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Chapter 276 Real Combat of Wang Tieniu

In the evening, an oil lamp in his hut swayed gently as Mu Yi sat at the table and studied. He was studying the invisible charm. Over the past few days, he’d learned a lot and had begun to sketch the charm in his mind. Although he failed every time, he gradually discovered some potential progress in how to draw it so it would cloak his soul and body.

As it grew darker, Mu Yi gave up studying the invisible charm and prepared to recover as he had every day. 

However, when Mu Yi was about to settle down, a soft voice came from outside. Ordinary people couldn’t hear it, but Mu Yi could.

“Are you sure it’s here?”

He frowned and his eyes turned cold. In the dark, two figures stood in front of a Wang Tieniu’s yard.

“It’s here. The master means to kill them all.” The other answered in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a few lives.”


As soon as the man finished speaking, he felt something was wrong. Before he could turn around, there was a breeze behind him. It was bad. He was shocked, and he felt a pain in the back of his head. He lost consciousness with barely a thought.

Wang Wu woke up after some time. He took in his surroundings and saw two men: a young Taoist priest and a strong man.

“Who are you?” Wang Wu said in a strong voice despite his fear. His gaze jumped back and forth between them. Although he didn’t understand what happened, he was very clear that if they could knock him unconscious without a sound, they were much stronger than him. The other man was not nearby. 

“Wang Tieniu, don’t you want to know how far away you are from being a third class expert? Defeat him, you are the third class expert,” said Mu Yi lightly.

Mu Yi had intended to kill the two men, but changed his mind so that Wang Tieniu could gain some combat experience. Wang Wu had just reached the third class, so he was the best partner for training.

“Yes, master.” Wang Tieniu replied respectfully then looked at Wang Wu with a murderous gaze. 

He knew that if it wasn’t for his master, his family would not have escaped last night. He regretted leaving Huang Yaowen alive even more. For the first time, he understood the cruelty of the world.

“Now if you can defeat my apprentice, you will live,” Mu Yi said.

“Is that true?” Wang Wu’s eyes suddenly brightened. He thought he was going to die.

“That’s true,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“Well, show me your strength.” Wang Wu was very happy. He looked at Wang Tieniu. Though Mu Yi knocked him out, he had not been disarmed, so he drew his short sword.

“Please,” Wang Tieniu lifted his sword, remembered his training, and stared at Wang Wu.

Since his apprenticeship began, Wang Tieniu felt that his strength had improved rapidly. He had asked Mu Yi if he was an expert yet, but Mu Yi denied it. Although he believed in Mu Yi’s words, he was unavoidably unconvinced. This was a great chance to verify his strength.

Wang Tieniu was serious, and a light evil aura emanated from him. The Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques was a first-class sword technique. Combined with the blood he’d spilled, it was not surprising that he had developed this evil aura. Wang Wu felt it and his arrogance turned to wariness.

The Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques actually originated from Shaolin. The sword technique was very sharp, like a tiger clawing its prey. Nothing could stop it. To ‘break’ was the essence of the sword technique. Mu Yi imprinted the techniques into his mind and saved him a lot of time on the road to mastery. 

Because of this, Mu Yi did not teach him other sword techniques and let Wang Tieniu fully absorb it. Wang Tieniu had a general talent and great perseverance. He had shown that much in training, but now was his chance to apply it.

With a roar, Wang Tieniu lunged at Wang Wu. He looked like a tiger leaping down the mountain. The latter was shocked by his aura, but he was a third-class expert and far superior to Wang Tieniu in terms of his fighting experience. Wang Tieniu was enraptured in his strength and conviction. It wasn’t the best idea to meet him head on, so Wang Wu stepped back and pulled away from Wang Tieniu.

Wang Tieniu didn’t expect that Wang Wu would retreat. He missed, but he continued to pursue and aim for Wang Wu again and again. Wang Wu’s idea was to wear him down. He was faster than Wang Tieniu, so although Wang Tieniu’s sword technique was fierce, he could not catch up with him. The swords met and parted, but Wan Tienu had not landed a solid blow.

Soon, Wang Tieniu realized it and began to slow down to conserve his strength.

Wang Wu’s eyes flashed with ferocity. He took the opportunity and advanced, thrusting his short sword at  Wang Tieniu.

Wang Tieniu was not afraid of Wang Wu. He blocked the attack and turned swiftly to strike Wang Wu. The length of his sword was his advantage. If Wang Wu didn’t dodge, he would be cut open.

Wang Wu ducked and swung low towards Wang Tieniu’s belly.

Wang Tieniu jumped up, twisted sharply, and swung at Wang Wu. Wang Wu rolled across the ground and escaped the strike. Although Wang Wu looked a bit awkward, he had conserved more strength than Wang Tieniu.

Wang Tieniu didn’t give up his advantage. He wanted to kill Wang Wu. Wang Wu was smart, dodging and looking for opportunities. They were entangled with each other for a while.

Mu Yi watched silently. Although Wang Tieniu had somewhat of an upper hand, he was in a bad situation. He had little experience in fighting. Wang Wu controlled the pace of the fight.

Once his strength started to wear out, Wang Wu would turn the tide.

Moreover, Wang Wu had remained calm, which impressed Mu Yi somewhat. He wasn’t weak and had a good tactical understanding of when to advance and when to retreat.

After a long time of attacking, Wang Tieniu began to fret and began to increase the strength behind his strikes. It seemed that he wanted to split Wang Wu in half. Unfortunately, none of his attacks landed. Wang Tieniu began to lose confidence. He thought he was an expert, but he didn’t expect to beat a third class expert.

The more he thought like this, the more he wanted to win. After dozens of moves, he finally stepped on a pit on the ground and tripped, throwing off his stance.

Wang Wu saw the opportunity and took it. He rushed at Wang Tieniu in a flash and thrust his dagger forward quickly.

There was a flash of panic in Wang Tieniu’s eyes. He felt guilty as if he had wasted Mu Yi’s hard work and let down his parents and family, and Xiao Lian, but he was not afraid of death.

He thought he was not afraid of death. Then what else could defeat him? The panic in his eyes suddenly vanished. The Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques had become instinct. He struck out at Wang Wu intending to take his death so long as he injured Wang Wu. 

Seeing this, Wang Wu cursed him. If Mu Yi wasn’t nearby, he would definitely kill Wang Tieniu at the cost of slight injury, but he knew that if he killed Mu Yi’s apprentice, there would be consequences. He wanted to win, not kill.

He dodged and quickly retreated. The sword almost brushed against his chest, cutting his clothes.

As soon as Wang Wu retreated, he took advantage of his speed and kicked Wang Tieniu in the back. 

Wang Tieniu fell to the ground, unable to defend himself.


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