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Chapter 277 Awards


   When Wang Tieniu fell, he realized that it was not good. Mu Yi would not help him, he knew.  Although it was not clear what kind of punishment he would have if he lost, his position in Mu Yi’s mind would definitely be reduced. He was only a registered disciple, he didn’t want to be lower than that.

   All of a sudden, Wang Tieniu’s heart gushed with defiance. He had finally gotten an opportunity to change his fate and tasted the hope of becoming a master. Was it broken?

“No, absolutely not!”

   At this moment, Wang Tieniu’s heart gave out an unwilling roar. He had fallen down, but darted aside and avoided Wang Wu’s short sword. He rolled to his feet and bumped Wang Wu.

   Wang Wu couldn’t prevent being hit. He was shocked as he didn’t expect that the strength of Wang Tieniu would be so strong. He flew across the room.

 Wang Tieniu’s entire aura changed and he entered a strange state. His eyes were like whirlpools, dark and deep. His usual temperament turned cold and merciless.

“How?” Mu Yi made a light sign next to him then carefully checked the status of Wang Tieniu. In his opinion, Wang Tieniu was doomed to lose due to lack of experience. This sudden change in Wang Tieniu intrigued him and made him reconsider his initial impressions of him.

   Mu Yi had accepted Wang Tieniu as a registered disciple to repay Wang Tieniu for his help. Even though Wang Tieniu had a general talent, he hadn’t seen anything extraordinary about him. Now, it seemed that he had overlooked something in Wang Tieniu. 

“Die,” Wang Tieniu said coldly. His Qi was stronger. His body was stronger and he was a bit faster. Wang Tieniu had completely entered the third-class. 

   Sure enough, Wang Tieniu stepped hard, and the ground suddenly vibrated and caved around his footsteps. Wang Tieniu attacked Wang Wu, and his sword fell with a cold light.

   Wang Wu’s expression changed a lot. He cowered as he couldn’t figure out the source of Wang Tieniu’s change and increased strength.

   Wang Wu dodged the first attack, and Wang Tieniu seemed to have expected it. He changed the path of his sword to cut across. Wang Wu’s face was full of fear. He tried to escape, but the sword was too fast and cut him in half. Wang Wu’s body fell to the ground with an expression of disbelief. 

   After Wang Tieniu killed Wang Wu, he stood there and didn’t move. His body began to shake, and the cold in his eyes gradually disappeared. Then, he fell to his knees with his mouth opened wide and gasped.

   Mu Yi didn’t urge him. He waited until Wang Tieniu stood up after a rest, then asked, “How do you feel?”

“Tired.” Wang Tieniu’s voice was hoarse. Looking at Wang Wu’s body beside him, he was a little excited. He won and didn’t disappoint Mu Yi. He was qualified to be Mu Yi’s registered disciple. 

“Get rid of the body and come back to me.” 

Mu Yi turned around and left, contemplating the state Wang Tieniu had entered. Some people could exhibit several times their strength in the moment of a life-threatening crisis. It was called potential. However, Wang Tieniu’s situation was slightly different. His outburst was not for fear of his life. If he could master that state in the future, it would be like divine aid in the middle of a fight.  Even if his talent was normal, his future achievements could be limitless.

   He viewed Wang Tieniu as a real registered disciple. If Wang Tieniu could cultivate, he would help him and see where he could go in the future.

   Although Mu Yi was young, he was more mature than normal adults.

   Before long, Wang Tieniu came to Mu Yi’s room, he seemed somewhat cautious. 

“Come here, I’ll check your injuries,” Mu Yisaid.

   Wang Tieniu came back to Mu Yi with his fists clenched on either side. He was tense, but he didn’t ask anything. He let Mu Yi put his hand on his head, then he felt a bit of power enter his body. He saw Mu Yi open his eyes.

“Master, am I ill?” 

Mu Yi was stunned and looked at him in surprise.

“Why do you ask this?”

“I, I…” Wang Tieniu didn’t know how to explain it. It was hard to say that he just seemed to be enchanted.

Mu Yi shook his head, dispelled Wang Tieniu’s fear, “Well, you are in good health. Now let me ask you a few questions.” 

Wang Tieniu nodded obediently, “Ask, master.” 

“Tell me how it felt before.”

   Wang Tieniu scratched his head, then said, “It was like I had suddenly woken up. Everything around me became clear, and my strength increased. I felt like I knew what he was going to do before he did it, master. I think I’m very strong in that state.”

“Is that so? Have you had such an experience before?”

Wang Tieniu shook his head, “No.” 

Mu Yi considered it, “Well, to know if you have potential to master that state, I’m afraid you need to go through more life and death crises.” 

“Ah.” Wang Tieniu had a bad feeling.

“What? You don’t want to?” Mu Yi looked at Wang Tieniu, who immediately shook his head.

“No, I do, I do.”

“You should remember that any strong person has experienced countless dangerous situations, and honed their skills in life and death crises. You can’t become an expert just by exercising at home.” Mu Yi’s words were more serious. It was his exclamation and personal experience. Without his experiences, he wouldn’t have reached the level he was at now.

His battle with Ning Wuque was a precious treasure for him. He believed that after his recovery, his strength would definitely improve. Even if he still only opened three chakras, his strength would steadily improve. Moreover, his foundation was already very solid. His three chakras used to look like a group of light wheels. Although they were bright, they were full of emptiness. Now, the three life wheels were filled, giving him a sense of permanence and strengthening his foundation. 

“Yes, master, I remember.” 

“Well, now that you have passed the test, there are rewards. I will pass on the way to temper your blood. When you temper all of your blood, you will step into the third-class. You can hardly be regarded as an expert,” Mu Yi said.

Without the technique, Mu Yi could not have broken through to the second difficulty, but he was far beyond that now.

“Thank you, master.” His expression was bursting with joy. He wanted to cultivate so much that he fought desperately against Wang Wu. He was ecstatic that he had finally achieved it.

He used the method of mind and spirit power to teach Wang Tieniu the method of tempering his blood. Although it consumed a lot of power, it was the best method at present. Otherwise, he didn’t know how long it would take for Wang Tieniu to learn it.

   Mu Yi didn’t plan to stay there, so he could only use this quick method. Although it was quick, it made Wang Tieniu enter the first step. 

 When he was done, Mu Yi waved Wang Tieniu away. He was exhausted. Then he lit the copper lamp and began to settle down. Since there was no lamp oil in the Xing Lamp, it only burned with the Nanming Li Fire. It could burn for a long time, but it wasn’t as good for cultivation as lamp oil.

   After Mu Yi fell into cultivation, Wang Tieniu rushed out happily and met Xiao Lian. Wang Tieniu couldn’t wait to share his happiness with Xiao Lian. He didn’t tell her about the fight because he knew that this kind of thing was better not to be known by outsiders, especially Xiao Lian and his family.

   Xiao Lian was happy for Wang Tieniu, but she was slightly worried. Since he started practicing martial arts, he changed drastically, but she didn’t know whether it was good or not. She feared that Wang Tieniu would leave her, but seeing him so happy, she couldn’t mention it again.

   Wang Tieniu hurried off to practice tempering his blood and didn’t notice Xiao Lian’s hidden feelings.


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