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Chapter 278 Representation of Zombies


   After Huang Yaowen paid ang Wu a lot of money, he was anxiously waiting for the news. He waited for a long time, but no news came. He understood that something had happened.

Mu Yi still thought highly of Huang Yaowen. Although Huang Yaowen had a lot of property, his strength was far less than that of the original Su Family. It would not have been easy for him to hire Wang Wu, let alone anyone stronger than Wang Wu. 

   It was not that Huang Yaowen didn’t want to use the power of the government, but the zombie affairs had sent the government into a frenzy recently. The county leader was suffering and his subordinates were failing to get it resolved. How could he care about a businessman’s problems?

Businessmen were just wings attached to the survival of dignitaries. Huang Yaowen had a little bit of a relationship, but far from the respect of the left and right counties.

   After he hired Wang Wu, he was out of options.

  He was afraid that Wang Tieniu would come to his house again, so he fled with his family members and went to their families in the neighboring county. He did not plan to go back for a while.

  Mu Yi didn’t want to take revenge on him. He even wanted to thank him for sending Wang Wu to become the stepping stone of Wang Tieniu, and awakening his talent. Likely, after Wang Tieniu practiced enough, he would clear up the situation on his own.

   This morning, Xiao Lian came to Mu Yi in a hurry accompanied by Wang Tieniu. Looking at the expression on their faces, Mu Yi knew that something must have happened.

“Brother Mu, the zombie is back,” Xiao Lian said.

“Again? Didn’t they say it was killed?” Mu Yi asked.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but that’s the news that came this morning from a different village. It’s only a few miles away from us.” 

Xiao Lian’s face was pale, and there was a flash of fear in her eyes.

  It was very close. If zombies came to their village, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Don’t worry, even if there is a zombie coming, I will make it never come back,” Mu Yi said lightly. 

He wasn’t fully recovered, but he still had this confidence, and he doubted it was a real zombie.

“Thank you, Brother Mu.” Xiao Lian was relieved at last.

   Mu Yi ignored Xiao Lian, looked at Wang Tieniu and asked, “How goes your blood tempering?”

“Master, most of it has been tempered. I should be done in a few days,” Wang Tieniu said excitedly. His body was changing every day, and his strength was increasing. He was a little frightened by that progress, but he was more excited than afraid.

   According to Mu Yi, as long as he could thoroughly temper his blood, he could become a third-class expert and protect himself to some degree in the world.

“You’re diligent. It’s very important for you to temper your blood. You must not be careless. Besides, you should pay more attention in the days ahead.” After Mu Yi finished, a mysterious feeling suddenly rose in his heart, as if his words had touched something.

What is this? Cause and effect? Mu Yi was shocked. He said it casually, but didn’t expect to cause such a change. The zombie has to come here?

Mu Yi had a little more fear in his heart. He wasn’t afraid of the zombie, but from the heaven in the dark.

   Since he was injured, his mind had become more sensitive. Mu Yi didn’t know if these feelings and sense forewarnings were good or bad.

   Regardless, he had a sense of urgency. He had to recover his strength as soon as possible.

Mu Yi had seen talent and potential in Wang Tieniu and was sure that he’d achieve something in the future.

   Mu Yi quickly put it out of his mind. No matter what Wang Tieniu’s future would be, it was all his business. At present, he needed to recover his strength as soon as possible. Otherwise, once Ning Wuque or some other first-class expert found him, he would not be able to bear it.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi sat at the table and continued to sketch the rejuvenation charm. He had not succeeded yet, but he wasn’t discouraged. On the contrary, there was even a trace of pleasure in his eyes because he felt that with continuous practice, he would eventually touch the core of the charm. Once he mastered that, he would be able to draw the rejuvenation charm and use it to heal himself faster.


  Outside the peaceful village, zombies reappeared and spread all over the county quickly, inflaming the county. The government staff had sworn that the zombies had been eliminated, but they weren’t. It was like a slap in the face. It was not a good thing for him to make people panic during his administration. The public opinion of him would plummet and threaten his future. He had to react quickly.

“Constable Zhu, what did you tell this office before? What’s your explanation now?” 

The county government’s office was in a panic. Standing in the hall was a middle-aged man with a beard. He was powerful and had a strong evil spirit.

“In reply, county magistrate, the zombie has indeed been killed by me, but there is also a master of the zombie who escaped. It’s hard to ensure that he won’t refine another zombie. Please rest assured that I will kill the sorcerer,” Zhu Yun said in a loud voice. He was annoyed. The sorcerer cultivating zombies had been injured. He hadn’t gotten far, and had decided to return. It was clearly a provocation, so he could not be allowed to escape this time, or it would be a disaster.

“Well, that’s what you said. I don’t care about zombies or monsters. I’ll give you two days. You have to calm down all this. If you can’t do it, you will lose your position as constable.” 

The county magistrate looked at Zhu Yun coldly.

“Yes, my lord.” 

Zhu Yun seemed to be shocked. Although the other party was just an ordinary person, he was powerful in other ways that Zhu Yun would not challenge him.

“All right, leave.” The county magistrate waved, and Zhu Yun left.

   After Zhu Yun left, Yang Yan got up and went back to his house. He was only 40 years old this year. He had not reached the position quickly, but he had not lagged behind his classmates. A position in Beijing would be more wide-reaching, but it couldn’t compare with the power of being the county magistrate.  If he worked hard, he might go further next year.

“Master, this is the soup that I cooked for you. Please calm down.” As soon as Yang Yan arrived at the back house, a charming young woman brought a bowl of soup. He made her his concubine last year. Although she was only a concubine, she was very loved by Yang Yan because of her beauty and likability.

“Hum, a group of poor people can’t even do small things. My reputation is going to be ruined,” Yang Yan said angrily.

“Why do you mind what those pariahs say? As long as there is money, what reputation is there before you want it?” The concubine came behind Yang Yan, held out a pair of white delicate like jade hands, and began to massage Yang Yan’s shoulders.

   Yang Yan leaned on the chair, his head rested between her breasts, and his expression eased into one of comfort.

“Although it’s just a group of pariahs, if it spreads to the ears above, it will inevitably leave the impression of incompetence. But since it has happened, you can go to the state capital for a walk in two days,” Yang Yan said with his eyes closed.

“Yes, sir.” 

His favorite concubine’s eyes were full of disgust, but her hands grew weaker and weaker. She slowly leaned her chest against Yang Yan’s shoulder, and her two fingers slipped down gently.

   Yang Yan felt a fire rising in his heart. He grabbed the concubine’s hand, pulled her into his arms, and began to play lightly.

“No, sir.”

“No? The master must have it.”

   After a while, they passed out, and the two maids at the door were flushed.


   Zhu Yun left the county government’s office on horseback. His destination ws the village where the murder happened. Two days wasn’t long enough, but he also understood his county magistrate’s character. He would not change his mind.

   Fortunately, the sorcerer had been severely injured. It would be much easier for him to find the other party than last time.

   At this time, Wang Tieniu was refining his blood. He was not willing to waste any time. He didn’t even fish. Mu Yi had given him all of the one thousand liang of silver, and he gave it to his family so they wouldn’t have to worry about eating.

   With the continuous refining, his whole body looked more and more refined. His entire body was red, his temperature was much higher than that of ordinary people, but Wang Tieniu didn’t feel any discomfort. He just felt that his body was full of power and he wanted to vent.

   On this point, Mu Yi told him prior to him starting to temper that he had to hold back. Otherwise, the tempering would be impure and the effect would be greatly reduced.  Wang Tieniu strictly followed Mu Yi’s warning.

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