San rushed in and shouted loudly.

Wang Tieniu was just a fisherman. How could he be Huang San’s match in terms of cunning?

Hearing Huang San yelling and warning, Wang Tieniu was stunned.

“I will kill you.”

Wang Tieniu came to his senses and chased Huang San. The Huang Clan’s guards heard the noise and rushed toward Wang Tieniu one after another.

Due to his injury, Wang Tieniu caught him within a few steps and kicked him to the ground. 

As Wang Tieniu was about to cut his head off, someone roared at him, “Stop it, madman!”

A man ran towards him quickly, but Wang Tieniu was too furious to hear the warning. Blood splashed all over his face as he cut Huang San’s head off. 

“Go to hell!”

Stimulated by the blood, Wang Tieniu got fiercer. He began to attack the surrounding guards. Although those guards had learned some martial arts, they were all amateurs. No real expert would ever stay in such a small town.

Thanks to Mu Yi’s gift,  Wang Tieniu seemed to be an expert. He fought like hell, so those guardians soon dispersed. But the crisis was just beginning.

There was an excellent martial arts expert in the Huang Clan named Li Tong, whom Huang San had intended to rely on. However, Li Tong was only an expert compared to ordinary people. Li Tong was not even a third-class expert. Because he had offended people, he had to hide in this remote place. With his knowledge and strength, he was barely able to get a position as a house-guard steward.

If he couldn’t take Wang Tieniu, he would definitely lose his job.

Naturally, Wang Tieniu also noticed Li Tong, but he was not afraid. He rushed at Li Tong with a shout. Li Tong had a stick as tall as his eyebrow, which looked powerful when he brandished it. Although Wang Tieniu was inexperienced, he had already mastered the Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques. Thus, they fought each other for a while.

Gradually, Li Tong felt that he couldn’t fight like this any longer. He was middle-aged, so his strength had decreased faster than Wang Tieniu’s. Therefore, after a long battle, he felt timid, while Wang Tieniu became braver and braver without any way to retreat.


Finally, Li Tong knocked Wang Tieniu back with one strike and shouted loudly. He had also wanted to take the opportunity to kill Wang Tieniu, but he was running out of energy, so he could only try to think of other ways.

When Wang Tieniu heard Li Tong’s words, he sobered up a little bit and paused his attack. Someone shot an arrow at him suddenly and it almost scratched him on his cheek.

“Missedd.” Seeing Wang Tieniu’s eyes turned red instantly, Li Tong had no time to scold the archer but turned around and tried to run away. But Wang Tieniu was faster. He had almost lost his life for the shot, so he was furious and wished he could kill all the people around him.

Li Tong was the first to suffer because he was the nearest. After being chased by Wang Tieniu, he was cut down with an expression full of reluctance.

Seeing Li Tong’s death, those around him fell into chaos. Wang Tieniu took the opportunity to kill several people and finally entered the backyard. He found Huang Yaowen. Although they had not seen each other before, they recognized each other at a glance from the appearances.

“Bother, listen. Whatever you want, I will satisfy you,” Huang Yaowen shouted at the sight of Wang Tieniu’s red eyes. He knew that it was unwise to provoke him now, especially after hearing that Li Tong had been killed.

“Give me the jade box,” shouted Wang Tieniu.

“What? The jade box? ” Huang Yaowen was stunned because he hadn’t realized that all this was caused by the jade box he had obtained. If he had known it would incur such a consequence, he would never have been so greedy. Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Wait a moment, brother. I’ll go to get it for you right away,” Huang Yaowen said.

“No, I’ll go with you.” 

Wang Tieniu had struggled to catch Huang Yaowen. Naturally, he didn’t want him to escape. He was not stupid. The house was in chaos and there might be other hazards if he waited here, so he had to get the jade box back quickly.

“No problem. Come with me, brother.” Huang Yaowen could only buy time now, and he was afraid to annoy Wang Tieniu.

Wang Tieniu followed Huang Yaowen into the room and soon found the jade box. When he saw the jade box, he was relieved. Then, he looked at Huang Yaowen uncertainly.

“Don’t worry, my brother. It was my fault. I will swear by my life that I will never pursue it. I also offer you a thousand liang of silver. I just want to write off the grudges between us. Neither of us will find any trouble from now on.” 

Wang Tieniu could not be compared to Huang Yaowen in terms of life experience, though they were both from small places. Huang Yaowen could deduce Wang Tieniu’s thoughts from his facial expression, so he took the initiative to resolve the conflict.

Only he knew whether it was true. But after hearing this, Wang Tieniu was  moved. He could not only write off the grudges but also get the silver. Where could he find another transaction like this? He had also doubted Huang Yaowen’s words, but the temptation of one thousand liang of silver was too great.

Huang Yaowen was eloquent. Seeing Wang Tieniu’s intention, he immediately continued to persuade him. Finally, Wang Tieniu nodded.


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