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Chapter 282 Leaving

   After seeing Yang Yan,the county magistrate, Wang Tieniu understood the benefits Zhu Yun mentioned. Until he left the county government’s office, he was confused and couldn’t believe it. He was also excited.

   He had become an official. Although he was only a deputy constable with no rank, he would still be paid by the emperor and in charge of ten people. His salary every month was much more than what he had earned in fishing in the past year. If he told his family about this, they would be very happy, wouldn’t they? After all, it brought honor to their ancestors.

   At noon, Zhu Yun and a group of people led Wang Tieniu to celebrate in the best restaurant in the county. Drunk, Wang Tieniu hurried back to his village. The villagers asked Wang Tieniu what happened as soon as he entered the village. Wang Tieniu told villagers everything that he knew. Soon, the whole village knew that Wang Tieniu had been hired by the county government as a deputy constable with ten people under his control and would take office in two days.

   Wang Tieniu had been a poor boy who not many cared for before and was suddenly the most popular one in the village. Everyone with a daughter was willing to marry their daughter to him. Xiao Lian’s mother couldn’t wait and almost took Wang Tieniu to her home.

Wang Tieniu was almost sober now. He went home with Xiao Lian’s mother in order to meet Mu Yi. He didn’t feel uneasy until he had to face his master. After all, he had accepted the appointment by the county magistrate and hadn’t asked his master’s opinion.

   Moreover, he would take office in a few days, and he would definitely not be able to stay in the village any longer. It had cost him a great opportunity and flustered him.

“Master,” Wang Tieniu said in a low voice through the door.

After a while, Mu Yi replied, “Come in.” 

   After entering the room, Wang Tieniu knelt directly on the ground, “I beg master’s forgiveness. I have joined the county government and failed to live up to master’s expectations.”

“My expectations? Wang Tieniu, do you know what I expect?” Mu Yi asked with a smile.

“Ah?” Wang Tieniu opened his mouth, but he knew that his master wasn’t angry.

“Everyone has his own way. If you want to be a strong man, you can’t stay here forever. You have to go out and make a living. In fact, when I asked you to make friends with that person, I had a feeling that one day you would be able to work for the county government. It’s a rare chance for you. After all, you are still young and lack experience. You would only die quickly if you rushed into the world. It won’t be too late to wander in the world when you get used to your present status. This may be the chance you were looking for,” said Mu Yi patiently.

“Master…” Wang Tieniu was moved and didn’t know what to say.

“Well, before you go to work, I will try my best to teach you what I know. It’ll be enough, with practice, for you to break through to the first-class realm. If we meet again later and you haven’t let me down, I will really accept you as my disciple,” said Mu Yi.

“Thank you, master. I will not let you down,” Wang Tieniu said loudly.

“Well, you can leave. There are people waiting for you outside. You can come back later in the evening.”  Mu Yi waved to dismiss Wang Tieniu. When Wang Tieniu was gone, Mu Yi took a long breath, “It’s time to go.”

   Mu Yi was just a passer-by. Wang Tieniu saved him, and he paid him back. He had recovered nearly one third of his strength. He couldn’t fight Ning Wuque but ordinary first-class experts wouldn’t cause him problems.

 Mu Yi arranged for Wang Tieniu to leave him because Mu Yi would be leaving soon.  As long as he finished teaching, he could leave with ease.

   In the evening, Wang Tieniu came early and watched Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi taught Wang Tieniu the special skill he got from Leng Yu, especially designed for Da Nu. However, he hadn’t practiced it before, so it was impossible for him to pass on the whole experience. As a result, Wang Tieniu would have to practice the skill bit by bit.

That kind of self-cultivation was far more stable than just taking knowledge from others.

   In addition to this set of skills, Mu Yi also taught how to nourish his blood Qi, transform it into internal Qi, also known as internal skill or real Qi. When Wang Tieniu understood that process, he would reach the second-class realm. If he wanted to reach the first-class realm, he needed to explore his heart and find his own Taoism. No one could help him do it which was why real experts always relied on themselves.

   If Mu Yi had the time, he would press Wang Tieniu and make him exercise for a while. He would enter the third-class after at least half a year. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time and had to impart the shortcuts. Fortunately, Wang Tieniu had another talent, and it was hard to say what he would achieve in the future.

   Maybe he would reach the second-class realm and stay there. Maybe he would break through to the first-class realm. However, no one could be sure about the future. Even Mu Yi was uncertain about the future.

   Finally, Mu Yi gave Wang Tieniu some charms he had drawn before, most of which were exorcism charms. The rest of Wang Tieniu’s fate would have to be achieved through his own efforts. If Mu Yi prepared everything, Wang Tieniu would never understand the significance of exercising.

   Three days later, in the morning, Wang Tieniu looked at Mu Yi sadly, “Master, do you really want to leave?”

“All good things must come to an end, and I have taught you what I could teach. Your future depends on you.”

“When will I see you again, master?”

“Maybe soon. Maybe I will never see you all my life, Wang Tieniu. Although you are only a registered disciple, you are my first apprentice. Work hard.” Mu Yi patted Wang Tieniu on the shoulder and smiled at Xiao Lian. “I can’t wait for you to get married. I can only bless you in advance.”

“Thank you, Brother Mu.” 

Xiao Lian’s eyes were red, and she looked more reluctant than Wang Tieniu. After all, Mu Yi had been living in her home all this time, and she had been taking good care of Mu Yi. She had got what she wanted and would marry Wang Tieniu in half a year. Mu Yi believed that Wang Tieniu had a good temperament and would not bully Xiao Lian. Moreover, they had known each other since childhood and would have a happy marriage.

   Wang Tieniu and Xiao Lian watched Mu Yi leave.

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