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Chapter 284 The First Change Of Heart

   Xu Caiwei was confused, but when she saw what the hard thing was, she got angry. She saw a green bamboo stick right on her chest. Although the bamboo stick was green like an exquisite jade, and she would have enjoyed it usually, she didn’t appreciate it at the moment.

“What’s the matter, madam?” The handmaiden asked in a worried voice. 

“Nothing,” Xu Caiwei suppressed her anger, then she sat up straight, but her eye lashess were no longer lowered. She stared directly at Mu Yi.

   From all these things, if she didn’t know that Mu Yi was not an ordinary person, she would be a fool.

Xu Caiwei arranged her clothes and looked at Mu Yi, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to address you.”

“Mu Yi.”  

“Mu Yi? Good name, why do you come here? ” Xu Caiwei continued.

“I heard that there were zombies in this county. I came to kill them, but I didn’t know that the zombie had been killed until I arrived. It’s a pity.” It was a reasonable excuse, nobody would doubt it.

“Oh, I see. I am grateful for your help on behalf of my husband.” Xu Caiwei nodded. She didn’t doubt Mu Yi’s words because what Mu Yi said was right. It was a pity that he came late, otherwise the county magistrate wouldn’t have been so worried.

   If he can kill zombies, he must be great. Xu Caiwei planned to make friends with Mu Yi. If he could work for the county government, it would be great. Although Mu Yi was a little young, he was handsome and classy.

“No need to be.” Mu Yi shook his head, still indifferent.

   Xu Caiwei saw Mu Yi’s attitude, she asked, “You can kill zombies, I wonder if you can catch ghosts?”

“I know a bit about it,” Mu Yi nodded.

“Really? I have a friend in Fu City. She used to be very gentle and virtuous. But a year ago, she suddenly changed and hurt people. Her father went to many doctors, but it didn’t work. Later, a monk said that my friend was possessed by ghosts, but the ghost was too powerful. He could not kill it. Her father found many masters, but they all failed. Fortunately, my friend did not leave her own courtyard. She was locked in the courtyard by her family. If you can catch ghosts, please help my poor friend.”

Mu Yi was touched by her story and agreed.

“Taoist Priest, do you really agree?” Xu Caiwei was surprised. She thought that Mu Yi would be reserved or talk about reward first.

Her attitude changed since she knew that Mu Yi was extraordinary. 

   The reason why Mu Yi agreed was not because he was kind-hearted or that he was fascinated by Xu Caiwei’s beauty but because he felt something strange. He thought that the woman possessed by the ghost might be helpful to him, and it might be a chance. Killing a ghost might help cure Nian Nuer.

Mu Yi nodded, then continued to close his eyes, no longer caring about Xu Caiwei’s reaction.

She did her best not to disturb him, lightening her breath as she watched Mu Yi and wondered what he was thinking.

   Two hours later, they finally came to Fu City. It was already noon. Xu Caiwei invited Mu Yi to take a rest in another courtyard. The courtyard was not big in Fu City, but it had a good view. There was a small river in front of the gate with willow trees on either side of it, and ducks played in it. The river wound its way into the distance. It looks pleasant.

Yang Yan had bought it. As the foothold of Fu City, Xu Caiwei came to Fu City to do some work. 

   In the afternoon, Xu Caiwei left to meet with her friend’s father for his approval. The reason why she was so attentive was because her friend’s father was a prefecture magistrate, Xu Caiwei was not willing to give up such a good opportunity.

  She couldn’t lead Mu Yi to her friend directly. After all, there had been many frauds who said they could kill the ghost, but none of them had succeeded. Therefore, the magistrate was furious and had killed several fake Taoist priests who came to the door to cheat him. This matter came to an end.

   Xu Caiwei also took a risk in inviting Mu Yi, but she didn’t think Mu Yi was an ordinary person or a liar.

   Mu Yi didn’t worry. He didn’t even rest in the room. Instead, he went to the door and stood on the stone bridge, staring at the distance. His gaze focused on nothing in particular. 

   As time went by, the sun began to set. In the afternoon, some people were curious and stopped, but they didn’t disturb Mu Yi. After Xu Caiwei came back, she found Mu Yi standing on the stone bridge. When she saw Mu Yi, her heart suddenly trembled. She didn’t know why she had a strange feeling. Mu Yi seemed to melt into the stone bridge, like a painting, as if he had been standing there on the stone bridge through years of wind and rain.

Practice is self-cultivation, heart cultivation; practice is experience. Reading ten thousand books is not as good as walking ten thousand miles. There are some principles that can be understood just by looking at them, but many things can only be truly realized through personal experience. Before I practiced, I was brave and diligent, and I walked thousands of miles in a day. It is the foundation that the old Taoist priest instilled in me to travel the world. If those experiences are regarded as savings, then my savings are gone. It’s impossible to make rapid progress in a short period of time after the savings have been exhausted, so I need to be down-to-earth, experience and save, so that we can make continuous progress. 

In addition to experiencing dangers, the path of cultivation needs to experience all kinds of emotions and desires. King Xian’s tomb was an experience, Ning Wuque was an experience. Teaching Wang Tieniu was an experience. Walking along the road of life, the view that I have been neglected… Isn’t it an experience?

I wanted to find the old Taoist priest and get revenge on him. Although I followed my heart, I was too impatient. Haste makes waste, I should slow and settle down. If I cannot beat him, nothing can be done.

When I am cured, I will go south, take a good amount of time to experience, have a good look at the scenery on the side of the road and keep saving, waiting for the outbreak.

In addition to getting back at the old Taoist priest and burying him, this trip is also about the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. The old Taoist priest chose this road for me. He had to have a reason. It’s not right to rebel all the time. Even if the process is dangerous, there’s always going to be a fight.

You can’t miss the opportunities. After all, there are few opportunities in life. If you don’t take them, others will fight for it. For example, if you were afraid of danger, how could you have achieved such great progress in King Xian’s tomb? You also got the kindling from the Nanming Li Fire and the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. These opportunities are all mine. Although opportunities are accompanied by great dangers at the same time, as long as you go through them, your life will be bright.

It wasn’t an epiphany, but it made his whole person feel lighter. His temperament was purer, his eyes were deeper and more penetrating, and his eyebrows were a little more radiant like a piece of jade gradually discarding the ordinary and emitting a bright light.

   Xu Caiwei was waiting for Mu Yi to wake up. She suddenly thought that Mu Yi looked like a sword out of its sheath. After the trance, the vision disappeared, leaving on Mu Yi there. He had changed greatly, but the Mu Yi in her vision seemed to be the real him.

Xu Caiwei’s cheeks flushed.

“Madam Xu,” Mu Yi smiled and placed his hands behind him.

“Ah!” Xu Caiwei exclaimed, and her face became redder. Xu Caiwei took a deep breath, then looked at Mu Yi, “You look different.”

“Am I different? I just figured something out.” 

Although it was not an epiphany, he figured something out. His mood had been improved again, and his mind power had become purer.

   Perhaps, his experience could be described as a change of heart.

   Xu Caiwei didn’t ask Mu Yi what he had figured out. The more extraordinary Mu Yi was, the more confident she was.

“By the way, Taoist Priest, I just met my friend’s father. He has agreed to let you have a try, but he wants to meet you first.” Xu Caiwei looks at Mu Yi with a little uneasiness. She didn’t know why she felt more nervous in front of Mu Yi than facing her friend’s father.

“Okay.” Mu Yi nodded. He knew that the woman’s father just wanted to see if he had real ability or was a liar. It was reasonable, so Mu Yi would not refuse. “That’s great. Let’s go now.”

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