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Chapter 283 Meeting the Lady

Although he knew that Ning Wuque may not be far away or was waiting for him in Cangzhou City, he still had to go. This trip was essential.

   In practice, one had to go through all kinds of calamities, just like the three calamities and nine disasters mentioned in Taoism. Maybe Ning Wuque was the first real calamity in his life. As long as he went through this calamity, he would grow from it and his future would be brighter.

   Therefore, Mu Yi couldn’t escape. His life had taught him that he could only go ahead and cut all the shackles that might hold him back. Remembering this, he felt his mind become clear. Although it was not helpful to recovering from his injuries, he could vaguely feel that the last obstacle hindering his drawing of the rejuvenation charm was slowly disappearing.

   Once he could draw the rejuvenation charm, he would recover as quickly as possible. Then, he would practice the Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method, and his strength would rise to a new level. Even in the face of Ning Wuque, he would not be embarrassed. Even if he couldn’t win against Ning Wuque, he could always escape.

   Mu Yi didn’t feel ashamed that he couldn’t defeat Ning Wuque. They weren’t on the same level. Mu Yi had only started his cultivation not long ago. Ning Wuque had  lived longer, already reached the peak of the second difficulty, and could also use the force of heaven and earth. If someone could escape from Ning Wuque, he could be famous. 

   Unfortunately, there were only a few people who cultivated. Most people followed the path of martial arts. Although martial arts and cultivation followed a similar path, there were great differences in the early stage. Mu Yi did not underestimate people with strong martial arts. The first-class’ seven grades corresponded to the seven chakras of the practice road. In this regard, they were the same. There were magic skills and talismans on the practice road of cultivation, but martial arts had the true meaning of martial arts, which was also very terrible.

   However, Mu Yi had not yet met a warrior who had achieved the true meaning of martial arts. 

No, maybe there was one, the butcher in cyan that Mu Yi met in Jinan Fu, but he had not exerted it. Seeing him, Mu Yi felt that he saw a sea of blood. Layers of illusions constantly hit his soul. Fortunately, he had a firm will and was not moved by outside things.

   I think he had already understood the true meaning of martial arts. Maybe we could fight in the future.

   Mu Yi entered the county, rented a carriage and headed for Cangzhou City slowly. It was the only way unless Mu Yi was willing to enter the wilderness alone and circle back to Cangzhou City.

   Shortly before noon, the carriage suddenly slowed down in the middle of the road. The voice of the coachman drifted into the carriage, “Taoist Priest, these officials ahead are stopping us.”

“Oh, officials?” Mu Yi frowned. He was not afraid of them, but the coachman may be afraid.

“Stop, which carriage company are you from? We’re commandeering your carriage,” a servant yelled at the coachman, ignoring whether there was anyone in the carriage.

“Chai Ye, I am from Rong Carriage Shop. I have just been hired and am heading to Fucheng,” said the coachman.

” Good, the master of the Rong Carriage Shop has a good relationship with my master. My mistress was on the way to the city, but the carriage broke. I’ll borrow your carriage,” the servant said. 

His tone was less rude because the Rong Carriage Shop was very powerful in the county and the city. A small servant could offend it, but it was okay to occasionally fake the power of the tiger because the woman in the carriage was the favorite of the county lord.

“This…” the coachman hesitated. He couldn’t make up his mind. The servant didn’t want to offend the Rong Carriage Shop too much, but the coachman didn’t dare to offend the county lord, especially the little lady in the gorgeous carriage in front of him.

Mu Yi opened the curtain and walked out of the carriage. Seeing Mu Yi dressed in a Taoist priest’s robe, with his red lips and white teeth, the servant was shocked. He looked extraordinary. He thought that some merchants employed the carriage, not a Taoist priest.

   They had few skills, but they knew their place in the world, so they were polite after seeing Mu Yi.

The servant looked at Mu Yi, “Taoist Priest, my lady has something urgent to attend in Fucheng, but the axle of the carriage is broken. I’m afraid it will delay my lady’s business. Please, priest, can you spare this carriage. My lady will make up for it.” 

“I don’t need any compensation, the carriage is spacious. Let your mistress go with me,” Mu Yi said lightly. If the coachman hadn’t been conflicted, he wouldn’t have responded to them at all since she was just a county lady.

 Suddenly, a sharp voice came from the carriage, and a servant girl came down from the carriage and looked at Mu Yi with a domineering tone.

“The audacity! How could my respectable lady ride with you?”

   Seeing it, the servant immediately backed away a few steps. He was relieved. At least, he didn’t have to face it himself. Even if he had offended people, he didn’t have to bear it himself.

Before Mu Yi spoke, a voice like Oriole came out of the carriage, “Chun Mei, don’t be rude.”

 Then, a white hand reached out and a woman came out of the carriage wearing a lavender dress and a phoenix hairpin in her hair. She was curvaceous and beautiful. Her appearance attracted everyone’s attention. The corner of her eyes contained a touch of spring, which fascinated people.

   Mu Yi just looked at her lightly, without any expression.

Xu Caiwei’s eyes flashed a little surprise. She was able to captivate Yang Yan and had never met anyone who was indifferent to her.

   Moreover, she had met a Taoist priest. Even so-called masters would inevitably lose their minds when they met her. She was intrigued by the young Taoist priest in front of her. “I’ve seen you, Taoist priest, and the servant girl under my hand is rude. Please don’t blame her.” 

 “I don’t,” Mu Yi said lightly.

Originally, she wanted to make it up to Mu Yi, but now she quietly changed her mind.

“It won’t take me a few hours to go to Fucheng. I think it’s better to take one carriage according to what the Taoist Priest said, but the Taoist Priest may be grieved,” Xu Caiwei continued.

“I’m not. Let’s go.” Mu Yi entered his carriage again.

   Seeing that Xu Caiwei made up her mind, the little servant girl dared not say more than half a word. Even the servants bowed their heads and pretended not to hear anything. Although they also knew that it was a bit disrespectful for men and women to ride in a carriage together. It would be even worse for their reputation when this news spread out. Could they go against what Xu Caiwei decided? Even if their mistress did anything in the carriage, they would forget it. They would only endure a more miserable death if they informed the county magistrate.

   Xu Caiwei moved gently. The servant girl entered the carriage with the blanket and censer. Before long, the servant girl came out of the carriage and sat in front with the driver, leaving the space for her mistress and the Taoist priest.

   The servants followed with her things on their backs as they continued to head for the city.

“Which Taoist Priest temple did you start practicing?” Xu Caiwei leaned aside and asked, staring at Mu Yi.

“I don’t have a Taoist Priest temple because I travel all over the world,” Mu Yi responded. 

The censer in the car emitted a light blue smoke and a fragrance, which shocked people initially. But then, their consciousness would be distracted, and they would lower their guards.

   However, even if the power of the smoke was increased by ten times or a hundred times, it would not have any effect on Mu Yi.

“Travel around the world? Then you must have walked to a lot of places, right? I wonder if you could tell me something interesting?” Xu Caiwei said as she drew closer to Mu Yi. Her eyes seemed to be dripping.

“It’s nothing more than enduring the hardships of an arduous journey concluded by bitterness. It’s not interesting,” Mu Yi replied casually.

“Isn’t it?” Xu Caiwei asked, but she didn’t believe it at all. In her eyes, travelling around the world was a joke, not to mention that Mu Yi was young. Moreover, with a beautiful and delicate appearance, he seemed to be raised in a big compound rather than suffering.

Looking at Mu Yi’s temperament, her assumption could be wrong. Xu Caiwei had met many people, and she could see through many people at a glance. However, she couldn’t see through the little Taoist priest in front of her. Therefore, she became more curious and wanted to find out Mu Yi’s secret.

   Mu Yi smiled, but didn’t reply. He closed his eyes and looked unmoved. However, his reaction made Xu Caiwei bite her lip. When had her charms failed before?

Would he rather close his eyes than look at her?

   Once women took things seriously, there was no reason to speak. If you stared at her, she would surely scold you as a villain in her heart, but if you didn’t, she would feel that you were hypocritical and not a man. Mu Yi seemed to be the second.

Maybe it’s a ruse? I would like to see how long you can keep it up.

Xu Caiwei bit her lip and became resolute. Then, she extended her feet towards Mu Yi. 

   Although Mu Yi kept his eyes closed, he knew everything that was happening around him. Seeing her feet about to touch him, Mu Yi gently flicked the fingers folded in his sleeve.


   Xu Caiwei originally planned to tease Mu Yi, but suddenly her ankle hurt. Her body fell towards Mu Yi without preparation.

   Although it was an accident, Xu Caiwei didn’t plan to change it. She was suddenly stopped by a hard thing against her chest.

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