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Chapter 286 The Thousand Sound Temple



   Mu Yi looked up at Xu Qing. His mind and spirit were all around him and could move at any time.

“Little Taoist priest, you’re so confident. If you leave, I will forgive you. Otherwise, it will peel your skin, tear your tendons and burn your soul.” 

There was a strong evil spirit in Xu Qing’s voice.

“Well. I’ll just have a look,” Mu Yi sneered. 

According to Xu Caiwei, all the Taoist priests who came to catch the ghost had died. He knew that it was not a kind-hearted ghost. It wouldn’t let him go easy, no matter what it said. 

“You will die.” Xu Qing’s eyes were full of murderous intent. Suddenly, a strong wind blew around her.

  Mu Yi drew and threw three evil spirit slaying charms at her as a test. The three evil spirit slaying charms turned into white light and flew towards Xu Qing, but before they could get close to her body, the power of the wind around her increased sharply and tore up the white light into countless light spots.

He narrowed his eyes. The evil spir slaying charms were not his strongest charms, but in the face of the ordinary first-class experts, they were powerful enough.

This was the first time that the wind had torn an evil spirit slaying charm. Maybe the old monsters of the second difficulty could do the same, but the cost was far greater than the cost of doing it by themselves.

   Therefore, either the ghost’s strength was strong enough to defeat the evil spirit slaying charm with its mind, or it had bluffed to scare him away.

   Mu Yi leaned to the latter option. If it really had such a strength, it didn’t need to talk with him at all, and it could suppress him by raising its hand.

“Such bravado. The more you show, the weaker you are,” Mu Yi whispered, then his body swayed, and he appeared in front of Xu Qing with the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand. As soon as the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand was gently sent forward, it passed through the strong wind around her and continued to move forward.

Xu Qing looked up at Mu Yi. Their gazes collided in the midair. Mu Yi felt the roar of his mind, then the three open chakras in his body vibrated at the same time and his mind grew firm.

   The wind raged between them, but it couldn’t blow their clothes. The Bamboo Tree of Life was almost touching Xu Qing’s body, and Xu Qing raised her hand suddenly.

   With a loud sound, Mu Yi felt a huge and unimaginable force from her hands. He shook violently. The Bamboo Tree of Life flew out of his hands.

Xu Qing seemed to be integrated with the whole pavilion and was hard to shake. However, when Mu Yi landed on the ground, it was also clear that several stone pillars of the pavilion were cracked. Mu Yi made Xu Qing angry. 

“Little Taoist priest, do you want to die?”

   A stronger burst of power erupted from her, and the pavilion collapsed. Her white figure, like a ghost, walked out of the dust. Her cold and evil eyes stared at Mu Yi.

“Lightning, fall!”

   Mu Yi had never been slighted, so when Xu Qing came out of the pavilion, he activated a five thunders charm.


   A dazzling bolt of lightning struck and blew a large hole on the ground. As it struck, XIu Qing disappeared.

   Mu Yi almost didn’t think about it, and he dodged to one side. Just as he had dodged, a cold light flashed where he was standing before, and Xu Qing’s figure emerged. Her nails were almost the same as the length of her fingers and much harder. 

   As soon as Mu Yi’s heart tightened, he took out the Xin lamp quickly, and started the fire inside. Suddenly, a light blue flame flew out of the lamp in front of Mu Yi.

  Then, Mu Yi heard a scream. The Nanming Li Fire suddenly twisted and exploded.

   Mu Yi rolled away immediately. Nanming Li Fire would not hurt him when it was in control, but he couldn’t escape it when it was out of control. 

It is not a fierce ghost. A fierce ghost was not so terrible. A fierce ghost only corresponded to the second difficulty. No matter how powerful the fierce ghost was, it couldn’t be the opponent of someone at the peak of the second difficulty, and its powers would not be so weird.

  Mu Yi only had one third of his power, but he would not be losing this badly even if he met Ning Wuque. The Nanming Li Fire was not defeated easily by anyone,

The ghost was not only quick, but also powerful. What’s more, it defeated the Nanming Li Fire, although it seemed to be uncomfortable.

   Mu Yi’s body was injured, but the ghost didn’t seem to recover completely, otherwise it would not talk to him. It would just kill him.

   When Mu Yi got up, Xu Qing was holding her head and shouting.

It was undoubtedly a good opportunity for Mu Yi. He pulled out a five thunders charm and wanted to activate it. At the last moment, he hesitated. In the moment of his hesitation, Xu Qing disappeared and Mu Yi felt that she had returned to the small building.

   After thinking about it, Mu Yi turned around and left. After a hard fight, his injury had been made worse. If he did it again, it would only aggravate his injury further, and there were some questions in his mind about the identity of the ghost.

The ghost had suffered the damage of the Nanming Li Fire. He was sure that it would not be healed for a while. Even if he wanted to ask something, it was definitely not a good time.

Just after Mu Yi left the yard, he met the nervous Yan Li and Xu Caiwei.

Just after Mu Yi asked them to leave, they were worried, so they didn’t go too far, and they heard the movement in the small yard. They didn’t doubt Mu Yi’s strength, but they were worried about Xu Qing.

“How are you, Taoist Priest?”

    Mu Yi looked at Yan Li, “Please find a place for us to talk about it.” 

He had a feeling that the real Yan Qing was dead. Now, the one who occupied the body was a powerful ghost. It was not just a simple possession, but a body snatching.

  It was the worst potential and the last thing Yan Li wanted to hear.

   Looking at the expression on Mu Yi’s face, Yan Li’s heart thumped, but he still held back his panic and took Mu Yi to the house.

After entering the room, Yan Li asked, “Taoist Priest, where is my daughter?” 

“The situation is not so good. The possessed ghost is much stronger than I thought. Because I was injured before, and have not recovered, so I haven’t defeated the ghost for the time being.”

He didn’t believe Yan Qing was alive, but he also gave Yan Li hope.

“When will your injury heal?”Yan Li asked urgently.

Mu Yi looked at Yan Li, and his eyes were sharp. Yan Li felt numb, and he was unable to move. His whole body was wrapped in fear.

   But fortunately, the feeling went quickly. As Mu Yi’s gaze left him, Yan Li felt that he was alive again though a bit of fear remained in his eyes.

   The fight in the yard was big and frightening, but it didn’t happen to Yan Li. Yan Li felt that a basin of cold water had been poured onto his head, and he was fully awake.

   He understood that the Mu Yi in front of him was different from the Taoist priests who had been invited in the past. If Mu Yi wanted to kill him, there was nothing he could do.

“Please forgive me. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to say that if you need medicine, I can provide some for you,” Yan Li said with some trepidation. In the face of death threats, no one could keep calm. When it came to his daughter, he was more nervous.

“Taoist Priest, Uncle Yan didn’t mean to offend. Please don’t blame him.” Xu Caiwei also pleaded.

Mu Yi looked at Yan Li and asked, “Don’t worry, let’s talk about Yan Qing first. Do you know what your daughter did differently before the accident or where she had been?” 

“Differently?” Yan Li pondered for a while. “My daughter doesn’t like to be busy. She often read and wrote at home, and there was nothing unusual. As for where she had been, she hadn’t gone anywhere.”

“No, Yan Qing went out before the accident,” Xu Caiwei said.

“Where?” Mu Yi turned to Xu Caiwei. They were friends. Yan Qing might have told  her something.

“I remember Yan Qing went to the Thousand Sound Temple half a month before the accident,” Xu Caiwei said.

“Yes, I remember, too,” Yan Li said loudly, and he looked at Xu Caiwei grateful.

“The Thousand Sound Temple? What is that?”Mu Yi asked. 

Maybe the answer is in the Thousand Sound Temple.

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