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Chapter 275 Admission


“Taoist Priest, I’ve brought you the jade box and the one thousand liang of silver.”

Mu Yi looked at the man with blood all over his body. Wang Tieniu looked embarrassed. Finally, Mu Yi nodded. When Wang Tieniu saw Mu Yi nodding, he also looked very happy. Beside him, Xiao Lian wiped her tears and looked at Wang Tieniu with worry.

“Tell me the whole story,” Mu Yi said.

“Yes, Taoist Priest.”

Wang Tieniu was still embarrassed when he finally talked about the one thousand liang of silver notes, so he handed them over to Mu Yi to deal with.

He didn’t forget the reason why he became powerful. He believed that as long as Mu Yi taught him more, he would definitely become more powerful, even become an expert in the world.

“Do you think what you did was right?” Mu Yi asked.

“Taoist Priest, I… Did I do something wrong?” Wang Tieniu asked uneasily.

“Do you know who Huang Yaowen is? Do you think he will let you go after you killed his people and robbed him?” Mu Yi asked.

“But he swore to write it off, and he robbed me first. He also said the money was compensation,” Wang Tieniu said puzzled.

“How can we believe their vows? If I have not guessed wrong, he is gathering people and preparing to take revenge. By then, he will be a real expert. Do you think you can still win? If they tell the government, where can you escape then?” Mu Yi said lightly, but Wang Tieniu was already pale, and his eyes showed fear. He thought of the consequences.

“I–I’m going to kill him,” said Wang Tieniu loudly.

“Now? Do you believe that even if you search the whole town, you can’t find him?” 

“Then, what should I do?” Wang Tieniu seemed to be flustered.

“Brother Mu, please help him,” Xiao Lian kneeled in front of Mu Yi at once. As soon as she heard that Wang Tieniu killed people, she already felt something bad was coming. Now, with Mu Yi’s words, she finally couldn’t bear it.

Wang Tieniu looked at Xiao Lian and clenched his teeth, “Taoist Priest, a man should be responsible. Don’t worry. I’ll leave now, and I promise I won’t get involved with you.” 

“Go? Where can you go? And you won’t look after your parents, brothers and sisters? Xiao Lian?” Mu Yi asked.

“I…” Wang Tieniu was speechless. Just now he was able to propose to go, he was determined.

“Well, you go home first. I’ll take care of it.” After Mu Yi sent Wang Tieniu and Xiao Lian away, his eyebrows also wrinkled. Originally, he thought it was just a small thing, but he didn’t expect so many things would happen. Mu Yi could be sure that Huang Yaowen would retaliate later, but he couldn’t blame Wang Tieniu. After all, he had little experience. He was just a fisherman before. He couldn’t fight a crafty scoundrel like Huang Yaowe.

If Mu Yi didn’t want to be disturbed, Huang Yaowen had to be killed. If Mu Yi didn’t care about Wang Tieniu, it would be easy to leave him to his fate, but Wang Tieniu had saved his life. Furthermore, it was his fault, so he could leave quietly.

He would have to kill him, but as he expected, Huang Yaowen was not in the town. It would take some effort to find him. Mu Yi had not held fully and there was not enough time to wait.

“It seems that I can only boost the growth of Wang Tieniu, so that even if someone comes to us, his strength will be enough.” 

Wang Tieniu was killed tonight. It would be impossible for him to go back to his previous life, but his luck in this new world was unknown. 

The next day, Wang Tieniu stood in front of Mu Yi again, but compared with last night, the formality on his face was lesser. He was no longer so afraid. Killing made him mature out of the timid fishing boy he had been.

“Have you thought about it?” Asked Mu Yi.

“I figured it out,” Wang Tieniu nodded very seriously.

“It’s impossible to pass on my Dharma with your age and qualification.” Wang Tieniu’s expression turned dejected, “However, although I can’t pass on the Dharma, there’s no problem in martial arts. As long as you work hard, it’s still no problem to become a second-class expert in the future, even a first-class expert is not impossible.” 

Wang Tieniu was delighted.

“I, thank you, master,” Wang Tieniu kneeled on the ground and bowed his head, and this time, Mu Yi didn’t continue to refuse.

“I can accept you as a registered apprentice. When I am satisfied, I will talk about it more in the future,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“Yes, master.” Although it was only a registered apprentice, Wang Tieniu was very happy.

“Practicing martial arts is not a matter of one day or one night. The Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques that I taught you before needs more exercise. In addition, because you are old and your bones are fixed, you need to use external force to achieve something along the way of martial arts. This is a prescription that I wrote. You can strengthen and recuperate your body. Take medicine according to this prescription and  every morning.” Mu Yi gave Wang Tieniu a piece of paper. This was the road he chose for Wang Tieniu last night, the Tao of martial arts.

“Thank you very much, master.” Wang Tieniu was very happy. He quickly took the prescription and the stack of silver notes. It cost a lot of money to practice martial arts alone. Although Wang Tieniu brought back a thousand liang ofin silver last night, it was not enough.

Mu Yi was also thankful to the Su Clan. If he hadn’t had the Su Clan’s support, he would have wasted a lot of time trying to reach the top of the second difficulty.

To Mu Yi’s surprise, Huang Yaowen didn’t send anyone for revenge for three days. It seemed that he completely forgot this hatred. During that time, Mu Yi taught Wang Tieniu martial arts in his spare time. Wang Tieniu lay the foundation and practiced the Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques every day.

Wang Tieniu tried his best to practice. He was exhausted every day, but he kept going. Xiao Lian was very worried about him.

Mu Yi was satisfied with Wang Tieniu’s hard work. In addition to talent, perseverance and diligence were the most important things for him to practice martial arts and others.

Wang Tieniu was old. If he wanted to achieve something, he had to exert several times the amount of effort as someone several years younger than him would. Mu Yi had been observing him. Fortunately, he didn’t let Mu Yi down.

Wang Tieniu practiced Five Tigers Break Door sword Techniques until he had mastered it to the level of instinct. Moreover, after the three days of taking Mu Yi’s medicinal soup, Wang Tieniu’s body had become stronger, and the Qi in his blood was denser. Although it had not yet developed the internal strength, it had touched the edge of the third-class expert. He believed it would not be long before he would become a third-class expert in the world.

Xiao Lian was happy to see that Wang Tieniu had become an expert so quickly. Her wish had come. The zombies in the neighboring village had disappeared, which made her feel relieved. It seemed that the zombie had been hurt by a formidable person. As for whether it was true or not, no one was sure. But the lack of news was the best news.

Mu Yi began to draw charms while teaching Wang Tieniu after Xiao Lian bought him the paper, brush, and cinnabar. 

After several days of research, he felt that he was only a little away from successfully drawing the rejuvenation charm. Mu Yi also studied the Six-Day Spells, especially the invisible charm and soul travel three worlds charm.

As the name suggested, the invisible charm was used for invisibility. This charm was totally different from using Ghost King Pataka for invisibility. Moreover, with the help of the charm, people could completely integrate with the heaven and the earth to reach the level of no separation.

Looking at the invisible charm, Mu Yi thought of the unity of heaven and man. Although it was not the same, it also relied on the power of heaven and earth. The invisible charm was too profound and the difficulty was far greater than the rejuvenation charm.

As for the soul travel three worlds charm, it created a carrier for the soul to manifest on the physical plane. If he wanted, Mu Yi could turn the soul travel three worlds charm into villains, birds, insects or animals, but Mu Yi wanted to broaden his horizon.

If he was successful, Mu Yi could sit at home and travel outside. Although this method was only suitable for the night, he would be like the legendary god of night.

As for the rest of the charms, they had their own advantages, but most of them were incomplete. It was beyond his skill to complete them at the moment.
He had not opened the other two jade boxes or used the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. 

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