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Chapter 280 Talent


“I almost got it.”

   In the middle of the night, Wang Tieniu was still refining his blood. He knew that he didn’t have much talent, so he only hoped to make up for his shortcomings with diligence. 

After several days of effort, he finally reached the final step. After tonight, he could refine all the blood in his body and step into the third-class.

  As he was reaching the last moment of cultivating, he heard a fight growing closer. It seemed that it was coming towards him, so he stopped and looked over angrily. 

  In the moonlight, he could see two figures approaching him quickly. The person in front seemed to be injured.

   As he saw them, they saw him. 

“Run away! Behind me is the sorcerer who controls the zombies!” Zhu Yun cried. 

Zhu Yun knew that he was from the nearby village from what he wore. Zhu Yun wasn’t a match for the sorcerer, so an ordinary villager would just serve to strengthen the sorcerer if he was caught. Zhu Yun wanted Wang Tieniu to escape and distract the sorcerer, but it wouldn’t happen. The sorcerer had chased him this far. He wouldn’t be distracted by an ordinary person.

“Zombies?” His eyes dilated with horror. The village was behind him and they were heading straight for it. Wang Tieniu didn’t want to imagine what would happen if they made it there. He grabbed his sword. He was calm rather than afraid.

   Zhu Yun was worried when he saw Wang Tieniu grab his sword and ignore his advice. He was growing weaker. Even if Wang Tieniu hadn’t appeared, he wouldn’t have made it much further. If he was going to die anyway, it was better to fight.

   Zhu Yun turned around as Wang Tieniu rushed to stand beside him.

“Watch his hands,” Zhu Yun warned.

   Wang Tieniu rushed forward without saying a word. He was already furious at the sorcerer who controlled the zombie and for being interrupted. If not for them, he would have completely tempered his blood. His road was already doomed to be difficult without the interruption, and his strength would not increase without doing it. 

   Fortunately, he was not far from the third class. The days of tempering had increased his strength directly and helped with the strength of his Five Tigers Break Door Sword Techniques had grown. Currently, Wang Tieniu was equal to an ordinary third class expert in terms of strength. 

   Zhu Yun was in front, and Wang Tieniu was behind him. They fought with the sorcerer. With Wang Tieniu with him, they had a chance to fight off the sorcerer successfully.

“I didn’t expect to find more good material.” The sorcerer was not angry but pleased. If Zhu Yun had not been hurt, the sorcerer might have been defeated by two third class masters. But Zhu Yun’s strength was suffering under his poison. As long as he persisted long enough, Zhu Yun would die and he could overpower Wang Tieniu.


“There’s movement.”

   As the three were fighting, Mu Yi woke up from being settled. He left the hut quietly with the Bamboo Tree of Life and the Xin lamp and quickly moved in the direction of the movement. He remembered it was in the direction of where Wang Tieniu usually practiced. 

   Wang Tieniu was only a registered disciple, but it didn’t mean that Mu Yi didn’t care about him.

   Soon, Mu Yi arrived. Zhu Yun was lying on the ground as Wang Tieniu fought the sorcerer.

  Mu Yi arrived but didn’t help Wang Tieniu immediately. This could be a challenge for Wang Tieniu and a chance to see if he could enter into that state again. 

Was it chance or talent?

Assuming it was talent, as long as Wang Tieniu mastered it, he had real hope for achieving greatness in the future.    


Wang Tieniu was almost exhausted, but he was born to refuse to lose, so no matter how much pain he suffered, he would grit his teeth and bear it. Like an injured beast, the more hurt he was, the more he struggled.

The sorcerer attacked and laughed wildly, “Jie Jie, boy, as long as you obey me, I may let you retain your sentience.” 

Wang Tieniu didn’t listen and continued to attack frantically.

“Since you lack proper understanding of the state of affairs, you should be turned into a zombie without a mind.” The sorcerer continued to speak and his tone grew fiercer. 

Wang Tieniu struggled hard. After gaining a few more injuries, his strength began to fail. He gradually felt numb: poisoned.

Am I going to die? Wang Tieniu’s consciousness began to blur. He could only fight by intuition, and the other side was too strong for him.

No, I can’t die. His mind cleared. Kill him. Kill him.

   Wang Tieniu cried out in his heart, as his mind went crazy. His eyes turned cold. The sorcerer didn’t notice the change, but Mu Yi noticed it.


Sure enough, the life and death crisis has pushed him into this absolute calm state. Rather than increasing his cultivation, his strength doubles.

Even Mu Yi was impressed with Wang Tieniu’s talent, but he wasn’t jealous of Wang Tieniu. If he could do this, he would not have been so embarrassed against Ning Wuque at the beginning. He was happy for Wang Tieniu.

Wang Tieniu’s power exploded. Suddenly, his sword cut fierce and quick into the sorcerer’s chest with a cold light along the edge. The sorcerer screamed in surprise. If he had been more careful, he might have been able to avoid it.

Wang Tieniu won’t spare him. Under the moonlight, he was like a cold killer. Every strike was cool and deadly. The Five Tigers Break Door Sword Technique turned into something miraculous, killing the sorcerer in just a few strikes.

   After killing the sorcerer, Wang Tieniu stood there in a daze. After confirming that there was no further threat around, he fell to the ground.

   Mu Yi appeared behind the Wang Tieniu. He placed an exorcism charm on Wang Tieniu. After a while, a white light burst out from the Wang Tieniu and he was purged of the poison. Wang Tieniu was shocked back into full consciousness.

Wang Tieniu turned around and saw Mu Yi.

“Master!”  He was surprised, but he was also relieved. When he saw Mu Yi, he knew that his master must have been hiding nearby. Fortunately, he had killed the sorcerer.

“Well, that’s good. Take a rest first.” Mu Yi nodded to Wang Tieniu, then looked at Zhu Yun lying on the ground. He didn’t know Zhu Yun, but his clothes were familiar. He looked like a constable.

Zhu Yun was on the edge of death if he wasn’t purged of the poison. Mu Yi stuck an exorcism charm on him. The white light purged him of the poison, but he didn’t wake up. His breathing gradually stabilized.

Mu Yi looked at Wang Tieniu, “This man is the county constable. When he wakes up, say that you saved him.”

“Master, you saved him,” Wang Tieniu was puzzled.

“Remember what I told you? Don’t tell anyone about me, including him. He doesn’t look like a ruthless person. If you can help him, he will pay you back, which is also good for your future.”

“But…” Wang Tieniu hesitated, as if he felt that Mu Yi was a little intimidating.

“Do you think I’m blackmailing you?” Mu Yi saw through Wang Tieniu’s hesitance at a glance.

Wang Tieniu immediately shook his head and joked, “Master, I would never.” 

How could he doubt his master unless he wanted to be forsaken as an apprentice? He was not stupid after all.

“Kindness is kindness; hatred is hatred. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You should remember that you can’t be a bad person in this world without any principle doing evil or just a goody-goody,” Mu Yi said seriously.

“Yes, master, I know I’m wrong.” Wang Tieniu saw that Mu Yi was serious. His heart suddenly shook and he engraved his words into his heart.

“Well, well, you had a big fight tonight. Your blood Qi has not recovered. Take a day off and wait to finish tempering your blood. As for this man, you can observe his nature and make friends with him properly.” 

Mu Yi left.


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