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Chapter 285 Who is the man?



Yan Li was the magistrate of Tongtai Prefecture. One year ago, no one would think he was severe. On the contrary, the magistrate was gentle and kind to his subordinates. He was known as a good official. But last year, his temperament had changed a lot. He was not cruel, but his temper had become a little moody. If his subordinates made a little mistake, they were punished. As a result, the people in the prefecture were very conscientious and dared not to speak loudly.

   It could be said that in the past year, the whole Yan Clan had been shrouded in clouds because Yan Li’s only daughter was possessed by a ghost.

   In the past year, Yan Li had his hopes dashed. Eventually, he lost all hope. His daughter was possessed by ghosts, but she was still alive at least.

 Unexpectedly, today Yang Yan’s wife came to tell him that she had found a superior person who could cure his daughter.

   If she was just Yang Yan’s wife, he would not take it seriously, but she was a good friend of his daughter. She had visited her many times in the past year. He knew that the reason was his position, but he was willing to accept it.

  He also knew that Yang Yan’s wife was a smart person. If she was not sure, she would not take the risk of offending him to persuade him. He didn’t expect anything, but there was an extravagant hope in his heart, so he wanted to try again.

Xu Caiwei said that the man was young, but he had real skills. It was a wake-up call for him. He wanted to see what the young man could do, or if he was a liar.

   If the man had the real ability, he was willing to treat him as a guest of honor. As long as he could save his daughter, he would pay any price, but if the man was a liar, he would cut off his hands and feet at least. Yan Li was not a man to be cheated.

   Just as Yan Li was waiting anxiously, Mu Yi and Xu Caiwei came. Because the servants had been informed that they would be arriving, they led them to see Yan Li without announcing them.

   When Yan Li saw Mu Yi, he was surprised. At last, he understood why Xu Caiwei said that Mu Yi was young, but he didn’t let it distract him because Mu Yi had a temperament different from ordinary people.

When he looked at each other, the young Taoist priest wasn’t uncomfortable, and there was even a smile on his lips.

   Yan Li was in charge of seven counties and one Prefecture. He was the official of the fifth grade. Chiefs of big families and his subordinates were scared when he looked at them, let alone ordinary people, but Mu Yi not only had no fear, but had pure eyes and was motionless.

   Yan Li could not look down on Mu Yi.

“My dear Taoist Priest,” Yan Li hugged Mu Yi solemnly. It was extraordinary that the magistrate took the initiative to say hello.

“My dear Magistrate Yan,” Mu Yi said.

Xu Caiwei felt like an outsider, but she was happy. Although Yan Li didn’t say it, he knew that once his daughter was cured, Xu Caiwei would be the guest of the magistrate immediately because she found Mu Yi. Yang Yan might be promoted because of it.

   Xu Caiwei became Yang Yan’s concubine because of her ambition mainly. She was optimistic that Yang Yan would make her his wife in a few years.

After this, she believed her position in Yang Yan’s mind would greatly improved.

“Do you want to take a long rest?” Yan Li suppressed the excitement in his heart and looked at Mu Yi. He wanted to go immediately, but he could not be impolite.

“Let’s go first,” Mu Yi said.

“Okay, please follow me,” Yan Li said immediately. Then, he led Mu Yi and Xu Caiwei to the backyard. The gate was locked. Before they got close, they could feel a chill. It was daytime, but the yard still looked gloomy.

   Mu Yi thought that the ghost was just a kid, maybe it had a bit of skill, but it would not be strong. He was wrong. It was not a normal ghost. It might be a fierce ghost. But how could a fierce ghost possess a person?

   A fierce ghost was of the second difficulty.

   The fierce ghost was not afraid of the energy of the sun or real fire and it possessed divine intelligence like the king of a ghost kingdom. It was not normal that it would possess a mortal woman.

Yan Li’s daughter had been possessed for more than a year. The body couldn’t bear  a possession for that long usually. She should have died, but Yan Li said his daughter was still alive.

   Or Yan Li’s daughter had already died and the fierce ghost was simply controlling her body.

But why would a fierce ghost do this? Mu Yi was confused.

   Yan Li was paying attention to the expression of Mu Yi. When he found that the expression of Mu Yi had changed, he had a bad feeling suddenly.

“Is there some wrong with my daughter?” Yan Li asked nervously.

“It’s not easy to say, but the ghost is strong. You should leave, or you might get hurt by,” Mu Yi said.

Yan Li hesitated, and he grew more fearful.

Mu Yi knew what Yan Li was worried about, so he said, “Don’t worry. As long as your daughter is still alive, I will keep her safe.” 

Yan Li’s heart sank.

“As long as my daughter is alive? What do you mean?”  He did not think that Mu Yi was cheating him because there was no need for him to, but it was impossible for him to accept the reality.

   Since his wife died, Yan Li had never married again. He raised his daughter by himself, she was his lifeline. He was willing to sacrifice himself for his daughter. He still remembered that when his wife died, she took his hand and asked him to take care of their daughter, yet she had been suffering for the past year.

 He was only 40 years old, but his hair was gray. He had many opportunities to advance up the political ladder, but he gave it up for his daughter.

  His daughter was the most important thing to him. If his daughter was really gone, he couldn’t bear the blow and wouldn’t be able to face his wife after death.

“I’m not sure, but you don’t have to worry too much. Your daughter has a great chance of living, so you’d better leave for a while,” Mu Yi said.

“Uncle Yan, let’s listen to the Taoist priest, or we will affect his work,” Xu Caiwei advised.

She was also worried, but it was not her business. She could only be a bystander.

   With Xu Caiwei’s persuasion, Yan Li finally left, leaving Mu Yi alone in front of the yard.

   After they left, there was a sudden wind.

   The sound of wind chimes came from the yard. It seemed to have the power to make people hallucinate. But it didn’t work on Mu Yi. His heart had changed and his will had become firmer. Even before, such magic sounds couldn’t affect him.

   However, Mu Yi also knew that the ghost inside had already sensed his arrival. The evil sound was just a warning.


   Mu Yi pushed the door open and entered. As the door opened, the surrounding wind stopped suddenly, and the wind chime also stopped.

   It was a very delicate courtyard. It had rocks, a pool and a gazebo. It was still very clean, but it was not suitable for people because of the cold atmosphere.

   Originally, the gazebo was empty, but when Mu Yi pushed the door, there was an extra figure in a moment. It had white hair and wore white clothes. It looked plain and felt like an ice sculpture.

“Are you Yan Qing?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yan Qing? What a familiar name,” the woman said softly. “Are you here to kill me, too?”

“No, I’m here to save you.” 

As Mu Yi spoke, he walked towards the gazebo. The closer he got, the colder he felt. Although the cold was strong, there was no evil. On the contrary, the power was pure.

Mu Yi was more curious about Yan Qing. What type of ghost was it? Her body was still alive.

“Save me? Why do I need a little Taoist priest to save me?” Yan Qing’s eyes were blank, and she looked at Mu Yi indifferently.

   Mu Yi felt a huge pressure falling on him. It made him tremble, and a trace of horror flickered in his eyes.

“Who are you?” Mu Yi blurted out.

  It was hard for him to bear the pressure. The woman in front of him was not Yan Qing. The origin of the ghost might be beyond his imagination. No wonder it emitted such pure cold gas, she hadn’t mastered it fully. Once it was mastered, Mu Yi would not notice it.

“Aren’t you here to catch the ghost? I am the ghost in your mouth. Little Taoist priest, do you dare to catch me? “Yan Qing looked at Mu Yi and asked.

“Why not?” Mu Yi was surprised, but he also calmed down quickly. Maybe the ghost had a good identity before, but now she just took Yan Qing for a year, and her breath couldn’t be restrained completely. He was not fear.

  Mu Yi didn’t recover, but there was a Xin lamp. Nanming Li fire could control the ghost. He believed that he could deal with it.

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