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Chapter 288 The Truth


Although the Thousand Sound Temple occupied the peak of the mountain, it was not large, and the mountain was only a hundred square meters. 

Maybe because it was too early in the morning, there were no pilgrims around, making Mu Yi’s group seem a bit obtrusive.

“Benefactor Xu, anything I can help you with?”

Soon a middle-aged monk came out in a hurry, and he might have been told about Mu Yi. His eyes swept over Mu Yi and the others before falling on Xu Hui because he recognized him. Despite that, he knew that Xu Hui was of the lowest standing of the group based on where he was standing.

He had a bad feeling. Although the Thousand Sound Temple was far away from the turmoil of the world, he still had to be careful when facing powerful people.

“Master Liao Chen, is the abbot in? I am taking an important guest to visit him,” Xu Hui said. He  winked at Liao Chen, implying they should treat Mu Yi well. According to his position, Mu Yi was undoubtedly the most honorable one. Although he was wearing a Taoist robe, his appearance could not deceive people.

“It turns out that an honored guest arrived. I’m sorry for the disrespect. Please don’t take offense,” Liao Chen said to Mu Yi. 

“It doesn’t matter. I came without notice,” said Mu Yi.

Seeing that Mu Yi was humble, Chen felt relieved. He then led Mu Yi and the others into the temple.

As soon as Mu Yi entered the temple, he saw the small bells hanging under the eaves all of the same size and patterns on the surface along the long corridor and in the corners surrounding the buildings.

“Master Liao Chen, have these small bells been hanging there for many years?” Mu Yi suddenly asked.

“The small bells?” He was confused for a moment before he realized how odd the bells would seem to an outsider. Although he didn’t understand why Mu Yi was curious about them, Liao Chen said, “The small bells have been here for at least the decades I have been in the Thousand Sound Temple. No one knows how long they have been here. Despite the fact that they have been here for a long time, they are not worth much. They’re just ornamental.”

“Decades?” Mu Yi believed what he had said after looking at the traces on the surrounding buildings. The small bells might have been here since the establishment of the Thousand Sound Temple. They might even be the reason why the temple had been built.

However, when Mu Yi observed them with the power of mind and spirit, he didn’t find any magic in the small bells. When he spread it further, he didn’t feel any difference. It seemed that the small bells were just ornamental as Master Liao Chen had said.

“Was the abbot here when the temple was set up?” Mu Yi asked.

“Brother Liao Fan became the abbot five years ago,” Liao Chen replied.

Five years ago? Earthquake? Ferocious ghost? Mu Yi immediately linked all these things together. The abbot might be the answer.

“What about the predecessor of the current abbot?” Mu Yi asked.

“Amitabha, he passed into Parinirvana,” Liao Chen said sadly.

 Mu Yi stared at the dust and spoke slowly, “I’m sorry, but I’ve heard something, and I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Please let me know if it is.”

“What is it?”

“I heard that five years ago, there were ferocious ghosts in the Thousand Sound Temple.” 

Liao Chen changed his expression abruptly and he shook his head, “You must have heard false news. Our temple has never been haunted.” 

“Really? Whether it has ever been haunted is hard to be judged by your words alone. There are so many people in the Thousand Sound Temple. I think there should be someone who knows what happened five years ago.” 

Mu Yi looked at Liao Chen seriously. He knew the truth from Liao Chen’s expression, but he kept pushing because he wanted to know more.

Liao Chen, as the apprentice of the previous abbot, must be one of the core members of the Thousand Sound Temple. He knew what had happened five years ago.

Even if he couldn’t get the answer from him, Mu Yi didn’t care. There were so many people in the Thousand Sound Temple that one of them was bound to be willing to tell him the truth. He was here by Yan Li’s arrangement. As the magistrate, Yan Li could get him the answers one way or another. 

“If you know anything, you’d better tell me the truth. By the way, I’m Ding, the butler of County Magistrate Yan Li I was ordered by the magistrate to assist the Taoist priest in finding out whatever he wants to know. ” 

Ding stepped forward and handed out a plate.

When Liao Chen saw the plate, there was a trace of bitterness around his mouth, and he knew that he could not stop it anymore.

“I didn’t know much about it in those days. If you really want to know, please follow me to see the abbot. Maybe you can get the answers you want from him,” Liao Chen finally said.

Mu Yi took a deep look at him and nodded, “Good.” 

Then, Liao Chen took Mu Yi and other people to the backyard. Mu Yi met many monks along the way, most of whom were not old. Liao Chen seemed to be the oldest.

Xu Caiwei didn’t speak all the way. She was married and shouldn’t show her face in public, but this matter was of great importance. She would be uneasy if she didn’t come. She wore a veil, only revealing her soul-grabbing eyes.

“Just a moment, everyone. I’ll go in and inform the abbot.” 

“Okay,” Mu Yi nodded. He had no doubt that the abbot would meet them even if he were forewarned.

After less than fifteen minutes, Liao Chen came out, “Brother said, if you want to know the truth, please come in alone.”

“How dare you!” Ding yelled. It seemed that he hadn’t expected that he would dare to keep him in the dark even though he had already revealed his identity. Yan Li had ordered him to report all he saw and heard. If he couldn’t go in, how could he explain it to the magistrate?

“It’s not that I’m bold. It’s just that there was too much involved in that year’s affairs. If we aren’t careful, it will lead to a major disaster, so please forgive me.” 

“Well, I’ll go in alone, and you’ll wait here.”

It was obvious that Ding wanted to say something else, but after being stopped by Mu Yi, he couldn’t because the magistrate had also ordered him to obey Mu Yi.

Mu Yi entered the room alone. The room was full of the refreshing scent of sandalwood. After entering the room, Mu Yi looked at the monk sitting there.

Mu Yi was stunned because the monk was much younger than Liao Chen, only in his twenties.

Although the abbot was only in his twenties, there was a kind of calmness in him. In his eyes, there was wisdom. He was also a threat as a man of practice.

The abbot’s method might be different, but there was no doubt about identity.

When Mu Yi looked at him, he looked back. Maybe Liao Chen had described Mu Yi’s appearance to him before, so he didn’t look surprised. He just gave a sign to Mu Yi to ask him to sit down.

“You want to know what happened five years ago?” He asked.

“Yes, more than a year ago, Magistrate Yan’s beloved daughter was possessed. Before she was possessed, she had come to the Thousand Sound Temple,” said Mu Yi.

Liao Fan kept silent for a moment then said, “I have heard of the matter of Magistrate Yan’s beloved daughter, and I went there secretly, but that ghost was too powerful. I was far from his match, so I could only escape with injuries. And the truth is as you expected that it resulted from my temple, so I have always felt guilty about it.”

“If Magistrate Yan knows the truth, what will he think?” Mu Yi asked.

“The Thousand Sound Temple will be destroyed, and the area of hundreds of miles around will be turned into ghost land,” said Liao Fan with a dignified look.

“Ghost land? Aren’t you exaggerating? “Mu Yi stared at Lian Fan, but Liao Fan was quite calm.

“Have you met the ghost? What do you think of her?” Liao Fan asked.

“She is very strong. Even at my strongest, I dare not say I can win easily,” Mu Yi said after thinking for a moment. 

“What if I tell you the ghost you met is just a small part of the real ghost?” said Liao Fan.


Such a powerful ghost was just a part of the real ghost? How was that possible? How powerful would she be if she were in her complete state?

The strongest ghost ever? No, a ghost emperor!

A ghost emperor was the terrifying superior to fierce ghosts. It was an existence equal to the third difficulty. Old monsters like Ning Wuque would look like weak chickens in front of a ghost emperor.

If it was really a ghost emperor, it would be true that the area of hundreds of miles around would be turned into ghost land.

The destruction of the Thousand Sound Temple was equal to a disaster. Was there a ghost emperor suppressed under the Thousand Sound Temple? The part possessing Yan Qing, had she escaped?

Mu Yi’s heart pounded violently.

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