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Chapter 279 Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method

There were five Qi in the Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method. The soul was the leader, the mind was the basis, and virtue was the expression. This was the basis of the Tao way of improving Qi.

“Tao was the beginning of heaven and earth. Tao produced one, and one was the beginning of all things. The creation of all things, the birth of heaven, are all attributed to Tao. Tao contained formless Qi, which was formed before the birth of heaven and earth. No one could see it, and no one could call it by name, so people called it ‘God’.

“So, Tao was the root of God. One was the beginning of changes. Therefore, only by moral cultivation of the five Qi with virtue could the mind could keep one and master Tao. Tao skill was the strategy and method adopted according to Tao and the result of the regular activities of the mind and Qi. The spirit was the messenger of Tao. The nine orifices and organs of the human body are all gateways for Qi to come in and get out, and are all controlled by the mind.”

   Looking at the last paragraph of the golden bamboo slip, Mu Yi struggled to understand. This was the first time he was reading them. First, he wanted to exercise his mind. Second, he didn’t want the above things to disturb his mind. Unexpectedly, the words on the bamboo slip kept him from calming down for a long time.

   Everyone knew that the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu could increase the level of magic skills to the third difficulty. Originally, Mu Yi thought that there were only one of them with limited use, but when he saw the above content carefully, he found that he had been wrong. It was no wonder that the old monsters went crazy trying to snatch the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu, so he was pretty lucky to get part of it.

   This bamboo slip recorded a method called the Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method. It stated that the spirit was the main method and commanded the five Qi in the chest. It made the human body become a complete cycle, so as to nourish the spirit of mind. It could be said that it was a skill to increase the spirit of mind.

   Mu Yi didn’t know what the other six skills recorded were, but the Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method was really important to him because it could quickly increase the power of mind and spirit.

   It was a pity that although the Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method was marvelous, it could only be practiced after he was completely recovered. Mu Yi had a treasure box, but not the key. As for the other two jade boxes, he had opened them. However, Mu Yi’s luck had run out. One held a strange secret recorded of a certain period of history, but it was useless to him.

  The other jade box held some travel notes of King Xian, and some of the wonders he encountered when traveling around the world. It expanded his knowledge but useless otherwise.

   Seeing all the things, Mu Yi took a long breath. It was depressing because he couldn’t take advantage of his spoils, but Mu Yi was grateful for his foresight. If he hadn’t waited to inspect them all, he might have made his injuries worse, if not killed himself.

   Fortunately, now that he had recovered a little, he didn’t have to worry about losing his mind.

   Later, Mu Yi began to settle down to recover since he still hadn’t succeeded in drawing the  rejuvenation charm.


In the neighboring village, Zhu Yun looked at his subordinates with a cold expression, “Is the message true?”

“Constable, it has been confirmed that no one has come out of the house since the afternoon. According to our investigation, it was the most suspicious,” the subordinate replied.

“Well, gather up people and surround it tonight, and don’t let him escape,” Zhu Yun said. He was surprised to find the trace of the sorcerer on the first day, and he didn’t want to lose the chance to kill him.

“Yes, Constable.”

   Soon, the yard was surrounded by officers. Torches lit the surrounding area, but the door of the house was closed. It was quiet and dark, but the villagers’ verified that the house’s owner had been there since that morning.

   There was a lot of noise outside, but no one came out, which made it more suspicious.

“Set it on fire.” Zhu Yun waved, and the officers poured kerosene on the house immediately. Then a torch was thrown over. Suddenly, a raging fire surrounded the house.

   All of a sudden, a non-human roar sounded in the house, shocking everyone gathered. Even those who had seen zombies showed a little fear.

  Zhu Yun’s eyes grew colder.

   Finally, with a loud bang, a shadow broke through the window and rushed out of the fire. The archers began to shoot without being ordered.

   More than a dozen sharp arrows were shot at the shadow, but at least half of them missed. Only a few of them landed in the shadow, but they shook as if they would fall out. The arrows were ineffective.

“Zombies, melee!” Zhu Yun said loudly.

   Five men in armor went to the shadow with broadswords. The five men moved in sync, surrounding the shadow. Then, five cold lights flashed by. Two cut off the two arms of the shadow, two fell on the shadow, and the last one cut off its head, but Zhu Yun’s face changed

“Be careful,” he said.

  The five strong men had realized that something was wrong. They had killed a zombie before. This creature wasn’t a zombie at all. It could have been a member of the family being controlled by that sorcerer.

   Another shadow flew out of the house. The shadow was fast. In a flash, it arrived behind the five strong men. Then, with a flash of blood, two big men screeched and fell to the ground. The other three reacted quickly and turned to kill the shadow.

   This shadow was the real sorcerer that controlled the zombies. He was thin and ugly, and his hands emitted red light.

“How dare you!” Zhu Yun drank a lot and drew a sword to attack the sorcerer. He approached the sorcerer quickly, as two more people died in sorcerer’s hands. Only one of the five big men was left, which saddened Zhu Yun.

   The five men were excellent and important to him. Four of them were dead. He couldn’t keep calm.

   The sorcerer seemed to be stronger than last time, surprising him. He didn’t expect the sorcerer could recover in such a short time, let alone increase his strength. No wonder the sorcerer came out again and provoked him.

   Seeing Zhu Yun’s move, the sorcerer smiled then pushed the last man away and ran towards him.

   The sorcerer’s hands were quick and bloody. He collided with Zhu Yun. His hands collided with Zhu Yun’s sword several times with sounds like the clashing of iron and gold.

   Zhu Yun was a third-class expert, but he was weaker than the sorcerer.

“Let’s gather up to kill the sorcerer!”

   Under this situation, an officer called out and rushed forward.

   Zhu Yun didn’t stop his men because he felt the pressure. Facing this kind of strong enemy, he had to use the power of numbers.

“Hum, do you think you can beat me just with more helpers?” The sorcerer snorted coldly and pushed Zhu Yun away with one hand. He rushed into the crowd and began to kill them. Every time the blood flew into the air, someone would cover his throat and fall down.

“Be careful!” The crowd had already spread out. The sorcerer was so powerful and frightening.

“How did you become so terribly powerful?” Zhu Yun whispered. He couldn’t believe it.

“How could ordinary people know of our strength?” After killing plenty of people, the sorcerer didn’t chase after the rest. He turned back and rushed towards Zhu Yun. “Today, I drew you here to kill you. With all of your blood, great miracles will be mine.”

   The sorcerer’s words were even more chilling. Zhu Yun was a little anxious. He didn’t expect this to be a trap and was shocked at the thought that all his people might die here.

   The sorcerer had already become so powerful. If he obtained the real Gold skill, no one would be able to stand against him. The whole county would suffer.

“No, we can’t be killed here!” He pushed the sorcerer back with all his strength, turned around and fled. The sorcerer chased him. It seemed that he didn’t care about the rest of the people. Zhu Yub was a third class expert. He was the greatest temptation. The sorcerer might have also wanted to kill him for revenge.

   They left the village. Until then, no one dared to stand up.

“What should we do? That sorcerer was so powerful that even Zhu can’t defeat him.”

“Go back to report to the superior immediately and ask him for help.”

“What about the constable?”

“There is no time to care so much. He led the sorcerer away, so that we could go back and report to the superior. We can’t let him down.”

“Yes, let’s go now and find someone to rescue the constable.”

   They left in a hurry. It would take two days to get back to the county and get help. Could their constable hold on so long? No one said anything about it.

   Zhu Yun was in a hurry. His back had been injured badly. His blood flowed out, but that didn’t worry him as much as the numbing of his body. His strength was fading. He couldn’t hold on for much longer.

   Once caught, he might be cultivated into a zombie or be drained of blood.

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